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  1. Mickey Mouse can't pay the energy bill at Epcot because of you lot. SMH
  2. The Disney Group's Rights In order to ensure Disney can continue providing quality entertainment that measures up to its previous standards and the expectations of its customers, the company protects its rights. In order to prevent their brand from becoming diluted, Disney wants to be notified of cases of infringement. Any possible infringements of Disney's rights can be reported via: Email: tips@disneyantipiracy.com Phone: 818-560-3300 (voicemail box) Mail: The Walt Disney Company Antipiracy Group, 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521-0644
  3. So people can just warp missions for cash? Seems like that skips the entire PVP game loop. Why would PVP folks even login right now? No PVP concessions made honestly. How will this create more non-warp traffic in space? I don't believe it will honestly. Also, why isn't there collateral both ways? The reward should be locked in too. Collateral for the one to accept it is a half answer...Picking up rewards at a players base is totally gameable as well. Start digging.
  4. MFW Daphne turns out to be a warrior after all ... a cyber warrior
  5. NQ should sell cash shop licenses to "sustainably" hunt and kill 1 L core dynamic construct in safezone for like 5$. See how/if that translates into cashflow.
  6. I heard there were OSHA violations in building some dudes castle on Alioth. You should look into that soon.
  7. So are the Teoma Traders / Hedronic Library among the people you aim to defend, in this case?
  8. give me a ride, i'll come as a war reporter
  9. Please be patient. They are trying RP and it's their first time.
  10. I like a twist in this wherein you can choose to warp "closer" to a planet (coming or going), but risk some kind of RNG element damage either blanket or random with no skills or anything able to mitigate it. Pure chance. "You are warping too close to a gravity well, your ship may be damaged or destroyed. Are you sure you want to do this?". For me that would be a cool non deterministic twist to add some spice to warping.
  11. What was your EVE CCP name? Just curious.
  12. Other questions: Will we ever get the ability to see the actual color of honeycomb before we buy/make it? Yes there are libraries of them, but will NQ specifically put out this ability? Can you explain if mining efficiency is working as intended and if Territory Scanner results vs actual mega node sizes are sometimes inaccurate by large %'s (1ML vs 4ML as an example)? Elevators are tagged as XS currently. Are there larger elevators coming? Do they have expanded purposes? Lots of players have made dynamic core Doors and Elevators. In general, does NQ pla
  13. Please ask this question: Will and when will we get recycling elements & honeycomb to base elements? Will there be a nerfed amount (not 100% of build input vs recycle output)? How will this play with damaged element mechanics on the way? Secondary questions: Are any changes coming that will interfere with currently built stacked L core space elevators? For instance, will stuff built > 1km atmo be limited to tile owner? Will stuff > 1km be vulnerable to attack without considering territory warfare when atmo pvp is turned on? Will there be an API released to let
  14. To me this says there is no risk to test flying a ship, flying a risky heavy load or even just going around the planet casually. The owner might endure time sinks to repair their ship, build a new one to fly to the crash, having to walk to it, etc.... and thats sort of content, I guess. Unfortunately, not being able to salvage a crashed ship is Anti-Emergent Gameplay. I strongly disagree with this. A salvager has to HOPE that someone gets so upset they abandon their crash or that its worth so little they dont care and abandon. The frequency of that happening is a tiny fraction of the frequency
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