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  1. So, Mr. Cain, what you're saying is that I should pay 8 dollars a month for 4 million Quanta as a new player? And, Dyab0lix, I think that was DaisyTurtle (iirc the name) who helped me, also. They took the time to review over my Job request right after helping you and got me out of a real fix I was in, where; I couldn't progress on my 5th day here. I wanted to move to Alioth and didn't know that after buying a 20 ton TU (paying for sub, paying 1 mil a week each tile over threat of losing it all, paying for another TU and tax) I would also have to spend another 500k quanta to even place it! in order to have 2 adjacent tiles to build my plan/my dream to build on in effort to "...rebuild society in this brand-new solar system." ~NQ gah! dream was dashed. Stuck with 20tons on my back. But I shall just adjust my plan a bit. So, I put in a job order to place the TU on another planet. Maybe I'll take Mr. Cain's advice and pay real money to make sure I can pay for rebuilding in this brand-new solar system XD. Yet, I do not intend to yield to stress. I'm harvesting up every little drop of surface ore on my tile on sanctuary!
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