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    Efeliel reacted to blazemonger in Links between constructs.   
    We need to have links which work across constructs. 
    Purpose would be transfer of cargo, refueling and potentially in the future data transfer.
    Provided (and that is a _big_ if, I know) NQ has done their homework and has designed constructs with an object oriented internal relational structure this really should not be that hard to achieve.
    Base construct named "MainBase" has two containers named "Fuel" and "Offload"
    "Fuel" has three types of fuel stored, "Kergon-X1, Kergon-X3, Nitron" and RDMS set to offer fuel at a set price when requested
    "Offload" has RDMS set to "put in container" only for non legates of the org the base belongs to.
    A dynamic construct name "Hauler" arrives and docks on the assigned platform.
    A transfer element on the base connects to the transfer element on the ship as soon as it is docked
    The pilot opens the transfer element on the ship and sees Fuel.MainBase as providing refueling services and Offload.MainBase as available storage.
    Pilot connects "Fuel.MainBase" to "SpaceTank.Hauler" and gets notification correct fuel type is available as he uses X3, he is offered buying fuel at 20 Quanta per L and asks to receive 1000L
    Pilot connects "Cargo1.Hauler" to "Offload.MainBase" and transfers content which he needs to deliver to the base and on completion of transfer is paid for delivery
    The above should really not be hard to implement at all and will greatly enhance options and possible gameplay, especially when this all hooks into mission system/contracts and org operations.
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    Efeliel reacted to ADCOne in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    I do agree it seem a bit steep, I am single player at the moment and I have 12 Territories at the moment and their is no way I am going to make 12 Million each week even if I quit my job and did this all the time. I probably could - assuming I was just selling and mining ore - but its feels really harsh and I would really struggle once the ore ran out.
    I mostly have these territories for trying things out and I'd actually like 1 to 3 more to try claiming an area in the PVP zone to see what that is like (Probably loose it in 10 seconds or something).
    I could probably cut down a few of my territories since I picked adjoining tiles (three or two together for some of them to see what worked) and mainly they are for making my own fuel and trying out some manufacture.
    This does feel like some thing that was more aimed at corporations since I can imagine every individual could have more like 3 or 4 tiles per planet or something similar before you'd start running out of tiles (Since everyone has a sanctuary tile anyway). That that I am suggesting 3 or 4 tiles per planet limit.

    But maybe a better way would be only having to pay taxes for tiles still containing ore, might be a better balance - Not so much for me since I not managed to drain any of my tiles dry yet, but for single players who have just started could then be able to work their way through tiles in slow progress.
    Anyway that is my first thoughts without any idea of how it will actually play.
    Addendum: Also you could have lower taxes for tiles with only low tier ores in place.
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    Efeliel reacted to Novean-61657 in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    Part of the issue is that most people are geared to think in a straight line based on how things were done, not how they can be done differently. This is pretty much the default state of human thinking... Do you need to actually own those hexes to make a racetrack on them?
    Look at how auto mining is going to work, expect (some) folks to exploit patches of 50+ tiles. I would suspect that some folk might be amiable to facilitate a racing track on those tiles for no quanta... I'm waiting for Demeter to hit too see how everything will work after the patch, so I might be one of those folks that has a 50+ tile patch that's willing to host a racing track (need to look at RDMS some more)...
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    Efeliel reacted to vylqun in DEVBLOG: TERRITORY UPKEEP - Discussion Thread   
    It depends. For people who arent active anymore, the racing league can "just" claim their hexes and shoulder the taxes (if they are willing to pay out of the pocket) For those with still active users... i personally own one race track that crosses 6 hexes. I did plan to build a second one before the demeter update was announced, but now certainly wont do it, as i'm neither willing nor able to pay 6mio+ per week for something that gives no income. I know there are some race centers that use way more hexes, and all of this has to be paid. My rough (and probably wrong) estimate is, that all current tracks in the racing league summed up have 70+ hexes, which is a looot of taxes.
    Now some people would probably argue, that the useage of the tracks could be monetized, but that only works if a sport has paying audience, and i have yet to meet anyone who is willing to "see" people race in DU. In addition to the high probability, that the majority of those hexes have crappy ore pools, it just kills the future prospects of the racing league and is a very limiting factor to future expansion.
    An very idealistic and at the same time unrealistic view. The amount of players who can and are willing to pay for RP is abysmal small. 
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    Efeliel reacted to CptLoRes in TERRITORY UPKEEP KICKING OFF SOON - discussion thread   
    They cannot, which is why we have been asked for the possibility to apply parking fees to tiles since forever. But instead all we got was tile tax..
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    Efeliel reacted to blundertwink in TERRITORY UPKEEP KICKING OFF SOON - discussion thread   
    Yeah, that will be a problem....which is something many of us discussed prior to Demeter...but to be fair, "first time user experience" was already on their road map as the next item, so they must have realized they'd need to revamp this. 
    That said....it's rather sloppy to push a feature that breaks FTUE for a paid public product thinking that you'll "fix it next update".
    Again this underscores how NQ treats the project as a closed alpha still where it's okay to test very major changes on production and leave things somewhat broken until they can be fixed. Acceptable in closed alpha, frustrating for a paid product. 
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    Efeliel reacted to Tional in TERRITORY UPKEEP KICKING OFF SOON - discussion thread   
    Can you please fix the messaging provided by the game when claiming territories? Because it's not accurate, not useful, cannot be clicked on to determine which hex/construct it's referring to, and suggests that dynamic constructs can also be requisitioned. Including dynamic constructs that are no longer in the hex. "Scan" and "temp1050" are not static constructs. They're dynamic constructs. And they're not in the hex. The territory is not named scan, or temp1050. The territories do have names, but those aren't the names. And I can't find out what territory the notification is referring to because those aren't the names.

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    Efeliel reacted to Warlander in TERRITORY UPKEEP KICKING OFF SOON - discussion thread   
    I think this system would have been better if it was applied to markets as a parking meter. If you park there for a week then you pay 1mil quanta. If you can pay your vehicle gets booted and cant fly until you pay the taxes. next week it gets abandonded and salvaged. All the people with stacks of boxes, ships, selling ships, and just all the random things needed to be clamped down on long long ago.
    The old style of land price on putting a tile down was better with an escalating cost by how much you have in territories but should also have a low cost of owning a tile with 150,000h is better if you charge more up front and a small cost.
    You could do the same thing with the number of dynamic static cores you own and tax by core size.
    You could charge a distance tax for VR along with warp cells or calibrations charges.
    You could charge people for killing themselves with exp and quanta tax.
    You could just create resource sinks via destructivle elements 
    You could create resource sinks like wear and tear on elements
    You could do a tick of global damage to everything based on tax cycles
    You could add drill bits to mining units to create a resource sink to run mining units and also industry units with comonents the industry units are made of or vice versa with mining units wearing out components you need to replace now that there is an efficiency system it just needs to cause some kind of damage to units that need repair via scrap or parts replacement.
    You could create resource sinks with every time a part breaks you lose 10% efficiency until it no longer has useable stats and must be replaced.
    You could make all the tools use a resource sink like gas, batteries, etc to charge by how much people actually do.
    You could do resource sinks like actually require people to breath oxigen on different planets or underwater and in space or you suffocate and lose exp.
    You could create a quanta sink for players who attack, kill, and loot other players. Where I come from thats considered breaking the law and if pvp players want to use the market they should have to pay for their crimes with quanta or become full FFA pvp everywhere until they do.
    You guys could have just used the tax cycle as a check to see if people are playing and just packed up everything in golden blueprints if you dont play for a monthi so that if people came back after they could still put their cores back down somewhere and start again if you used some kind of system of labeling cores. Its much more friendly on player retention or returning players.
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    Efeliel reacted to Msoul in Why I'm Leaving DU...   
    Whatever the devs say is, and will always be, subject to change. This is an immutable fact brought about by the nature of game development and no amount of whining will change that. The more the playerbase insists that NQ honor each and every spoken word, then the more careful NQ will be, leading to far fewer and less detailed communications. The roadmap serves as the traditional middle ground to this delicate dynamic. We get to know where the ship is headed but the captain still has flexibility to decide how to get us there. I believe the reason players are crying mutiny is in large part because this critical piece of information has become outdated.
    PS: If you wish to debate this further please consider sending me a DM on the forums. This could be Megabosslord’s last post and I would prefer to see it filled with words of support from the community.
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    Efeliel reacted to JoeKing in Took a break and....   
    I first played DU at the beginning of the UKs first lockdown, so around 18 months ago. I was drawn in by the promises of the marketing: that I could forge out any path I wanted - I could be a builder, trader, explorer, be part of an org, or go it alone. My experience was off to a shakey start with a buggy intro, but I knew it was a ‘beta’ so I persevered and was hooked. I became obsessed... I loved it.
    After a disgusting amount of time playing non stop, I started to make progress, bought my first warp drive, built a space station and some little bases dotted about, life was sweeeet. Then #23 hit. Massive bummer. 
    I took a break for a couple of months, and came back, none of my mates did. I assessed the damage, regrouped and started again.
    It quickly got really boring - really not into PVP - and dont have the funds for it anyway, but kept going with the promise of the new asteroid gameplay (thought I might risk some super-fast prospecting). Turns out, this isnt for single, newish, resource-poor players either, but nothing in the promo material indicated this would be inaccessible outside an org with deep pockets  (or, of course, an early player whos taken advantage of the abundant ore, bugs and exploits). The new announcement of the features of Demeter frankly spells the end of the downward trajectory for newish players like me. Theres no way to really amass the resources to access interesting play outside joining an org - which wasnt the reason I signed up. No doubt the game will continue to have draconian brakes applied through money & time sinks to curtail the large orgs and mega factories, but it feels like the game has shifted to cater to these, whilst simultaneously trying to save server resources. There needs to be a realistic and honest disclosure of what the gameplay is for new players, ie. join an org if you want to play beyond a few weeks.
    I tried to play today for the first time in months, the new warp drive speed seemed like the perfect, sad metaphor. Warp Cells are ridiculously expensive, DSATs are beyond ridiculous both in scale and cost - the game feels joyless now, where it used to feel alive, vibrant and full of possibility.
    Its a huge, huge shame the direction the game has gone in, it could've been so good. But thanks DU for a great experience while it lasted,  it was a great escape for me, for few months at least...
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    Efeliel reacted to Thelandira in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hello all! Thelandira (or Thela for short) and former Landmarkian here. I started LM about 2 weeks after Alpha ended and was in the 'Artists Guild' and then 'Voxel Benders' guild (after mega wipe). Totally miss that game. I just purchased DU and am looking forward to diving in and getting my hands dirty.

    Here's a pic of one of my favorite builds I did in LM -
    You can see more pics of some of my creations at - http://thelashangout.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_15.html
    Hope to see you all in DU!
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    Efeliel reacted to Metallical in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hey there.  I was in Landmark, and I built stuff. Nice to see a lot of you around.
    I am sort of hovering around DU. Not entirely sure DU is going to scratch the Landmark itch for me, but I will find out, someday. I have access to the game, but it wasn't up to a standard I was interested in.  So, I decided to wait until they get further along. I check on here, and other places, every so often. Always on the lookout for a Landmark replacement.
    See you guys around, somewhere, sometime!
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    Efeliel reacted to Grimmstone in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Good to see more LM builders coming in  - 
     I was Grimmstone there too
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    Efeliel reacted to Watanka in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hello !
    Landmark builder here. I've pledged DU a year ago but I'm only starting now to play/test it seriously.
    I played Landmark at the beginning and stopped when it was obvious that the game was going to be abandonned (just before water implementation).
    Maybe there is some people of my former guild "La Forge", around there

    My most "famous" build was this one :

    Full album : https://imgur.com/a/C1DHr

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    Efeliel reacted to Sky in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    I played Landmark and loved it!
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    Efeliel reacted to Jadam in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    i m jadam.
    i have playing to landmark and i m one of master builder.
    Some of picture to remind this period.
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    Efeliel reacted to Brimor in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hey everyone, my name on Landmark was Angelsheart and i was one half of (BiA). Below is one of the builds we did on Landmark that ended up in the safe hands of LadyKathrine. The build took us a while to make and was HUGE. Hello to all our friends who may remember me and hopefully we will meet in you all in DU.

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    Efeliel reacted to Tordan in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Yes, but I've changed my name to protect the innocent. 
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    Efeliel reacted to Sigtyr in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    In the end when you had programmable mobs and could do your own adventures some truly amazing things where done. But most peeps had left then.
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    Efeliel reacted to CaptainAdan in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    (Google translation, I speak French)

    Hello everyone, I too am a former Landmark builder and here are some catch of my achievements  
    (traduction google, moi je parle français)
    Bonjour à tous, moi aussi je suis un ancien constructeur Landmark et voici les quelques capture de mes réalisation.



















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    Efeliel reacted to Yezar in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    I'm an old Landmark builder! Can't wait to get my hands on DU.
    I've just found the loading screens folder in my LM directory (I did not delete my game install). Lots of pics in those folders, from beta and launch.
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    Efeliel reacted to Hampius in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Mmm...Landmark...whenever someone mentions it, I get this nostalgic feeling. That game (erm?) made me feel like I was reinventing my gaming - the freedom of creation, the tools that were being improved over those two years, the feeling that we (the EQ:Landmark community) were a part of something big that was being created - that was just pure epicness. Ruined by Daybreak (the name stands for itself...) and it's lack of vision and resources to continue creating Landmark and Everquest:Next. Sad... but it was one hell of a ride when it lasted
    That's why I'm still looking forward to Dual Universe (and lately I became less skeptical about the project) - I'm really looking forward to the same freedom of creation + I'm a fan (and current player) of EVE Online, so it should be a win-win situation, when (if?)  the DU game is released.
    Speaking of Landmark again - to all of you that were there I congratulate that we were able to witness such fine creations made by Landmarkanians
    And to think, it started so humble in 2014...



    And after that it skyrocket with possibilities...


    Pure magic of creation possibilities...

    We were building it for the higher goal - it sparked imagination and many contests were hosted, which was even better for that creativity spark

    I dream of something similar in Dual Universe... Please, make it happen
    Kind regards,
    Ex-Landmark builder
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    Efeliel reacted to Atmosph3rik in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    So this was a project i started in Landmark right at the end of Beta.  I was going to get back to it eventually after the last wipe but never got around to it.
    It was meant to be a sort of Scifi condo that would be part of a modern city in a hostile icy environment.  I know weirdly specific.














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    Efeliel reacted to Torenstahl in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Now, is that some kind of a test?
    For in landmark the base voxel position was south/east/up. And it is necessary to define it, since any voxel based shape only comes to existance by drawing lines from a base voxel to it's 7 neighbour voxels in pre defined directions and filling the space between them to create a visible surface (so in the case of landmark, to the north/west/down neighbour voxels).
    To say: If you place the smallest cube in a voxel-world - that's not the voxel. The voxel is one of it's corners, building a visible cube by drawing lines to it's neighbours (the other corners) and filling the space between them. That's not a glitch, that's voxel technology basics and inevitable. Just saying.
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    Efeliel reacted to Elkay in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hey guys...we're using this Thread to connect actual Landmark-Builder fans...not to hurl fecal matter at each other like monkeys in cages.  While many like myself were drawn in by the lure of EQ-Next (I do desperately want another GREAT MMO to come out) that doesn't mean the creative side of my personality didn't show thru with my creations.  I very quickly became a fan of just building.  Heck, i'd have loved an EQN World where i was nothing more than an architect for guilds to hire and construct their...whatever.  Castle/keeps/homes/taverns whatever.  Learning how to use the sandbox became the game for me and it was just fine for that.
    For all the problems it had, there were a hundred great things it also did and i'm posting these NOT TO PAT MYSELF ON THE BACK but to prove a point.  If you or your friends or your enemies are going to sit there and say, "Landmark was garbage you could do nothing with it" then how do you explain the items myself and many other far more talented builders made???  MY personal stuff was by no stretch of the imagination "the best" - there's at least fifty other players that i can think of almost instantly who could out-build me with their eyes shut.
    But there it is.  Here's what *I* built using "That broken piece of dung Landmark that nobody could do anything with"
    This build was wiped in Alpha and re-built several times but this is my first recording of the overall structure:
    This next vid was *not* the final version - but it was the final version i vid-grabbed.  It's the same "Keep" as above but several months have gone by and quite a lot has changed.
    Don't like square corners, blocky structures?  How about something a little more organic like my Kerran Monastery?
    VERY VERY VERY Few props were used in ANY of my builds - with the sole exception being the "Monastery" where there was the clear need for an over-abundance of plant-props and other sundries.
    Everyone knows DBG crapped the bed when they fired everyone worth a hoot - everyone with the dream and the drive to make EQN - THOSE were the people who killed EQN, not SONY.  SONY stopped development on it because they didn't want 20 mil in debt on their books when trying to sell off their game-development division...NOT because Voxels are stupid or unusable or whatever...and oh BTW the Enterprise?  Uses ZERO "Voxelmancy" - that's pure built with the built-in tools.  Don't tell me what i know.  I know what i know.
    As for Voxel manipulation how bout this?
    My train set wound up being a collection of 12 cars each built where nothing is what it appears to be - all of the voxels were offsets or insets or inverted or turned.  Had to in order to make it work the way i wanted rather than the way the Voxel-Farm intended the voxels to be displayed.  Is that breaking the engine?  Or is that expanding it?  Did i build this using nothing but glitches???  DONT TELL ME WHAT I KNOW.  I KNOW WHAT I KNOW
    Sorry everyone - i'm so sick to ()*#)ing death of the general public ragging on LM simply because they're mostly made up of instant-gratification-required individuals afraid to work their brains a little to figure things out.  Just sick and yeah tired.  Can we please, PLEASE stop with the LM bashing????  
    I posted these videos to stand up and say to those who made/make those claims, "Yes. You CAN do this.  THIS was made USING LANDMARK and by someone who doesn't know the first thing about "voxelmancy" (I always hated that term btw...called those peeps "Voxelnancies" yeah i'm a child get over it.)  Sure a lot of my builds used fancy bits n pieces all of which i was taught by those specialists i'm referring to.  Were it not for their help, i'd have figured it out - just would have taken a lot longer and hooking up with other builders was actually kind of fun from time to time.
    Ok stepping off my soap-box now.  PLEASE lets stop with the LM Bashing.  Let the old girl lay in peace.  PLEASE.
    We're very quickly going to embark into a new world where sandbox building presumably has no limits...we'll see.  We'll see
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