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  1. Since i couldnt't find any happy new year thread in here ... Surely we all have an interesting, hopefully funny, sometimes maybe exhausting, somtimes enlightening year behind us. Regarding the development of the game ... and maybe even regarding the developmet of ourselves. May the new you year fulfill all the promises of earlier years ... and those we didn't even dare to dream of yet. 2018, here you go, it's your chance to do it right! And ours of course.
  2. Now, is that some kind of a test? For in landmark the base voxel position was south/east/up. And it is necessary to define it, since any voxel based shape only comes to existance by drawing lines from a base voxel to it's 7 neighbour voxels in pre defined directions and filling the space between them to create a visible surface (so in the case of landmark, to the north/west/down neighbour voxels). To say: If you place the smallest cube in a voxel-world - that's not the voxel. The voxel is one of it's corners, building a visible cube by drawing lines to it's neighbours (the other corners) and filling the space between them. That's not a glitch, that's voxel technology basics and inevitable. Just saying.
  3. Well, I hope there are a few of us out there. And if you see an Alicorn flying through space ... that'll probably be me. And I don't give a ship how idiotic this will look. I WILL build it again. And this time i will make it FLY! Hah!
  4. Well, voxels are not polygons. So they work differently. However, what you showed in your pictures is easily doable with voxels. Depending on the available tools it can be more or less fiddly and more or less perfect, but there is always a way to get this kind of stuff done well enough.
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