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  1. True, width of an ocean, depth of a pond sadly...........
  2. True that, worked in the industry for years and they are widely known as a joke of a company, would ALWAYS steer my clients away from them
  3. Was so going to post that
  4. lol I have NO DOUBT you have your own suppliers, would be disappointed if you didnt. Was more talking about the people you are shooting at, they dont seem too keen on picking up the supplies THEY need
  5. Clearly business is only booming for the aggressors, as one of the largest sellers of weapons and ammo on Alioth, business is pretty quiet........ luckily only a small market for me
  6. That is the point though, it is a manual process that takes time and effort, THAT is where the work is and the reward for those that do it, once you add an API, you remove that requirement for effort.
  7. i REALLY hope they dont bring in an API for some time if at all. It takes all the skills out of market play and will literally make is impossible for small players to compete in the market. Whilst it seems like a great idea, it is also a pandora's box I would prefer not to open. But hey, what do I know......... pretty much nothing about the economy according to some.
  8. Someone in our org had a similar problem, did you install using windows of the uninstaller in the game folder, apparently you need to use the one in the game folder and then double check to make sure all the files are deleted. You SHOULD then be able to download and play again, hope this helps.
  9. Bye, enjoy not using the markets but knowing everything about them lol
  10. No, the buyers use whatever money they have, they dont keep a separate pot of daily log in money do they, there are buyers and sellers, I BUY and SELL, I spent over 20 million today, so again you are completely wrong. Of course some daily income doesnt get spent, because some people are not buyers, they try to be self sufficient. To suggest that none of that money makes it way onto the market and it is purely bot money is utterly absurd. Also, just to point out, anyone selling ore to bots is getting it wrong too lol
  11. Sorry are you saying i am lying lol, refer back to Dunning Kruger........ you wanted proof i gave it to you, my wealth comes entirely from players on markets, sorry if that flies in the face of what you are you org mates do. How would you like me to prove it, show you my 2000+ market notifications, or the 50+ orders a day I get, or take you on a tour of my many space ships (think I have 16) or my planetary bases (I have 9), or my spacestation could show you that, or the 50,000,000+ quanta I have in outstanding stock on the market, or the 50,000,000 quanta I hold in cash all the time? Can show you that if you want proof. Seriously, hook me up, can stream you as much proof as you need...... you wont though lol It is cool though, if you and you org mates dont buy anything, noone does, right?
  12. My total wealth is over 300million quanta, made COMPLETELY from selling stuff to players lol. Enough evidence for you? Sorry about 'my tone' just getting a bit fed of of people with no clue making ridiculous statements as if they are fact. People dont use markets........... FMOB Oh and if you think posting a link to a websites back up your argument, here you go - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect
  13. I havent sold a single thing to bots, market demand is very high at the moment. I have amassed a great deal of wealth PURELY by selling on the market from day 2 of the game, not sold a SINGLE piece of ore, not touched a bot. What? Seriously, WHAT? You think that the 100k given to each player each day is NOT SPENT? Jesus wept, this forum sometimes.......
  14. Lets say 10,000 players, times 100k, equals 1,000,000,000 per day entering into the eco. FAR more than enter via bots imho, they do serve a purpose though, one which is soon to end thankfully.
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