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  1. The core is on top but the building area can go inside the market.
  2. Its probably bugged like so many other talents.
  3. In the last 4 days the market activity buy/sell has decreased considerably.
  4. Pay and obey my little terrorist friend. You are disrupting the peace with your insinuations.
  5. The goal of being a sandbox. All Steam Voxel /survival sandboxes started and ended the same way. Create the game ->Early Access->People build everything available->Hype for the possibilities->End of EA and lack of content->Go to the next voxel /survival/ sandbox game
  6. Effective immediately, all fuel burning in Talemai and its moons will cease. Environmental Management has taken over after reports of multiple OSHA violations and violations of the UEU (United Enviromentalist Union). Independent organization named StoneBed has been dispatched to Talemai to reapropiate all the fuel. Only people with proper Fuel permits are allowed to and from Talemai and their fuel tanks will be checked for any contraband. For inquires about Environmental Permits please contact Hiturn with your reason and your fee ready. Its 5mil per person, per week. And 20mil for a whole organization. Thank you for your continued cooperation as we take this time to sort out the mess on Talemai. - Hiturn Environmental Management Consultant
  7. They wanted a resource sink. Recycling eliminates the sink. However, it could work for high tier parts since most of the cost is ROI/build time.
  8. NQ-Blacksunhoy a las 22:01 @here Hey everyone! Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll need to reboot the server as we're currently experiencing some issues. Thank you for your support!
  9. Extremly hard =Someone minIng for days (maybe not you). If you want the game to be hard its easy to solve under your parameters. Dont use markets (just to buy schems )and delete 80% of what you mine . There you have it ,you are welcome , I won't bill you for the outstanding advise.
  10. the worst item in the game to sell right now its warp cells.Around 150 days days at current prices (10500) to get back the investment. T1 cuts are the lowest they have been .We all want to recover the investment which means 24/7 production which increases supply and tank prices.I bet people that werent selling in the market got their personal factories on and started selling as well to recover from the burden. T2 depend on the Item.
  11. "My market"is 4th (Thades 1) . I really didn't expect it. How do you extract the data? OCR? Awesome tool , hope you keep adding to it.
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