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  1. I relaunched the tutorial and it was over this time, advice give the AI time to finish what to say and that clicking when it shows it to you in green, it will prevent your progress in the tutorial being blocked
  2. I put his here because I do not know where to find a solution, I am blocked at the level of the tutorial on the improvement of the nanopack, which is done but once the window is closed, it always asks me to close it and if I reconnect to the server he asks me again to click on nanopack and this endlessly no way to go further
  3. what a beautiful example, it was my workshop in Landmark
  4. I find that programmable monsters did not bring much in Landmark
  5. apart from the construction, Landmark had 0 gameplay but fortunately now have to DU
  6. (Google translation, I speak French) Hello everyone, I too am a former Landmark builder and here are some catch of my achievements (traduction google, moi je parle français) Bonjour à tous, moi aussi je suis un ancien constructeur Landmark et voici les quelques capture de mes réalisation.
  7. ok thank you, it's for his that I did not find how to edit on the trello :-)
  8. thank you for your answer, i will look to post her on the trello.
  9. Speaking very little English, I use google translation and leave a copy in French. Hello everyone. so, let's talk about Voxel tools that could have more potential. 1- Have with a touch the possibility of using the smoother smooth tool. 2- it would take a selection tool to be able to take several Voxels and be able to pass the smooth tool. 3- To be able to inlay one or more voxels modified in other voxels with the option "to take against or not the empty voxels" it would already be a great + to be able to create more finesse and detail our creations. I have already played a lot with voxel on the game Everquest Landmark and to better understand I put the link of my channel youtube or I kept 25 videos tutorial on the Voxel. Link of my first video on "the bars and points in micro voxel" which illustrates the why of points 1 and 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6gB1qHInDI You who is a builder, do you follow me? Bonjour à tous. alors, parlons des outils Voxel qui pourrait avoir plus de potentiel. 1- Avoir avec une touche la possibilité d’utiliser l’outil lisse plus doux. 2- il faudrait un outil de sélection pour pouvoir prendre plusieurs Voxels et pouvoir passer l’outil lisse. 3- Pouvoir incruster un ou plusieurs voxels modifié dans d’autre voxels avec l’option “prendre en contre ou pas les voxels vide” ce serait déjà un grand + pour pouvoir crée plus en finesse et en détail nos créations. j’ai déjà joué beaucoup avec le voxel sur le jeu Everquest Landmark et pour mieux comprendre je met le lien de ma chaine youtube ou j’ai conservé 25 vidéos tutorial sur le Voxel. Lien de ma première vidéo sur “les barres et pointes en micro voxel” qui illustre bien le pourquoi du point 1 et 2. Toi qui est constructeur, tu me suit?
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