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  1. any ETA? and make sure you bring your 5 and/or 0 mill for your permit
  2. warning received and is being dismissed as you are no threat to us or anyone else at this time
  3. I have been out PvPing every day this week... either camping planets flying in pipes, or escorting our haulers through a pipe... If spice rub or you for that matter was/is a true PvPer you or him/her would actually show up and fight not just be a keyboard warrior
  4. and how should i reach this "Spice rub" guy? as i have never seen or heard about him before...
  5. Hey Everyone IDK who has and has not seen this but I am a Recruiter for ATOM. If you have any questions or wish to join Message me on Discord@ #Rosee9401
  6. Truly truly i tell you once atmo and territory warfare comes and there is limited or no safezone besides the current blue circle then endgame will double and it will be fantastic and content will skyrocket. so NQ if you read this i am ready for this update all the mining i do is to prep for this but rn its stale. if people dont want to fight they wont. theres no reason to slow boat (warping is cheap) theres no reason to fight right now except to test your ship. Fighting or waiting for PvP or blockading should be a waste of time as nothing is earned. there is way too big a safe zone for people to hide in
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