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  1. There already are 'standards' defined by core sizes and elements such as gates. If you want a landing pad to fit a certain core, you build it to a size to accommodate that core, if you want a ship to fit through certain gates you build it that way. Not sure there is any need for unofficial 'standards'
  2. There was a quick poll on Discord the other day, of the 30 or so that replied I think the average age was 38! So plenty of us oldies around.
  3. Серверы работают только в определенное время, следующий тест начнется завтра в течение 14 дней. Вы должны были получить электронное письмо со ссылкой для загрузки клиента. Извините, использовал Google переводчик
  4. Played Eve for 4-5 years and never died whilst mining, died plenty of times to pvp but never whilst out mining. There were loads of places you could mine mid sec without ever being bothered. I also think we might have a different definition of 'casual', I see it as someone who is not as dedicated (plays the game casually), you seem to class them all as imbeciles. As for persistence, I am not that fussed, i am hoping that the majority of conflicts have the scale that makes it a moot point.
  5. I would disagree with this, firstly because I love mining. So do a lot of other people, I used to be a casual miner in Eve. Was part of a mining corp who would message me if they were going out on a job and I would join them if I was up for it. Several others in the corp did the same thing, sometimes would go every week, sometimes once a month. The same goes with hauling, most people might find it boring but I have mates who have played Elite since launch and has pretty much spent the whole game hauling goods. They are more than happy shipping stuff through galaxies whilst watching Netflix. People enjoy doing different things, I see a 'casual' player as someone who is keen on doing a certain task (be it mining, building, pvp), when they are around but not really keen on the bigger picture stuff or having to commit specific time. What I am not talking about is signing up casuals and forcing them to mine, I mean finding casual miners and giving them a role and the tools to do it.
  6. Casual players are not useless if they are part of an org. For example, if I am running a miner org, during prime time I would need players to move cargo, mine, fly cargo, build outposts etc. All the stuff to do the job can be supplied by the org, the casuals just do the jobs they want to do.
  7. Pretty sure something like this will be the case, with only basic resources on Alioth. What it should hopefully do is encourage people to start shipping in ores from other planets. Alioth will have the most demand, plenty of people will try to supply, I know I will be. I agree 100% that any peace should be player made. I still think you wont find many of the key resources on the home planet though.
  8. Surely if you build this ship and then some big org pays you to help them move to another planet, then that org will provide the defence for the convoy? The only thing i would say is that I wouldnt set 'building the biggest ship in the game' as your only goal. Make it your end goal but just focus on building a good logistics company which is earning the revenue to build the big ship. People will want to get off world asap when game launches, if you can get funding / support from several orgs to get reasonable sized transport ship together, I would have thought there will be work to do.
  9. I hope that pvp is less about the small scale personal bullshit you see in most survival games like Rust etc. I would like to see strong defensive options, so that once a reasonable sized org gets set up it would take an organised attack to breach their defenses. That way it is more about the team and if individuals within the org are logged off it doesnt really matter.
  10. This is a very different game to Archage though, this has the potential to be as near a true sandbox as you can get, AA wasnt really a sandbox at all. DU is FAR bigger, far more open world and flexible in terms of expansion, also in terms of goals. I would be very surprised if any of the big organisations plan to start a fight straight off the bat. I would foresee some sort of space race initially, with the main orgs trying to be first to colonise their planet of choice. Then you have the whole logistical element, if the main orgs are on separate planets, fighting becomes a much bigger undertaking. So this should create some breathing time for orgs to bed in. As long as the big organisations look at the bigger picture at the start, then i think DU has all the elements to be everything it wants to be. EDIT - one interesting solution to make sure that the early game has some time to get going - make it so all but basic weapons need resources not found on the starting planet.
  11. There are already organisations of nearly 1000 members, if you join one of them do you think they will just let people 'gank' you? Do you think that is why all these people are grouping together just to 'gank' each other? I am hoping people have far bigger fish to fry. This is not Ark or Rust, this isnt 48 players on a single map playing a server for a few months.
  12. The key thing is that defence has to be strong, so you need to commit a lot of resources to attacking bases, particularly established cities. That way people can choose to live within a certain amount of protection. If people want to go live on the outer rim, solo or in small group, then they are hoping they dont get found and they should play with that in mind.
  13. That is my point though, the level of community 'policing' will be relevant to location. If you want a peaceful life, side with a large peaceful org and live within their protection. If you want anarchy go live with the anarchists, and hopefully there will be lots of options in between.
  14. My hope is that the size, scale and freedom of the game will allow for real world 'pvp'. Peaceful factions will control some areas and those areas will be pretty secure, pirate / anarchy forces will create no go areas and there will loads of places in between. Become part of an org if you want security. I hope the community is left to police the game.
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