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  1. Genuinely interested how you were "priced out of the economy" I am a duo player and not had any problems but not traded as much recently?
  2. If they included crashed ship then is becomes a gameplay element
  3. Did you just openly admit to cheating in other games and using people on the inside, wow........
  4. So confused right now.....
  5. PvP is coming to the game and always has been, there is a big issue though with launching without it or even a clear roadmap of how it will be included. We are playing the game as live but a key part of it (any real risk) is missing. So people are judging a half finished game as a finished product, not sure how they are going to get around it now. Painted themselves into a bit of a corner.........
  6. I agree with you 100% about opinions, but for me several lines have been crossed in recent days. Not sure Blaze needs your back up either, he has proved over many years he can look after himself, all I am doing is holding people to account for what they post. There is massive amount of speculation painted as fact in this forum, that is the ONLY thing i have an issue with. I do have to read the forum though, I still play the game and come to it to find out information on what is going on and talk to other people on how the game can be improved. That is virtually impossible now as EVERY thread is hijacked by conspiracy theories and people completely writing off any objective conversation. I do find it ironic that you think I should stop reading the forum though, when I am still engaged in the game, do you think the forum should solely be for people who dont play the game?
  7. Not a slow news day at all, just another one of your speculations, which is extremely negative and has been proved to be untrue. Just holding you to account for your words. Although I am sure, if the PTS comes out sooner than March, you will be the first to come on here with an apology for being wrong. Also slightly ironic you questioning my posting activity, you seem to be pretty obsessed for someone who doesnt play the game lol
  8. You wont like a lot of the conversations in here then, very little charity going on......
  9. You are not having much luck with your speculation this week dood, keep trying though, if you throw enough shit out there, some if it will stick.
  10. That all comes back to the other MASSIVE elephant in the room though, the fact that this is packaged as a launched beta. Personally I think this was NQ's biggest mistake and one that has gone on to cause problems pretty much across the board. If this was still and alpha, if this was still testing and making the game for launch in the future, the narrative is completely different. Would be a big thing to do but if i was NQ, I would consider pulling the plug on the launch and reset it back to alpha. That is a massive call though, and a very difficult one to navigate.
  11. Not sure if you tried the mission system on the PTS test, but it actually looks quite flexible and open ended. It COULD end up adding a huge amount to the game. Org wallets are also a much needed addition. I am not going to make up my mind about either until they are in the game and we can see the uptake. The mission system is a massive step in the right direction, as it allow direct communication about products and services in game, something you generally have to go outside of the game for (Discord etc). So for the first time, if you crash you can requests repair support, if you run out of fuel you can request fuel support, if you want a product and dont want to go to the market, you can order it for a player to deliver it. It is a piece of the puzzle, and important piece if it works well. The biggest issue with the mission system though is that is if FAR more complex a task than a standard MMO mission system due to the fact it is player generated. This means the number of variables involved are far greater than in a traditional NPC driven world. So it will be difficult to pull off. I am interested in seeing how they do it.
  12. I would love them to add a timer, so if anyone leaves a ship outside their own territory for longer than xxx it opens it up for salvage. Would add a huge amount of gameplay and clean up the markets.
  13. 100% agree this is how they should have been created, would have made it part of the player eco, NOT part of the weird NQ bot army........ Has got to be my biggest issue with NQ, the sheer number of times they remove stuff from the game (or miss opportunities to add stuff) which will improve community cohesion and interactions. - ore bots which create short term solo gameplay loops and wiping out the ore reserves, rather than encouraging sales to players - removing any reason to pvp at all, zero risk game - removing player salvaging by stopping people claiming destroyed ships - the complete lack of ingame communication / marketing channels for people to actually advertise the services / businesses they are making - lac of player trading terminals and dispensers being not really fit for purpose - lack of clarity about how territories and player made safe zones will work in the future, so we have a chance to plan The problem isnt as such, there is nothing to do in the game, the issue is there is no way to let anyone know what you are doing in game. For example, we were making a large commercial / shopping complex but it is all actually pointless at the moment, as there is no way in game to get anyone to shop there.
  14. You are a particularly vindictive and horrible person arent you. Even when something is PROVEN as BS you cant let it go. Also great to see all the backhanded apologies in this thread. Wise man once said - if you end an apology with a BUT it is worthless.......
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