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  1. few months? Is there a current roadmap? I remember that once there was kind of a wish list for players to add features...
  2. Hi, I will have a look into this - it is really a shame that this kind of limitation was introduced. Kind of a "forced play together" - scheme
  3. Hi, I was keeping the list in "hibernation" mainly due to NQ's policy of not having readily available storage space in the forum - the recommendation was to upload to another hoster like imgur - I couldn't be bothered with that. Still I am looking around in VR, like "Huge Space Station"
  4. NQ thank's for the update. GFN works for me now - at least it will start. Finger's crossed for the Demeter update...
  5. @NQ-Nyzaltar Thank you for the update. I have had my fair share of crash experiences in the past with the combination of DU and GFN: As already stated above the player does not really care who's "fault" it is. The expectation of 2 paid for services is that the combination of both will work. It is not in the players hands to repair anything. We can provide feedback during beta, for sure. Please keep the info / updates coming in about the GFN / DU progress. Thank you.
  6. According to https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-geforce-now-rtx-3080-tested and other sources GFN 3080 is using a Nvidia A10G GPU, not a real GeForce 3080 card. So indeed it could be a driver issue.
  7. my former theory was made obsolete by @Deckard's post : Is there any contractual discussion going on between NQ and NVIDIA for GFN usage? I am using the free version of GFN (1 hour limit) which is not working atm. Would I be a paying GFN customer then this outtage would be another reason to say "streaming games is not the way to go for me" at all, given the very long outtage and non-compensation.
  8. I haven't tried it yet: Can industry elements be placed into a dynamic core? So one could build a ship with ore refining functionality?
  9. There are those who oppose taxes on tiles in general. > see current disadvantage vs space core setup There are those who could live with taxes, however haggle about it: 1 Mio of that q / week might be too high benefit of taxes: abandonded tiles do become available again, however: People having left DU for a while to have a look later on are at some disadvantage without ingame money. Large orgs with money don't have an issue at all. Solo players are at a disadvantage without a certain grind - but then again this is supposed to be an MMO salvage gameplay introduction NQ is a company, therefor NQ has to operate on a sound financial base - understood. So currently no ingame store is available. One could think of Discord buy / sell channels... The upcoming Demeter changes will reduce operation cost. How else will NQ increase financial income and reduce cost? How about DAC? gametime in exchange for not EURO$, but something else? Will Market bots still buy t1 ore?
  10. Hello, NQ won't increase the web storage space in the forum for my account. I want to continue outside of the forum with this kind of collection What other then Google, Discord and Reddit is a good free service to host this? Thanks
  11. Alioth EAGL Market - 2021-10-25 Russian Language text on screens for ships
  12. some thoughts: NQ wants to make players work / log in frequently / spend time and money (subs) de-relict tiles will be cleaned up eventually by salvage - bad for some great looking abandonded constructions
  13. Will territory warfare outside safe zone become a thing in terms of fighting for valuable tiles?
  14. some questions about how to setup mining and industry: Is it possible after Demeter to have a static construct placed overlapping multiple territory tiles? The idea being that all the ressources of these multiple tiles get fed into the same industry running inside the same static core to avoid manual ore transfers. AFAIK there is no automated way to have multiple static constructs share the same containers / ressources. Server reset - will the mining units reset as well? Have they to be restarted manually by the player after server reset as currently with industry?
  15. everybody incl. NQ, I do have some questions regarding Demeter Mining update Will a mining unit work without having a tile scan first? Is the ore amount on a Demeter tile infinite? 1:12:30 in the video: If I scan the tile before Demeter update, then the scan result for that tile will get updated to the new tile values after Demeter update? How about ocean only tiles - will there be ore for mining as well?
  16. disclaimer: I haven't watched the video yet. From what I read: 1) Is this tax a gameplay strategy to re-use the tiles which have been abandonded by players? 2) No more underground structures possible? Is this not really limiting the free aspect of playing how one desires? I can understand that digging just for ore is leaving lots of useless tunnels. But how about the underground constructs on purpose?
  17. offtopic: NQ, keeping in touch / doing an Inside Star Cit... / DU video series is a good step in the proper direction. Also the frequency of client / game updates is getting better. Keep up the improved work.
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