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  1. You shouldnt, you should sell your ore to players for more but there shouldnt be ore bots tbh, it should ONLY be sold to players. The clever players are buying the product listed below ore cost, moving them to another market and selling them for twice as much. You do realise some of the riches players in the game are those moving moving things between markets right (who NEVER mine at all)? Proved this to someone in my org the other day, he was saying the same things that you are, I got him to go buy 20 large atmos / space engines from D6 (for around 80k-100k each) I got him to move them to other markets with no stock (or high priced stock) and list at 200k - 250k. Guess what, 15 of them sold over two days. Pretty much doubling his investment. Ever get the feeling you might just be missing something....... A couple of tips for you - DONT worry about the cheapest price, people are lazy and dont shop around (or at least some dont) DONT list all your stuff at one place, spread your goods across multiple markets. 10 items at 10 markets will sell quicker and for more money that 100 at one item competing with the 'cheapest'
  2. Probably one of the most positive things you have said on here lol. I think it is a tone that suits you, you are clearly a bright bloke, with a lot of knowledge. I have no issue with people criticizing the game, i have done it myself for many years. I just try to find the solutions, rather than hammering on about the problems / causes. Personally i do see the light at the end of the tunnel (although it could be a train)............
  3. To be honest, those point are far more valid than your original set of stats. That wouldnt surprise me given where the game is though, the big push for the game was BETA launch, only they know where they are as far as their targets. For all we know they are happy with the number of players for where the state of the game is. They have one big luxury, all my anecdotal evidence says to me that even when people leave the game, a big chunk of them continue to monitor the game. So if NQ can get it right, and I actually think there are some pretty simple ways they can fix a lot of the issues, then the game can move forward. I do find a lot of your content overly negative though. Like you are trying to beat the horse to death, rather than take it to water. Might just be I am a more positive soul I suppose.
  4. This is 100% part of the roadmap, REALLY looking forward to its additional, game changer for me, alongside the mission system.
  5. How did your ship get stuck in the air? I could have a guess.......
  6. A bit disappointed with this Michael, you post a lot of thought provoking content on here, which I might not always agree with but it does normally lead me to believe you might have some background in the industry and a genuine level of knowledge. Then you post something like this, which shows your grasp of digital marketing is rudimentary at best. Let me explain a couple of things to you. - Videos on YouTube always get more visitors over time, the longer video are live, the more visits they will get. So you are basically showing something which is a self fulfilling prophecy. Older videos will in general have more visit than newer ones. - I would presume that 80% of the visitors to these video came via advertising spend, not organically. As you and I have no idea of the advertising budgets within NQ or how things are prioritised. This means these figures are worthless for trying to prove anything. The fact that you have taken these stats and come to the conclusion you have is a bit worrying. Either this was a genuine mistake or you are just trying to post stuff to make NQ look bad, regardless of whether or not it has any fact. Do yourself a favour though, stick to stuff you actually understand, going out of your comfort zone leads to you being found out. Seriously, I do this stuff for a living, and if i presented those conclusions to one of my clients, they would probably fire me on the spot.
  7. Ok, but isnt this part of the problem. Players like you and I were trying to fill the markets producing stuff that sells but 80% of the playerbase were mining and either selling to bots or making shit products and selling to bots. FFS you were doing that on THADES!!! Yet most players couldnt work out to do it on Alioth lol I have sold all sorts, from ship parts, alloys, parts, everything in the game..... it all sold to some extent. Just not many people chose to sell it. For some reason they all looked at the lowest price in the universe and decided they couldnt compete, because they do not understand market forces (namely people are lazy).
  8. Sorry forgot the link..... granted this was pre patch, not been trading as much since. Got loads of stock so would be up for doing a test. Geniunely interested in what my sales would be if I pushed it again. Notice, I sold a lot of different stuff at a lot of different places......
  9. First up, please dont listen to all the people who tell you to mine and sell ore, like it is the only option. Selling ore is the lowest possible value for the resource. Making money is down to what you enjoy, there arent that many viable gameplay careers at the moment but here are some that do work: - Trader - look at the market and find a product which has a wide range of prices at different markets. Buy from the markets with the lowest price and move the items to markets with no stock or high priced stock. Wait for it to sell - make profits (great way for new players to start who dont want to mine) - Manufacturer - similar to the above but you build a factory for a specific product or range of products, the spread the products to all markets you can (avoid those with low price competition) - Prospector - get yourself a terri scanner and go find meganodes. When you find them, you can claim the territory and sell it to someone else (requires discord at the moment) Heading out, so cant list any more for now. Hopefully far more careers will be possible in the future, once ingame communication is improved.
  10. Technically you fixed it.
  11. Yeah that made no sense at all.
  12. Interestingly I took a totally different paths from the majority. I have never sold ore to bots, infact never sold it to players. I rarely mine and when i do I mine relatively small amounts (rarely carrying anything over 1kt). I made my fortune from selling mainly T1 products to players, since the second day of headstart. I made satellite factories at key planets producing certain alloys, which I then shipped to a central space station of make higher tier items. My favourite was my Cat3 factory on Lacobus, where i managed to create 1000 Cat 3 and get it on the market for beta launch, selling at 100k EACH. Not just ship parts but also anything else I could make. I was soon making 100's of sales a day and huge levels of quanta. I never tried to build a super factory or be self sufficient. i made what i sold and used the profit to buy stuff other people made. I never made massive spammy super haulers, because I never felt the need to move huge quantities of ore. When 0.23 hit, it didnt really effect me as much as other, nor will any future patches, because i never tried to do anything that I didnt feel was part of the civilisation we are hoping to build. Ironically, myself and a friend both quit for a while because of the kneejerk changes made after 0.23, such as changing the schematics prices and increase the bot buy prices. Both of which caused us more problems than the initial patch itself.
  13. This is the attitude which ruins games of this type. The complete lack of acceptance of piracy / anarchy as a viable gameplay path. Not having weapons makes no difference as to whether you are a target or not, and if you think it should, then you should go find a game with no pvp. Just out of interest, when you watch entertainment, do you see the Empire as 'griefers' or the Borg, or the Reavers? They are the excitement, the ying to the yang.
  14. Been arguing this for some time, 100% agree, although I would randomise the warp spawn to sometime it does still arrive in safe zone. It actually adds a whole new gameplay loop - SECURITY. You want to go mine a distant planet, then you need to hire someone to make sure you get there safely. PvP has two sides to it. That said, none of this is possible without the much anticipated player made mission. As communication in game is pretty much no existent at the moment.
  15. Going to pull you up on the 'players should have every right to play as they want to' comment, for me it is complete horse shit. You have the right to play the game that the developers want to make, if you dont like it, then you have the right to move on. You do not have the right to divert a game from its agreed paths to suit your requirements. Just like I dont have the right to go into the farmville forum and demand PvP, because I want to play that way. Not sure why game design is the only form of entertainment where the audience feels they have some given right to mess with the creator vision. I run a very successful small org myself (basically two of us do most of it), got no idea what all these barriers are you seem to be coming across. Unless you are trying to make EVERYTHING yourself. Not sure there is anything i want to do ingame at the moment, which i cant do, short of owning a warp beacon.
  16. As someone who knows several key figures within the largest orgs in the game, this doesnt match my experience. i have found the big orgs to be some of the most dedicated players towards the game.
  17. For me it is the BIGGEST issue with the game, internal comms. I read over and over again that all there is to do is mine in this game. When actually that is totally not true. The problem is that you need to search for all the other options. You can be a prospector (but you need to use another discord), or ship sales (but again, really need another discord), you can have your own shops (but noone know they are there), you can offer refueling / repair services (again though, noone can contact you about it in game - discord again). I have a list of 15 different Career paths you can currently take in DU, only 3 of them are really viable without having to work outside the game. I really think that once NQ allows us to share / advertising what is going in actually IN the game, then we might start to see the civilisation start to emerge, not the current sandbox of hundreds of seperate orgs that barely interact with each other.
  18. The daily quanta is only given to people who log in, it is a quanta faucet that scales with the players base, and as this stage is the best way to manage injection of quanta. Ore bots are cause horrific damage to the game, and encourage very short term solo gameplay loops, as opposed to gameplay loops which help the game / economy, such as actually making worthwhile products and selling them to players. You do realise a new player can come into the game and turn their day 1 money into millions JUST from buying cheap products and moving them to other markets? The issue here is that NQ gave so many get quanta instantly options (such as ore buy bots) that most players have never looked at the alternative. Why bother making products, listing them and waiting for them to sell (even if you make LOADS more money), when i can just sell instantly to a bot. NQ has made a rod for its own back with this one, it has introduced gameplay options which allow people to completely bypass the 'player made' element of the player made economy.
  19. Complete rubbish, you are falling for the foolish notion that people buy from the cheapest source, A LOT OF THEM DONT, they buy from the closest source. I have sold large atmos for 400k, when you can buy them for 100k a few kilometers away. If you are basing whether you can sell something on the lowest price on all markets, you are doing it massively wrong. The billion+ quanta of market sales I have made confirms that. Here is a days worth of sales from back when i was trading, EVERYTHING on this list was sold at 3-4 times ore value.
  20. Ever thought that NQ dont was solo players to be 'self sufficient' they might want them to have to engage with the community / civilisation. The issue i have here is why everyone thinks they are competing in a game where we are supposed to be working together to build something? Also why does everyone act like you HAVE to mine in this game, I know loads of people enjoying the game who rarely mine. They buy ore from miners.
  21. Weird that you think it is a survival games, I have never once in my three years of playing considered it a survival game. That actually explains a lot of your posts. I bought a civilization building game, you bought 'Rust in Space'. You have ZERO idea of how pvp terri war is going to be implemented, you completely ignore the information we have be given (which suggests is will not be easy to attack territories and that areas which are well populated could well act like player made safe zones). Your comments are so bias towards your own gameplay style it is laughable. I agree this is not a pvp game, but it is also NOT a solo building game. It is a game which is missing some glaring features before it is even close to being the sum of its parts (mission system, player markets, completed pvp mechanics)
  22. Not going to read the whole thread but for some time I have been pushed for randomisation of warp entry points on the outer planets (outside Ailoth, Madis, Thades initially). Make it so that when you warp you will arrive at a more random location, potentially OUTSIDE safe zones. You could even have safe zone varying throughout the day. This would bring the potential of pirate / pvp gameplay to the planets being used by players experienced enough to deal with it. Creating this, also creates the need for security services. You want to take your big miners / hauler to a far flung locations to reap the rewards, you might need to hire some security to help you get in and out. Increases community engagement, allows for more varied career paths which include an element of pvp and adds some much need risk to what should be a later game activity. The ability to completely avoid pvp, doing these sorts of activities, at this stage of the game is WRONG.
  23. Conjecture to be honest mate, you have no idea how they sort or priorities tickets. I have submitted loads of bug / exploit tickets, which i have never heard back about but the bug / exploits were fixed.
  24. This is actually the forth racing org I have seen, as far as i am aware the other three have folder due to lack of community support, which is an absolute joke (players moan there is nothing to do but then dont take part in the stuff players create). Part of this falls on NQ, there is zero support for these sorts of community projects, this sort of thing should be front and centre of what NQ promotes.
  25. Ore bots have destroyed any chance of a real player made economy, they are a closed gameplay loop which encourages players to sell a finite commodity for the lowest possible value, removing it from the game. It gives players an easy options to get quanta, whilst completely bypassing the player community. The only slight benefits to the player is that it is the payment is instant and most players are too lazy, to turn the ore in to actual products and wait for them to be sold (making as much as 4x) the ore sales value. Your points about economy collapsing are also floored, you DO NOT need a constant influx of money to keep an economy viable, there is enough quanta in circulation at the moment if it was actually traded between players.
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