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  1. Thats one of the biggest issues, everyone has the "there is nothing to fight over" mind set, and i get that. There has got to be some way that puts the focus on all areas of the solar system. As of now, everyone is just like ill stay in the safe zone. Money is so easy to be made in this game, and people are so scared to lose things, when u literally can just go mine for a few hours and have money to replace anything u ever lose. The catering to the " im going to warp everywere i go" play style can only go on for so long. Only having one side of gameplay that people enjoy the game wont last long u got to be able to cover all basis. The smaller weapons are literally poinless atm which makes it hard for a small org/solo player to just go spend 10 mil on a xs/s core pvp ship and go mess around and have fun. I watch 3 small core pvp ships have a fun who cares if we die fight last night. After a hour and a half of fighting they had to stop fighting cause everyone ran out of ammo. Same as L cores the voxel health makes it impossible to ever "win" a fight ammo is always a issue. Nerf voxel health is a huge change that needs to happen. Everyone just plasters there pvp ships with gold and unless u have unlimited storage make a pvp fight even more pointless than it already is.
  2. imagine that all talk and now backing out cant backout of something ur not aloud in
  3. ur not just gonna sit in the safezone right and just post pics of a ship ur ''scanning'' im here lets go
  4. dude we being smartasses lol ur throwing someones name in the conversation lol
  5. oh ya capt seems thats what alot of people do than just keep em in the safezone than when u wanna chat crap just take pics of ur safezone museum ships and try and scare people with them
  6. who is spicerub again?????????????????????????
  7. kaku hes clearly trying to generate some pvp content what are u some sort of safezone carebare keyboard warrior
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