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  1. Confirmed as working and a great deal to boot. Do NOT leave the building however until you have taken all the items you ordered (and payed for) but its pretty quick. I was impressed at what went into this and doubly so that it works.. great job.
  2. That sounds exactly how my problem was running. Initially installed the game, logged in first time, char creation, on loading the game, network error and game shutdown, followed by nothing but Login Timeouts. I had a full char reset by an admin, then it just repeated the exact same thing. I was able to login twice, for about 3 minutes of gameplay, but ended up both times with a network error and game shutting down. All I can say is good luck, but bear in mind it might actually be something with your connection rather than a game side problem. I know, I know, I was in the same mindset. I play many other games, big games, online heavy games and yet I was still getting Login Timeouts. Its possibly a combination of problems on both their end and yours. I wish I could definitively say, "here, do this and it will work." I cant however, I can say, at least for me, the wait was worth it.
  3. Isn't the shard in essence, ALL his anyhows ? And us mere mortals are just renting lil spots on it 🤣
  4. Well, the following worked and continues to work for me, for you, I dunno. Worth a shot though 😎 However, since posting that I have found out the following; Don't allow the PPTP. Its an older protocol that can be vulnerable as it has many well known security issues.
  5. Just a suggestion, and I hope that it might be considered for addition into the game at some point. Containers and linking to industry. On the surface a pretty simple thing but once you start upscaling it can grow real complicated, real fast. (at least for my teeny tiny anyhows 😋) Though I guess going into a build with all the stuff needed and a solid plan is the best way to go at it, building a frame structure only, dumping down all the industry where you want, being able to clearly see where all the lines are going etc. But, if your new at it, or enlarging an industry in an already built structure, then you are going to have issues tracing those lines, not because you didn't name all your containers and industry (if you didn't then good luck sorting out that hot mess) but because more often than not you cant see where those links are going, a problem compounded more with multiple floors. Anyhow, to the suggestion....... In containers and industry, under the containers tab, wouldn't it great to be able to select Input / Output links via a dropdown searchable list of all the constructs linkable elements. Even better if we could see how many links are used/available on each one of those elements. And Even Better if we could also see to which elements they are currently (if any) linked to. Please, for the sake of my sanity and mental well being , make this happen 😁 Cheers in advance 🍻
  6. I gota say the this community as a whole is pretty good, and very helpful. More so in game tbh, but still mostly very helpful.
  7. After 30 days of Login Timeouts......... hmm, ok, something interesting happened today, I noticed I have a VPN with my norton, so i thought faf it, lets give it a pop. Turned it on and it wouldn't run. Troubleshooting its error from the link I found out I needed to have Ipsec allowed, logged into the router, bumbled around in the settings and yep, there it was, not enabled, sorted that and enabled something called PPTP also just for the hell of it. Tried logging into game and BAM, working. Turned off VPN, tried game, login timeout, turned it back on, working 😕 O course, VPN is now on and will stay on, lolz. This would be especially relevant to anyone in Israel using the HOT box Router (SAGECOM F@ST 3184) as the Ipsec and PPTP are disabled by default and you will have to go into the router settings from your browser to enable them. (of course, assuming you have the Login Timeout issue, if not then don't mess with those settings, Oiy Vey) I have no idea how effective this solution would be using other routers or other VPNs that are not Norton. One thing I didn't test, but will try later (too busy getting my actual first real look at DU atm) is disabling PPTP on the router and trying to connect to the game. I only enabled it cause it was there, it was disabled and I was in an enabling kinda mood. Good thing there was no Big Red Button there or I woulda smashed that too. Anyhow, if this post helps just one person stop getting the *^%&(%$^*$)*&*)&&($^*%#&' ing Login Timeouts then I will be a man made whole.
  8. I have it on good authority the above is the lone Dev tasked with dealing with the plethora of incoming support tickets. But rest assured, he is thanking you for your patience.
  9. There are no roofs in this game simply because by the time peeps get to that point in the build they are expelled from the server and unable to log back in 😎 It is a known issue the devs are working around the clock to fix the problem. The word "escalate" has been used to near extinction. If you have found yourself in this situation, please go immediately to the support page of DU website and start a ticket. From that point forward feel free to die of old age before getting an answer. But, as you pull in that final breath, spare a happy thought that your ticket, with almost 100% surety, has been escalated, that its currently in the hands of the fabled devs and that you are of course, thanked for your patience.
  10. Well, consider the following: 1️⃣ Two thirds the people wanting to join wont be able to due to Login Issues. 2️⃣ Half of what's left will disconnect due to Network Error at some point midway. 3️⃣ Half of what's left after that will be so lagged out they wont be able to fly a ship let alone dogfight. (I am assuming here that PVP might be on the table) 4️⃣ Half of what's left after ALL that will probably be in a woefully under designed ship and as such will go out of the race/fight real quick. 5️⃣ Some Bugger or group of Buggers will at some point drop in and grief the hell out of the festivities. So what you might end up with is you and two other guys flying around in circles after wasting a good bit of effort organising this whole thing. A nice thought though, but as the game stands right now you would have a better chance opening an Ice Skating Ring in the roasting halls of Hades than getting this well intentioned flight contest, ehem, off of the ground. A somewhat negative take on this you all might be thinking, and you are probably right, but as of running this game 20 days or so, Iv seen nothing yet to give me any indication of this not rolling out exactly how I just described. 🍻
  11. I am very surprised not to have seen something like that already posted in the media. A shame to see it happen though, but it might just set the fire in the right place to get shit moving.
  12. If you find this game complicated then whatever you do in life from this point forward, do NOT try "From the Depths". It will melt your brain.
  13. oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Iv never heard of one of those, but by all Ye Olde Norse Gods, I wants to get me one. ASAP
  14. well said Tiberius and I totally agree. 20 + days I have owned the game with only 4 minutes actual gameplay. A ticket that's open for just as long with gaps of up to 6 days in reply. (currently at 4 days) The amount of times I have actually filled out the refund request but not actually sent it in is crazy. We all want the game to work so very badly and its very difficult to watch it unfold as it is. I just started a topic regarding the #help-troubleshooting channel in discord, organising that hot mess could go a long way to at least making people feel like something is being done. However, as Tiberius_Theron says, server issues are the priority. If people cant get into a game, Beta or otherwise, that they have payed cash to get into, then they will leave, and not only will they leave, they will tell everyone they know NOT to join. A real shame since this game could be all that its advertised to be. I don't know why it was pushed out as Beta in this condition, but for whatever reason, now is the time to fix it, or, at the very least, STOP charging new people money to join, sling it back into closed Beta and then FIX it.
  15. In these troubled days, there appears to be so many problems occurring that the discords #help-troubleshooting channel is quite literally a mess. Everyone's problems and issues getting dropped all up and together in a huge steaming pile. NQ staff have a hard enough time of it I am sure and they have my respect for trying to keep up with the chat, but to most people it simply looks like nothing is happening since replies are often very far from the questions posted, if answered at all. I would like to make the suggestion of splitting up #help-troubleshooting into four separate channels: 1️⃣ Teleportation Requests. 2️⃣ In Game Problems. 3️⃣ Login / Account Problems. 4️⃣ All of my Problems. 🍻 I realise that ultimately this probably would not speed up the process much more than its running at now, but it would look a LOT more organised and just a whole lot less messy. Ok, 4 is not strictly speaking necessary, but I thought I might try and slip it in on the offchance.
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