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  1. What you proposing is like stating in an RTS game that you cannot attack the other sides resource collection units. It makes no sense in terms of grand strategy which has to factor into any successful civilization building/simulation game. I'm going to stop replying at this point as i feel if you are unable to grasp this we'll not come to any sort of alignment.
  2. The Safezone is massive and you can do everything in it that is in game (apart from pvp), i never understand why people who don't want to PvP complain about the PvP zone and want them to remove it. It feels a lot like the boy who wants to take his ball home after not getting his own way.
  3. I think from a strategic stand point having a dynamic construct that is capable of fitting a Warp Beacon to it and allowing org members to warp to that vessel would really bring about some hugely interesting strategical developments in terms of how the fleet fights take place. Any such dynamic construct would need to have the following constraints imposed upon on it: Expensive, these should not be throw away commodities, but instead treasured assets that organisations bring to the field when the reward for doing so outweighs the risk associated with using one. Heavily penalized in terms of maneuverability and ability to escape. I think this is important in terms of making sure the strategic decision to use one, even if it is expensive, it is so easy to escape in this game currently that they would still be overused if they are able to easily escape Where my head goes to in terms of an example use case is organisations bringing such ships to an exotic asteroid, placing their stake in the ground while they harvest the resources. Knowing full well they can bring in reinforcements. That stake is double edged however, as if they have not done their homework or underestimate the potential risk (think several alliances and organisations secretly banding together to attack Legion while we mine asteroids) then it could lead to some truly epic confrontations.
  4. Horrible idea, and suggests you don't really appreciate the potential of DU in terms of a civilization building game. There's plenty of Safe zone to play the game in if you want to avoid conflict, but outside of that is where there is so much potential for CU in terms of civilization building and that really needs unrestricted conflict from a game mechanics perspective. Any restrictions need to be imposed by the players and policed by them. That is what part of building a civilization game is. If you want to see such laws in the game, build an in game organisation and alliance and impose it.
  5. For it to not take 40+ containers worth of ammo to core a well put together ship.
  6. The road-map looks like it is priotising the items that are in dire need of attention and looks to be achievable for the velocity that NQ has demonstrated so seems like something you can actually imaging them delivering. It feels realistic, and even if they promised twice as much on there, I would only ever have expected them to deliver half - so why just not bs us and just be open and if they over-deliver? Great. A good move on behalf of NQ as well would be to overlay the roadmap with the player surverys they recently undertook, and demonstrate if the results of that feedback align to their priotisiation to demonstrate they are listening to the playerbase.
  7. You're playing a game where we build virtual space ships out of virtual rocks mate, we are way past cringe.
  8. You cannot break open the packages or make any profitable gain from them, except for selling them back to the victi.. i mean original owner.
  9. May the skies of Feli burn and smolder with the voxel and carcasses of our victims.
  10. You do know the second option already exist right? There is next to no pvp content in the game right now, people go out of their way to stream on twitch to try and draw someone out to fight them. There is a huge blue bubble in which u can play this game in utter safety. I don't understand why people insist on extending it outside of that and imposing their preference on the rest of the player base, it is the same as if pvpers wanted the safezone removed entirely, just the positive/negative impact on the populations inverted. This whole "I don't want pvp forced upon me" bs, you don't have it forced upon you, it is completely optional. You just stay in this huge safezone and you are golden. I think the only legitimate concern might be those who want to explore in safety, so they want to go visit new solar systems and what have you. We'll have to see, but in my mind being an explorer means being in danger, personal opinion of course.
  11. NQ, look at all the content we could of had with this if you didn't have a warp's exiting inside a planets safe zone, you didn't need asteroids, you just need sensible mechanics :(
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