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  1. methinks they are goma lose a helluva lot more in ship costs than they will ever bring in from permits, lolz
  2. For a lot of people currently playing and paying, Im sure the following three words will come to mind. Nail, Final and Coffin. You are going to severely kill off a LOT of your player base doing this. I hope you guys have banked enough cash from those subscriptions to carry you through, what will undoubtably be, some very lean times ahead. Yes, I realise this is a Beta, the question is, do those that are actually paying the monthly light bills realise it ? I wish ya'll the best and I really hope this does not kill the project.
  3. its one of those fixes I think that might just break more than it fixes. Suck it up an hope that they can get the server more stable is my humble opinion.
  4. I don think this game is ready for more advertising, let alone steam, lolz. It should never have come out into Beta in its current state and it in no way should be charging people a set price, let alone a sub, to join the game now. They would be better off, closing the doors, going back into Alpha, and coming back into Beta when it is far far more polished than it is currently. All they are doing now is alienating players from the very base that they will need later. Put it out on steam... pffft, I actually choked on a biscuit I was eating when I read that.
  5. er.. if your sending ships out into possible hostile space, without having already made a bp of them, well, I just dont know what to tell ya
  6. MadmanMac

    unit territory

    so, basically an auto mining unit, which I believe is already supposed to be added in a future update.
  7. You should also add to this one the ability to rename scans.
  8. Totally agree to this one. It is needed.
  9. If more than 10 peeps turn up, is anyone expecting anything other than another server failure ? Im laying my bets in that direction 😎 "The original idea was to do this while JC's live AMA was on, however it will likely be on a weekday, so it's been decided that a Sunday will allow for greater participation.The reason for this whole debacle is due to a rumoured update, that could come like a thief in the night at any time very soon and clip our wings due to a rumoured massive overhaul of DU's mechanics. So we shall pull everyone out for some fun and MASS PVP action while we can!" Nope, it was changed to avoid the chance of the server going 'tits up' live with JC in the foreground 🤣🍻😋
  10. hell, ouside of the game itself, I think one incredibly important aspect of DU community, which is woefully lacking and I think hemorrhaging customers in the hundreds, thousands, millions, (ok, I dont know a number, but its gona be more n a cpl) daily. The Support Ticket system. I have myself had now a ticket in Support, not one answer to it in three Months. I had one in the support previously, over a month trying to fix a problem in which they basically walked me through everything over and over that can be found after five minutes searching the forums and support pages, and which, I had already done. Ultimately, I managed to add-hoc a fix myself and even today, I am un-able to join the game without running through a vpn. Those people that have larger issues and paying for something they are un-able to login to though, do you really expect them to just pay for something they cant use whilst waiting for Support to one day get back to them ? The ticket support system is a running joke and all I have seen in the discord and various other support places is them sending more and more people into that hot mess. 1️⃣ Game needs to be fixed. 2️⃣ Support needs to be fixed. Every other thing being considered or talked about needs to be secondary to those two agendas or else you might very well find yourselves with a rapidly decreasing player base. On the one hand this would be great for the server as it would mean minimal amounts of strain and those remaining could play lag and issue free. However for the few that stay n end up playing the game with just some of the dev team, I dunno if Id want to continue logging into that 🤣 Go ahead, talk about all the issues you want to, it wont count to a tall hill o beans without fixing those two bad boys first, and quickly.
  11. This is so needed, my last visit to Alioth resulted in nearly 6 separate crashes into sky poles which are barely visible even when you are practically on top of them. Especially surrounding the markets. I can only assume that at least a portion of those are malicious in intent. This issue will only, (to use one of NQ's favourite words), escalate 🍻
  12. I simple QOL upgrade but I think being able to assign our own colours of choice to each ore on the scanner would, at least for me, make life so much easier whilst mining. Not a biggie and I know NQ has so many biggies on their plate right now, but well, thought Id slap a post down anyhow 😎
  13. and that would also allow incredibly huge industry complexes
  14. Confirmed as working and a great deal to boot. Do NOT leave the building however until you have taken all the items you ordered (and payed for) but its pretty quick. I was impressed at what went into this and doubly so that it works.. great job.
  15. That sounds exactly how my problem was running. Initially installed the game, logged in first time, char creation, on loading the game, network error and game shutdown, followed by nothing but Login Timeouts. I had a full char reset by an admin, then it just repeated the exact same thing. I was able to login twice, for about 3 minutes of gameplay, but ended up both times with a network error and game shutting down. All I can say is good luck, but bear in mind it might actually be something with your connection rather than a game side problem. I know, I know, I was in the same mindset. I play many other games, big games, online heavy games and yet I was still getting Login Timeouts. Its possibly a combination of problems on both their end and yours. I wish I could definitively say, "here, do this and it will work." I cant however, I can say, at least for me, the wait was worth it.
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