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  1. No, they have lost a % of the 20%, some people are still playing, some have stopped but are still watching the game. I would be surprised if the potential audience, that have actually tried and quit the game is a lot less than 10%.
  2. The irony being that I am not currently playing the game, I am waiting for it to be finished, rather than being frustrated by an incomplete game. I havent ever recommended the game to anyone I know really, because I dont want them to burn out on a beta. They all know I play it but when they ask about it I tell them it is not quite ready yet. From a development standpoint, I actually think it has improved a lot over the last 6 months and there does seem to be some solid direction to the game now. We will see. Also confused how a game can be dying when probably 80% of the potential audience havent tried it yet.
  3. Game doesnt need players now, it needs them at launch. That is when it could go on Steam, when it is finished.
  4. Or not even the start, depends how you look at it.
  5. Geforce Now can make the issue worse, as it doesnt save any of your previous cache, so each time you start the game your cache is empty
  6. Your guess is as good as mine mate
  7. You were the one that reported the miner? Which would be a bit stoopid
  8. You could just try carrying less stuff? Also, you do realise the game isnt launched yet lol
  9. Kind of par for the course on here, see people all the time speaking for me.
  10. First up - anyone can mine high tier ores from roids, it is not difficult. Who cares is some try hards get to them first, just go to them once they are discovered Second - How do you win an open world MMO? Third - How do you win a game that isnt launched yet? Apart from that, great post, would read again
  11. I am well aware that you can do high numbers of packages but using 200 "as just as example" when you yourself have only done a fraction of that is not an example at all. It is a massive exaggeration. Personally I think a simple solution would be limiting the number of missions available at each location, so once xx missions are taking, it changes to another mission. This would limit the maximum single run missions any single player could take.
  12. This is what makes me wonder whether the people who write this stuff are actually playing the game. We have been mining discovered roids for the last few weeks, it is great fun, been doing it solo and in a group. You just need a DSAT to get the locations (then you leave behind) flying out in something like a small core, 8 container space only warp ship. Mine what you can find (often you can find plenty of T3/4). Yes we have occasionally met pirates and lost the odd ship but that is part of the game, I dont want continuous progresses, you need a set back now and again. Either way, you cover any losses with one small run. The small group mining we have done at roids has been some of the most entertaining gameplay we have ever had in DU. The mining is easy, good performance, element of risk, finally something with a bit of urgency. You can even solo jetpack to roids, and get 5/6kl of T5 in your pack and jet back (easy 10M) zero risk. Stop trying to change something you havent actually tried.
  13. Bit too much use of the word 'our' too, not sure who you are collectively speaker on behalf of. I genuinely dont agree with a lot of this. Noone can speak on behalf of the community, because it is so diverse. Let NQ get on with it, they are improving. Too many people still beating them over the head for historic failures.
  14. Sorry you cannot 'easily place' 200 missions on a single ship, do you have any idea of the size of ship needed to carry / move that. Can you honestly tell me what is the highest number of packs you have PERSONALLY moved, or have be part of moving. Got a feeling you have no idea of the logistics involved. As for a wipe, I really dont see the point, you are just moving the line in the sand. Open world MMO's like this will always have a 1% of mega rich, will always have big orgs that control parts of the universe, they will always have content which only suits group play. Since NQ have added missions (afk gameplay) and roids (active risk based gameplay) I have really started to enjoy the game again. Mining roids is so much more enjoyable than surface mining, you can do it solo and it is excellent for small group play. There is still a lot to do, but i am quite happy with both the game and NQ at the moment.
  15. One of the big issues with Geforce Now is that you start a new cache when you start a session. So EVERYTHING needs to loads when you arrive there. This make quite a big hit when you first enter locations, especially those with a lot of ships / elements but once they are loaded and cached your performance should be ok. It is excellent for stuff in space, or working at your base. Not so good for going to the market.
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