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Add game to steam for more players


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Nope, subscription based games are not impulsive buys. 


Anyone that likes space games and is willing to pay a subscription is already aware of DU's existance. 


The reason this game does not have more players its because of the state of the game and bad reviews. 


Adding this game to steam(at this stage) will create:


Development overhead. 

Less income from each subscription. 

An obligation to have a return policy. 

Several new contractual obligations. 

A new place for bad reviews to be displayed. 

A negative feedback score. 


How will any of this help? 


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I think adding it to steam would result in a huge number of bad reviews. Also DU hasn't been proven to scale yet...an influx of new players would not work cleanly.


I'm fairly sure steam would allow a free release and NQ could continue to require subs via their external system -- I have seen other games on Steam do similar. That greatly reduces dev overhead and eliminates any revshare concerns. Further, steam has a degree of flexibility with return policies for sub-based games. 


This would be an okay move if they were desperate for cash. They could enforce a two-month minimum sub buy-in expecting 90% of new players to churn. 


It would also make the game look very bad from a PR perspective, especially for investors -- if you shovel money into a game with multiple failed launches you get what you deserve. 

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Niche game as DU is currently I also do not see a benefit for now regarding a Steam release.


Initially I also thought of the "publicity" on Steam.


However given the DU "Alpha status" and the slow performance (Markets and dynamic constructs) the bad reviews would pile up on Steam as well.


First let NQ get DU at least to proper Beta status. The influx of new players would otherwise hardly be hand-able.


The exodus of the former players has left a large gap in terms of community.


But I do digress:


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1 hour ago, Moosegun said:

Game doesnt need players now, it needs them at launch.  That is when it could go on Steam, when it is finished.

I agree with this.
If the game is ready with more content and increased performance, list it on steam with advertisements. Then stonks :D

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This is what Steam did for eve online



Granted allot of players who were interested in eve on steam already had eve. So its not like steam introduced allot of new players to eve. 


And at the same time Steam players are very critical of unpolished games.  The neg reviews from the current iterations would decimate the potential new players.  So like Moosegum says. When the game is in a good state, thats when you put it on steam.  Putting it out there right now would loose it to the void. 

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Steam early access. However people are right it needs stuff to do in game and not buggy.  If you recall they are revamping the new player experience in another update soon on the roadmap.  Perhaps it is one way they'll be looking at it? Or maybe they are looking to do a free trial (very restricted i.e time limited or VR restricted to avoid alts for missions)


I get what your saying tho

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