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  1. No, they have lost a % of the 20%, some people are still playing, some have stopped but are still watching the game. I would be surprised if the potential audience, that have actually tried and quit the game is a lot less than 10%.
  2. The irony being that I am not currently playing the game, I am waiting for it to be finished, rather than being frustrated by an incomplete game. I havent ever recommended the game to anyone I know really, because I dont want them to burn out on a beta. They all know I play it but when they ask about it I tell them it is not quite ready yet. From a development standpoint, I actually think it has improved a lot over the last 6 months and there does seem to be some solid direction to the game now. We will see. Also confused how a game can be dying when probably 80% of the potential audience havent tried it yet.
  3. Game doesnt need players now, it needs them at launch. That is when it could go on Steam, when it is finished.
  4. Or not even the start, depends how you look at it.
  5. Geforce Now can make the issue worse, as it doesnt save any of your previous cache, so each time you start the game your cache is empty
  6. Your guess is as good as mine mate
  7. You were the one that reported the miner? Which would be a bit stoopid
  8. You could just try carrying less stuff? Also, you do realise the game isnt launched yet lol
  9. Kind of par for the course on here, see people all the time speaking for me.
  10. First up - anyone can mine high tier ores from roids, it is not difficult. Who cares is some try hards get to them first, just go to them once they are discovered Second - How do you win an open world MMO? Third - How do you win a game that isnt launched yet? Apart from that, great post, would read again
  11. I am well aware that you can do high numbers of packages but using 200 "as just as example" when you yourself have only done a fraction of that is not an example at all. It is a massive exaggeration. Personally I think a simple solution would be limiting the number of missions available at each location, so once xx missions are taking, it changes to another mission. This would limit the maximum single run missions any single player could take.
  12. This is what makes me wonder whether the people who write this stuff are actually playing the game. We have been mining discovered roids for the last few weeks, it is great fun, been doing it solo and in a group. You just need a DSAT to get the locations (then you leave behind) flying out in something like a small core, 8 container space only warp ship. Mine what you can find (often you can find plenty of T3/4). Yes we have occasionally met pirates and lost the odd ship but that is part of the game, I dont want continuous progresses, you need a set back now and again. Either way, you cover any losses with one small run. The small group mining we have done at roids has been some of the most entertaining gameplay we have ever had in DU. The mining is easy, good performance, element of risk, finally something with a bit of urgency. You can even solo jetpack to roids, and get 5/6kl of T5 in your pack and jet back (easy 10M) zero risk. Stop trying to change something you havent actually tried.
  13. Bit too much use of the word 'our' too, not sure who you are collectively speaker on behalf of. I genuinely dont agree with a lot of this. Noone can speak on behalf of the community, because it is so diverse. Let NQ get on with it, they are improving. Too many people still beating them over the head for historic failures.
  14. Sorry you cannot 'easily place' 200 missions on a single ship, do you have any idea of the size of ship needed to carry / move that. Can you honestly tell me what is the highest number of packs you have PERSONALLY moved, or have be part of moving. Got a feeling you have no idea of the logistics involved. As for a wipe, I really dont see the point, you are just moving the line in the sand. Open world MMO's like this will always have a 1% of mega rich, will always have big orgs that control parts of the universe, they will always have content which only suits group play. Since NQ have added missions (afk gameplay) and roids (active risk based gameplay) I have really started to enjoy the game again. Mining roids is so much more enjoyable than surface mining, you can do it solo and it is excellent for small group play. There is still a lot to do, but i am quite happy with both the game and NQ at the moment.
  15. One of the big issues with Geforce Now is that you start a new cache when you start a session. So EVERYTHING needs to loads when you arrive there. This make quite a big hit when you first enter locations, especially those with a lot of ships / elements but once they are loaded and cached your performance should be ok. It is excellent for stuff in space, or working at your base. Not so good for going to the market.
  16. I actually think that AvA might not be as tricky as people think. Yes there is a dysnc issue with faster moving objects such as ships, which is going to make Atmos pvp very tricky (without using the word instanced) but there is actually very little issue with player sync. I cant remember the last time I didnt see a player where they should be. There would need to be some obvious changes / restrictions though Player speed would have to be massively nerfed when in AvA, both for performance and the fact it is far too fast Projectile would be tough, mainly due to server load i suspect, as hit reg / collision for projectiles is a more high end solution Tab targeted with some sort of line of sight could well be viable and could be made to feel pretty adequate / entertaining Like everything in DU it has to fit into the game limitations, that does mean it cannot be fun For me the biggest issue as always is exploitation, for example, just relogging and deleting cache would allow you to waltz into someones base. Again I think the solution might be a certain level of instancing, for example, if you draw a weapon in a tile it triggers a confirmation dialogue and then the tile and player becomes flagged (which has some conditions). Anyone else drawing a weapons is also flagged. All other players can move as they want but flagged players have certain restrictions for example. Reduced sprint speed No sprint when weapon draw Anyone flagged that respawns in pvp tile is held in position on spawn until the game has loaded (could have shield but I wouldnt) Respawn conditions With the current game state (which is NOWHERE NEAR as bad a some players on this forum make out) and some restrictions I think it is actually viable now, the biggest issue is the level of development time it would take and the other priorities. Personally i would put territory warfare of some sort, energy, salvaging and even player markets above it in my list. So that is actually the biggest blocker. My short term solution, that i think would be incredibly good fun - ALLOW XS GUNS TO TARGET PLAYERS!!!!
  17. Some really great ideas but if NQ keeps doing stuff like this, it would mean the game would never come out, ever. It would be a huge development job effecting pretty much every element of the game, especially when it will be something else effecting balance. NQ need to focus on finish the key missing parts (some sort of territory wars, energy and if we are lucky some sort of player markets) and then spend some solid time fixing and improving the gameplay that is already there (roids, missions, pvp, FTUE and hopefully Salvaging which is now on the roadmap) and then they need to get the game live. They should not be completely reworking multiple core gameplay elements, that ship sailed a long time ago. I do like the concept though, I hope they look at it for potential further development.
  18. Yep, you buy your first pack and then if you dont want to sub, you can pay with DAC. Once the game is live and DAC is live (presuming they come out at the same time), then you can almost buy the game with a single purchase model. Excuse double post.... editing was beyond me tonight.
  19. Not true at all, a free trial could be MASSIVE exploited in this game unless you completely stripped it of functionality. Just an extra alt to stand on a ship as a scout can make all the difference. Dont want to be giving freebies away, it would be carnage. Also, it is a known fact that NQ has done a lot of work recently REDUCING the server costs per player (it is almost certainly there biggest outgoing), if they let in free trial players, the company would fold lol. Huge cost increase, zero revenue increase.......
  20. This is NOT a situation for a chargeback or complaint, it is the players error. Pretty poor form suggesting it TBH. To OP : Just make a ticket and someone should get on it pretty quickly. Ticket support for most things is solid now.
  21. We have a space platform in the safe zone of several planets (which are open to rent if you are interested), we run space only S core ships that can easily move 14 containers but you dont need to get anywhere near that number (mine has 6). Space only ships are FAR more efficient and far less risk. Personally if you are not using them for both mining and missions you are doing it wrong. The only big money is the DSAT and the space engines (can give you whole ship spec if you like). You go there, find the T4 and T5 (some T4 is actually worth more and easier to mine). Rinse up 20KL of Cobaltite alone is worth 20M lol. Personally I dont think it is worth the risk solo discover, you need at LEAST a scout to cover the ship and be ready to warp. Unless you are going to stick to uncommon and advanced roids. Like I said though, solos can get paid just as much, at much lower risk just hitting up discovered and you still get that bit of jeopardy to keep it exciting. Please dont take offence, but this seems to be someone who is actually doing something, being told they are wrong by someone who is theorising lol. Would be happy to take you out and show you the ropes some time if you like. Too much theorising on this forum, more people should just dive in an DU it.
  22. Sorry but this is not true, a DSAT is worth 10m, you can pull 10x that value from a fresh roid pretty quickly if you are first there taking the risk.
  23. Dont take this forum as a yard stick. 50% of posters quit the game some time ago and are just here throwing salt around "I dont like it, so noone else should" mentality. The truth is that the game has improved a LOT in the last 3-6 months and progress seems to be improving. I have just come back to play DU as my main game again (been dropping in and out for the last few months) as it finally looks like it is in a position to play. Been doing a lot of the new content, such as roids, and they have add a lot to the game. Personally I am happy to pay, as i see this game as a long term investment, which I want to see NQ continue to work on, if you are not happy with that, of course that is your choice.
  24. You do realise that you can go to most discovered PvP roids (rare and below) and mine T3+ without seeing anyone? Most of the pirates are hunting roids when discovered. Been doing it for the last week, cleared hundreds of KL of T3+ solo.
  25. Completely disagree, as someone who has played as mainly a trader since alpha, schematics had a massive impact on supply and demand. Making is FAR easier for smaller players to find niches in the market. 0.23 was bad for anyone who wanted to play the game solo, like it was a survival game, but it made a positive impact to market competition. Nice to be back, enjoying the game a lot at the moment, did you miss me x?
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