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  1. lol, calm down we have a bit of history that is all, just having a wind up. He doesnt like NQ because he doesnt agree with some bans given out, which is an opinion, so to portray the whole company as somehow shandy, for purely something which is his opinion, is wrong. If MOST of the community did not support the ban then why did most of the support videos that were posted get taken down due to dislikes and unsubs? The feedback they got was dreadful. Again, you have no idea what the majority of the community felt, stop making stuff up.
  2. I think you have pretty much summed up part of the issue, people panicking over something running out, which actually isnt running out, and which is only used in about 3 useful endgame items. Why are people even mining T4-5, explain that to me? Because there is a crazy notion that it has value, when actual it doesnt.......
  3. i dont really care about talent points, but I really care about my quanta, so as long as I keep that, then i dont really care....... see the problem here.
  4. No, because it is not really a problem, it is a minor irritation which will probably be removed in further development but someone is going to make a massive deal out of it and act like it is game breaking...... seen it all before
  5. Ahhhh so you are stating your opinions as fact, the devs are 'nasty' because you do not agree with something they have done, not for an actual valid reason. For what it is worth, I and MANY others (you can tell that from the massive backlash on the videos on the subject) agreed with NQ on that one.
  6. You are making the massive assumption that the player feedback is only coming from players who are still in the game. If NQ have any sense at all, they will be segmenting out, and focusing heavily on, information from players who HAVE LEFT THE GAME. Also I am not sure there is anything NQ are developing, working on, focusing there times on which has not always been on the development schedule. Can you be more specific about where the game has been taken off track? Finally why do you think 'DU would be way better with NPC's' a little confusing too, sounds like a personal opinion dressed up as a fact, I would hate NPC's in DU........ are you also mistaking what you want in the game with what the game NEEDS?
  7. Again will have to disagree, if you sell the right stuff on other planets it sells, I am selling things like terri capture units and containers at huge markups, and engines and stuff. We have bases on several planets and a lot of people selling out there, things are quieter of course, so product choice is important, industry always does well for us on other planets. The key thing is not to be lazy, 100 product on 10 markets, is a LOT better than 100 on 1.
  8. One of the long list of reasons why people dont buy the cheapest - the instant buy button - people are buying loads of things and as you say, only want to stop once - people are lazy and quanta is easy For months I have been telling people this and noone really listens, if you are put off from trying to sell stuff because you are looking at the cheapest other players are selling at in ANY market, you are playing it wrong, sorry. and people like me are buying your stuff in bulk, moving it and tripling our money....... or just selling stuff noone else does as just below bots prices.
  9. I place mine at 450k and they do get sold, sorry but there you go, that is my point. Not everyone shops around, some people buy from the closet location. I buy your engines for 110k and fly them to Alioth 13 or somewhere and sell them for 480k lol........ at some point more people might cotton on to it. I have sold plenty of l atmos engines around the districts at max price, seriously, go to market 6 (or another busy market) buy all the cheap stuff and fly it elsewhere. Then come back to me...... I love posting stuff like this, every now and then I get someone who stops arguing enough to actually understand what I am saying, then they message me a few days later telling me it is a game changer.
  10. My point is that the profit you outline in that thread, could have been four times more, if you had used that ore and sold products to players. As I said, pretty hopefully buy bots will be gone form the game soon, and we can have a proper player built eco..... rather than the spammy bullshit which is throwing ore down the drain.
  11. Nothing to do with ore prices. The bot BUY price is literally designed to be very low, just above basic ore cost price. So if you sell to bots, you are making only slightly more money than selling the ore. Instead, if you choose to sell to players, and sell a product with no player competition, you can list it for just under bot SELL price, which is around a 400% markup. So basically you are making four times the money from the same ore......... Hoping this penny might drop in a minute.
  12. It is purely market location specific, all markets are separate and people shop at and will buy from different market regardless of price differences. A LOT of player dont realise this, you can make money without mining literally buying cheap stuff and moving it to places noone else is selling it. Making huge markups........ most underused tactic in the game, mainly because those that do it dont talk about it, they just chuckle at all the saps mining and selling stuff cheap. When it works, it works
  13. They are currently the 'last resort' they are literally only slightly (very slightly) better than just selling your ore for market price. But people still use them, because people are lazy, whereas I make as much money, selling 1/4 of the ore.
  14. TBH, I have seen far more 'nasty' from you than anything NQ have posted but you probably dont hold yourself to the same account........
  15. Yeah but the difference is that you are selling your ore at just above cost, whilst I am selling my elements to players at just below bot SELL price, which is XXX% higher margin. So I can sell at L Atmos for 450k, when the bots buy them for 115k. Yes it takes some time but it is ZERO risk to sell elements (I have sold pretty much every type of item), you just need to spread your wares. This is my point though, NQ should just remove your easy option and inform you of the other option - which is to actually trade with players.
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