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1 minute ago, personality_matrix said:

So are the Teoma Traders / Hedronic Library among the people you aim to defend, in this case?

Is it currently under attack? I haven't heard of any problems on Teoma, but if there is I suggest you contact the OPA about it.  

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  • The inner planets have slower orbits, slower spin, no rings, and they are made of rock and metal.
  • The outer planets have faster orbits and spins, a composition of gases and liquids, numerous moons, and rings.
  • The outer planets are made of hydrogen and helium, so they are called gas giants.

sinnen and sicari are  in the mid to outer .

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3 minutes ago, Slaine said:

you don't have the firepower to lockdown talemai even if you wanted to. Sure, right now you can extort some randoms but all you got to do is shoot down the wrong guy and whatevr org you are is finished lmao.

I am that wrong guy...


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3 hours ago, JohnnyTazer said:



Regardless of what anyone has heard or thinks they have heard, Talemai falls under the jurisdiction of the OPA (Outer Planet Alliance).  The OPA has give authority to Waste Management to oversee the conditions on Talemai.  After some short review Waste Management has found that following violations to be, but not limited to:  Poor sanitation conditions for the miners, Terrible buy back programs, and Illegal Dumping of waste created by the use of Anti-Grav Generators.  The LOCKDOWN will persist for at least 1 week as Waste Management allows the independent group RockHoppas to take over all mining operations.  Additional Security has also been contracted out to Unexplained Atomics to deal with anyone who is not permitted to be at Talemai.  It is now a NO FLY ZONE for any unauthorized personnel. Any resistance or failure to follow these guidelines will be met with deadly force.  





 Waste Management Consultant 

Next time when you do RP, use correct terminology atleast. Its sovereignty not jurisdiction. 


What are you, some scotland yard that claiming jurisdiction?

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Effective immediately, all Talemai shares now belong to The Lord Lobster Inc. Group. Effective immediately, taxes and fees have been adjusted to reflect the following:

1) Sales Tax = 14.2 %
2) Ore Extraction per KL = 150 L to be dropped off at customs
3) Marriage Dowry = 25% quanta equivalent of dowry value

4) Breeding Tax = 10% incubator maintenance cost per breeding cycle

5) Deployment of Territory Unit = 10% cost of deployment

6) Territory Scanner = all scanners are now rented by the state at a rate of 1500 quanta per scan

7) Atmospheric Thrust = 30% of fuel cost per hour

8. Building Permit = 100 quanta per cubed meter

9) Promotion to Superlegate = 700,000 quanta


IMPERATIVES, to be executed at the earliest opportunity, immediately:


1) Destroy new emperor of Empire, the usurper must die a thousand deaths

2) Anderson, if seen, must be trapped in a borg cube and immediately brought to The Court of the Prophet

3) If Sybily is spotted, every Talemai resident and contractor must immediately give Sybily 2 small adjusters


IF ANYONE is seen violating fees or breaking THE IMPERATIVES, they will be stripped of their nanosuit, dragged across Talemai's snow desert, then spaced, their trajectory aimed at Sanc Moon. Furthermore , their children and the children of their children shall be shot on sight.


Praise the Lord Lobster
Peace be Upon Him, Shit Below Him

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5 minutes ago, PendingOP said:

kaku hes clearly trying to generate some pvp content what are u some sort of safezone carebare keyboard warrior 

This generate pvp content ? Lmao. Seems like you are the carebear.  If you wanted to know how to create pvp content then contact spicerub.


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6 minutes ago, kaku_sh said:

This generate pvp content ? Lmao. Seems like you are the carebear.  If you wanted to know how to create pvp content then contact spicerub.


and how should i reach this "Spice rub" guy? as i have never seen or heard about him before...


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8 hours ago, Hiturn said:

Effective immediately, all fuel burning in Talemai and its moons will cease.  Environmental Management has taken over after reports of multiple OSHA violations and violations of the UEU (United Enviromentalist Union).  Independent organization named StoneBed has been dispatched to Talemai to reapropiate all the fuel.  Only people with proper Fuel permits are allowed to and from Talemai and their fuel tanks will be checked for any contraband. 

For inquires about Environmental Permits please contact Hiturn with your reason and your fee ready.  Its 5mil per person, per week.  And 20mil for a whole organization.  Thank you for your continued cooperation as we take this time to sort out the mess on Talemai.  

- Hiturn
Environmental  Management Consultant 

Are you allowed to build new ships, but not use them?

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