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  1. TBH that didnt need clarification it has been NQ's position from the start, they have said it several times, the start of beta was the 'launch' of the game world. Not sure why people are struggling to understand that or making out there has been anything other than clarity. From the moment beta was announced, that was their position.
  2. I think everyone is missing the point that NQ have only published limited info on Atmos pvp / territories and that information makes it sound like player made safe zones are actually going to be pretty common. People just hear pvp and think Rust, when in truth it might be very different.
  3. PvP is a placeholder at the moment, and will remain so until it is ready IMHO, NQ are happy to allow us to build some semblance of order before giving us the tools to knock at least some of it down. Thought this was clear from both the development approach and the things they are saying. Whilst genuinely understand the frustration of pvp focused players, it is not the be all and end all. I actually agree that pvp will be a massive driver in the game, when it is ready and when the game is ready for it. I see this as a marathon not a sprint for both players and devs, there are a lot of pieces to put in place and a lot of prioritisation.
  4. That might be down to the level of trust vrs brakes on the ships though, hard to tell. If i run my ships full thrust, the brakes cant hold them.
  5. You sort of could avoid it, it spawns in the same place every time, you were in the wrong place waiting for it. Dont get me wrong, it is a PITA and it should work but until it does, stay away until you know it is ready.
  6. This is why the third vector line works well, it shows momentum really well, you will see the line go out infront of you, even though you are braking.
  7. You can come in at an angle, infact that is optimal in a heavy ship, but you need to keep your forward momentum up, if you just use brakes to slow you down and keep you below speed limit, then you completely loose all momentum, so whilst your ship is angled you are actually travelling straight down. I keep momentum up by dropping to around 1000kmh and then going full brakes and sufficient power to hold speed steady (80% in most of my ships), as I come into atmos I let the speed increase up, so I have plenty of forward momentum as soon as i break atmos. That stops you dropping like a stone, using the third trajectory line is very useful for this method.
  8. 2/ Litium scrap is available for 150h per unit at most markets on Ailoth, you are given 100,000h per day, which allows you to buy 666 units of T3 scrap per day, you can afford it 3/ If your machine has trouble loading markets then you should ALWAYS park up just outside and either relog or wait for everything to load. If you choose to try and land at the market which has not spawned, it is your fault, unless you are completely unaware that markets have issues loading. You cannot blame the game, if you know in advance the issue exists but you still attempt to land, it then stops becoming the games fault and becomes yours.
  9. They arent more complex though.....
  10. You dont really have to now, made one or two nodes to get a start, then you dont have to mine again......
  11. I agree they are 100% down to the parties that agree to them, but the RDMS comes into play when it is combined with whatever system comes in to control relationships betweens orgs / factions and players. For example, if the law states that is anyone damages the property of a citizen living under those laws then the RDMS and relationship management can automatically update, adding to enemies list or restricting access to market terminals etc. This could even be linked into radars or security systems, where information off security breaches would be shared across networks until those security units are destroyed. I just want the tool to implement law and order, I dont want NQ to implement it for us.
  12. We need law to be part of the RDMS, so org, nations, factions can set there own laws, law and order is a pillar of civilisation. We need the tools to make our own systems and players need to be prepare to group up, even if only to share the same things like laws.
  13. They might do something when PvP is actually updated and becomes part of the game, personally I am not bothered about a 'meta' in something which is going to completely change and is completely avoidable at this stage. If pirates want to run around shooting each other (and the occasional noob that gets lost) in cube that could well not be viable when pvp is actually relevant that is up to them, they dont actually effect the game. When they DO, I will worry about it.
  14. What flawed arguments??? Just pointing out that the use of the word vandalism is correct in this instance, nothing more lol. Got no idea at all what you are ranting about.
  15. Actually the word 'kill' is widely used within pvp, kill to death ratio for example. Explain how that is any different. Anyone who has played the amoung us will have certainly murdered plenty of people.
  16. To cover your points: So 'mining' doesnt apply to voxels, or 'building' or any other real world term, do you get this upset when someone 'kills' another player in pvp (I bet the term kills to death ratio must REALLY trigger you)...... no didnt think so. Using the term vandalism as correct as any of those terms and no less valid in a virtual environment. I get the whole ToS thing, totally get it, still doesnt get around the fact that it was a shitty / childish thing to do, however you want to look at the small print. Denial of Service - As far as I am aware you are not required to provide a service to anyone under EU law - infact very few countries in the world enforce provision of service This has nothing to do withy 'arselicking' I just have a different opinion to yours, sorry if that offends you. I just get a bit sick of gamers doing bloody stupid things that mess up games I love and then blaming their actions on the developers. The developers didnt cause this, players did. As for community opinion, I think you will find it is a bit less one sided than you think, the majority of the videos supporting Scoopy have had as many dislikes as likes, seems to be generating him more UNSUBS and disagreement than support. When we discussed it in our org not a single player wanted the ban lifted, they all said they would rather not have players like that in the game. So please dont act like the devs dont have some support.
  17. Quoting the Oxford English Dictionary - Vandlism - any activity that is considered to be damaging or destroying something that was good (I had a lot of stock at A15, so considered it 'good') As apparently these jokers didnt steal anything (weird though they called it a HEIST on Reddit) they cant be called thieves or griefers, just a couple of player who stumbled across something they should have reported, but instead they chose to use the opportunity to piss all over the lawn and post it on Reddit for the community BEFORE they leave some lame ass post to the devs (at 7am I thought). I couldnt give a shit about who or what you are in RL and what you might or might not be roleplaying. These guys where presented an opportunity to do a number of different things, they chose to smash stuff up and post it for exposure. Well they got their exposure. That fact people like you are scrolling through ToS agreements to prove they are 'innocent' is embarrassing. They should man up and take it on the chin.
  18. I was under the impression they informed NQ after the fact with a message that 'someone has messed up the markets', that is very different to reporting the issue in private and leaving the market alone. They decided not to do this but instead perform some mindless childish vandalism. Simple admonishing the act because they were 'able' to do it, does not excuse the act. I played Eve for several years from launch, alongside many other sandbox full loot MMO;s which are open to such scams, never read a ToS because they dont effect me, I dont try to scam and I dont get scammed (I am too honest to make a good mark), I dont exploit, I dont try to find exploits, so I never need to worry about these things. I would suggest that, as in this case, if you have to read the ToS to decide if you should can do something, generally it is a risk. Personally I cannot excuse someone actions simply because they can find some loophole in a legal document.
  19. Not really, that is not the point, most players DONT have to look at the ToS at all, because they never come close to breaking it. I like Virtual, he is a nice guy, does a lot of the community but this video is just two salty banned gamers. The had several choices during this to inform NQ, to not smash up the Market, it was their choice of actions, they ran off to Reddit to boast, they have to take the consequences. I bloody hate it when player hide behind ToS and 'the community' to justify their actions, these two sound like adults? They behaved like kids and GOT SLAPPED. Interesting that he decides to bring up his own issues...... not sure the relevance. Sounding a little entitled there. "It wasnt their fault" whose fault was it? They werent doing this as a favour to NQ, they did it for shits and giggles and to get their names out, well that worked.
  20. Lets make one thing clear here, it is YOU that is posting this in a completely irrelevant thread, it is you that is ranting and hyjacking, noone else. Clearly the guy who did it knew he was doing something which could result in a ban, otherwise he wouldnt have posted a bloody big sign. Weird that you seem to think it is not a problem, when the person who did it, clearly accepted it was.
  21. I agree, the people who did this knew what they were doing, knew what the response could be (the PLS Dont Ban message is telling). There are a lot of things they could have done when they found out they could edit the construct, the action THEY chose to take got them a ban. Rule of thumb, when you have to consult the ToS to see if you are doing something wrong, you probably are......
  22. I would rather they removed teleporters from all the markets, so people would fly ships.
  23. Not really, GTA is an old game in a completely different genre, Cyberpunk is a new, much hyped releasing an a similar genre to DU (although single player). I would agree that cyberpunk will hit the playerbase more than GTA.
  24. Some guy posts a positive thread, to which you post..... You then accuse me of being salty and bitter You couldnt make it up..........seriously my irony meter just broke. Think you need to lie down, losing a fellow exploiter, must be tough for you, dont worry, it will pass. For what it is worth I am still loving the game, not even had to look at the ToS though, it doesnt bother the players that dont look to cheat (sorry, push the bounderies)
  25. Just not sure what you are deeming 'clearly unacceptable' that is all, presuming you are referring the that little gobshite that got banned, personally I find that perfectly acceptable. Think you are confusing personal opinions, with matters of fact. All good though, I am presuming English is not your first language.
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