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  1. Personally I am really excited about the mission system as it is a step towards a more coherent civilisation. Personally I plan to use it a lot, our org is desperate for people to move around stuff and happy to pay for people to do it. I do agree it will not interest some people who are driven by 'quanta per hour' but anyone really serious about that wouldnt have been selling ore to bots (anyone who knows the game well will tell you that is the lowest return on your time invested). It is not only hauling which it could help, provision of repair and refuel services for example will now becom
  2. I have played a lot of games which make players do certain things to ensure security of there assets and if they dont do those things they lose there assets. Which WILL be the case for all of the assets of unsubbed players if and when NQ include atmos pvp. I am not sure I am suggesting anything that radical. Just asking people to make sure there stuff is on a secure tiles once every seven days. Hardly suggesting nightime raiding lol. I guarantee you, if this was in place from the start of the game, noone would leave there stuff out. That said I am quite happy with your solution. St
  3. Can confirm this is what happens every time you switch flight mode using TAB. Personally I only use cruise over 1000m.
  4. No, I just want people to take care of there stuff. People abandon stuff for extended periods of time for one reason and it isnt dinner, it is because they can. If you put a limit on it, they would stop doing it. Although NQ could just straight to player made market terminals and the whole thing becomes moot
  5. Noone loses anything if they put it away, subbed or unsubbed. Also there is very chance that with territory pvp, unsubbed people could be coming back to nothing anyway.
  6. I think you might be exaggerating a bit here. Getting a single tile on a planet is very cheap. I also have no issue with people logging off at a market because they do not want to fly home. Just if you are going to leave them there you know you need to get on within xxx days to move it.
  7. Been playing this game since alpha, I have never once left a construct somewhere that I didnt own, let alone for an extended period of time. There is never any justifiable reason to do it. Tiles are super easy to get and super cheap. Also salvaging IS a gameplay path, it wouldnt just be at the districts but all the abandoned constructs people have left lying around. In early beta, when you could take control of crashed ship via salvaging loads of people did it. Until people complained that they were losing stuff and NQ got rid of it. This isnt punishing the idle, is it only pu
  8. you dont compact it, you OPEN it up, so anyone can take it, that would soon get them to sort their parking out
  9. Simple, put in a timer on ALL ship that if they are parked outside an territory owned by that player (or org) then they unlock in 7 days and can be salvaged. Removes spam and creates a really cool gameplay paths for players.
  10. See I find 4-5 month odd too. Could just be me, I just dont get it, if I dont like a game I drop it, go do something else. People are different though I suppose.
  11. Fair play, would just love for people to only post constructive criticism not destructive. People highlighting a problem and then outlining a tangible solution is cool. We dont need people starting fires because they like watching things burn.
  12. Sorry who do I dislike? Taking this a bit personal mate? To be honest Blaze, you are not the worst offender by a long shot, at least you try to add something constructive to your comments and to be fair, you have stuck to your position. You never felt JC should be running things and it appears that could now be the case. I have seen you calling for some calm, so how about we let the dust settle and post up some ideas about how we can turn things around. Still find it a bit weird people hanging around on a forum for a game they havent played in years lol. Like having a bad meal at a r
  13. I really wouldnt be surprised lol. I have been arguing on and off with this lot for years. Very few of the main negative posters on here play the game, nor have they done for some time. Just people who want to see the game fail so they can say - "I told you so"
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