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    Vulcore got a reaction from Geo in Animated Neon GIFs for Orgs & Ships, Signs & Screens   
    @Geo I would would love a gold peace sign for ships and constructs similar to what you did for profit falcon above. I would make sure to hook you up with rare ore when game starts.
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    Vulcore got a reaction from Borb_1 in I must be the oldest gamer in DU! Reply with your age and I'll let you know if you are older.   
    Remember when they used sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup  
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    Vulcore reacted to blazemonger in Packs?   
    It can be but it's a very complicated process tbh. I found it more convenient to just let someone buy a pack and then give them the money for it.
    I would like to see a possibility to gift a pack more easily.. I have a few ppl I'd consider buying one for Xmas..
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    Vulcore reacted to geronimo553 in Star Citizen   
    Given how the decent ships cost hundreds and up to thousands of real world money and how the game has progressed little from what was originally promised back in 2011. Star Citizen just seems like a glorified cash grab that continues to dangle the carrot in front of people with small new features to keep them interested or draw in more people. I get why some people are so hopeful for SC and that is because they have sank incredible amounts of personal money into it.  The game has profited hundreds of millions from people and it still provides so little in return. But hey, as soon as you give them that next $100 the game will be better. Then the next $100 will actually get the game done and it remains a never ending loop of just a little more. I hope people enjoy paying for those expensive cars and housing the creators of SC now have. Because surely those items will make the game better, and hey just a little more help in donations will get the game done, they promise. ?
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    Vulcore reacted to yamamushi in Two-Factor Dual Universe Account Logins   
    I think that it would be prudent to enable 2FA across our Dual Universe profiles. Our game, forum and community site profiles are all one single sign-on, and considering the NDA under effect, I think it would be very useful to allow for 2FA for those of us who want it. 
    We don't get notifications for when we login to our accounts from new locations, so there's not really an easy way for us to tell if someone has our creds and logs into our accounts. 
    Please give us 2FA on the websites at least
    Invision Community even supports it as of January 2017 - https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/new-two-factor-authentication-r995/ 
    To clarify: This isn't about forcing people to use 2FA, this is about enabling it so that those of us who want to can use it for extra security on our accounts. It's 2018 and the realities of security on the internet these days necessitate that we have the option. 
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    Vulcore reacted to yamamushi in Gifting Backer Packages   
    I understand that during the post-Kickstarter phase when Founders packs were available, it was generally discouraged to be gifting backer packages, however now that we have Supporter packs it would be really cool to have a built-in feature to allow us to gift pledges to others.
    I don't want to go into explaining how I've been able to gift pledges to others, suffice to say that it does not involve sharing passwords. However it's not really a straightforward way, and it's somewhat risky to be doing I'll admit. I did ask NQ whether or not what I was doing was allowed, and they did say that it was. So I know I'm not breaking any rules by doing it.
    So I suppose I will consider this thread as a request for us to have the native ability to gift pledges directly from the pledge page.
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    Vulcore reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Gifting Backer Packages   
    Hi Yamamushi,
    Yes the "gift a pack" feature is planned.
    However, it won't be before several months (probably not before Alpha 2, at the earliest): there is a significant development time to allocate for such feature and it's not - unfortunately - in the top priorities right now.
    Best Regards,
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    Vulcore got a reaction from Ardes in Location Sheild   
    To quote Teal'c    from Stargate SG-1 "Indeed" 
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    Vulcore reacted to Griphass in Dual Univers RocketDock Icon   
    I made us some Duals Univers icons for the Rocket Dock program. Help yourself and enjoy!
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    Vulcore got a reaction from Uberraschend in Nice to be here   
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    Vulcore reacted to Mucus in Light Trails for Mining   
    Basically its a trail that can be left behind you so you can find your way back. either a light , flare breadcrumb or a coloured trail ,luminous floor. Would help when mining in the same material as often you cannot workout where you are as everything looks the same.  Perhaps a device that maps the tunnels for you.
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    Vulcore reacted to Tordan in Last Post Wins   
    and here I thought it might die this time.
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    Vulcore reacted to Lime in Dual Insider - News, Interviews, and more!   
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    Vulcore reacted to Sophia ❤ Foxy in [DevBlog Feedback] Our thoughts on Territory Protection Mechanics   
    Wait until someone claim all 6 hex around your city and no one in your city can get out
    And wait until an org camps your base all day long, kill you again and again everytime they see you until you quit
    And wait until an org camps the starter planet and kills everyone that tries to get out
    Wait until an org finds your temporary resurrection node in a pvp zone, kills everything except that and force you to repeatably spawn and gets killed
    the list goes on...
    People need to realize that without a rule, a game fails quickly and soon you will have to find your own friends to kill because no one's left to play with you.
    People who calls those anti-griefing system "nanny system", are the ones who wants grief everyone, but cries so hard like a baby when they get griefed, or if they have to do any kind of pve grinding to get to a state when they can properly pvp, I usually call them the "pvp kids"
    If you are those teabaggers who called the enemy "noobs, ggez" after a matchup then I don't have anything to say. This is DU , some are here to play, have fun and enjoy the game, and some are just here to commit crimes they can't do in real life and they are the first I will block if such feature is implemented
    If you want to cause chaos, sure, you can certainly do that! The "Nanny System" isn't going to stop you from doing that, but you won't 100% get away with every destruction you do, like hit and run
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    Vulcore reacted to blazemonger in [DevBlog Feedback] Our thoughts on Territory Protection Mechanics   
    The big issue here is that there is no such thing as PVE in DU, at least not in the 'traditional' sense. While JC has said there will be NPCs active and there may be a story driven part in the game, we all fend for ourselves and there really is no uncapturable constructs. Spais can infiltrate your org and steal your stuff from safe zones just fine.
    That said, those who seek PVP/consistent conflict and/or will be out to try and destroy anything not theirs should not be surprised that some will be smart enough to find ways to make this extremely hard. If that happens what should not happen is NQ intervening by nerfing mechanics/options to favour those seeking to do harm just for the sake of it. We've already seen 'complaints' on certain tactics as being too hard to get through for pewpew. Those voicing these complaints need to HTFU and be smarter.
    Those of us seeking a neutral position and make every effort to avoid violence and conflict unless provoked or there no other way out of a situation will need to adjust to the different way DU will work and that is fine, in fact it is a challenge I will be happy to accept.
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    Vulcore reacted to CoreVamore in To not see a particular material in build mode   
    Situation: Lets assume you have an element that is hidden away behind a carbon fibre wall, but you want to move that element up a little.
    If the game, while in build mode, could allow you to hide/not view items made of a particular material, would allow the element to be moved, then simply viewing that material again would cover the element as before.
    This would save either deleting wall sections, or moving them around.
    Food for thought
    Core Design
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    Vulcore reacted to bramse in A new era begins   
    if anything my entrance to the new world wont be in a freighter  
    itl prolly be something like this!
    The burning wreckage of the ancient battlecruiser "Carnage" still able to fly breaking into the athmosphere even after several large hullbreaches with only 20% engine capacity left, he managed to break free with the last remaining functional turret from the ambush.
    Ambushed only because he was transporting a royal princess  Alyana whom rewarded the pilot Bramse for saving her life by marrying him, thus began the new era of royal buttkissing and treachery on the highest lvl, worrying each day who would be waiting behind the next curtain only to stab him in the back and claim his riches! wars will be started, wars will be ended by the firing of large guns making a thunderstorm look like a gentle rain in comparizon, no one really knows how it all started, but they will know and remember how it ended
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    Vulcore got a reaction from Kuritho in Location Sheild   
    To quote Teal'c    from Stargate SG-1 "Indeed" 
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    Vulcore got a reaction from Mucus in Personal Anti grav/Hover Board Element   
    Maybe a jetpack also  
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    Vulcore got a reaction from CMDR OmegaMode in Authorization for Discord   
    Welcome . when in Discord type:
    ~formoranth help 
    This will give you instructions required. 
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    Vulcore reacted to Eternal in Hostile Zones - Remove Username and player position information from Minimap   
    Hide Username and player position information from Minimap on Hostile zones. These information should not exist because of PVP. Make these information available only on Safe zones for the sake of convenience.
    Here is a scenario that I was thinking;
    This game can potentially have guerilla warfare. You can build a reconnaissance vehicle, paste Soil or Forest Soil mineable materials on the Voxel Airframe Skin of your Dynamic Construct Vehicle so it can stay camouflaged from afar. Also, the Armor that you will wear must blend with the environment to provide camouflage to your Avatar. On an Arctic environment, you will use white Voxels on your constructs and paste Snow mineable materials on exposed surface. You will use the Gun-Elements in this game as stationary howitzer battery in which a flying vehicle can easily spot making it vulnerable to airstrike - you will roof it with voxels and you will paste Soil / Forest Soil mineable materials on the roofing to camo it from aerial view. .
    The things that happened in Vietnam war will also happen to this game. People will create underground tunnels in this game for strategy and survival. War will be strategic taking advantage of the environment if you don't have sophistication in technology, equipment/resources, manpower, and firepower to go to war on direct confrontation.
    These will not be possible if you will continue to display Username information and player position information from Minimap which give away player position - I suggest we remove their display on Hostile zones and show only the avatar, in which you have to visually spot and then shoot.

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    Vulcore reacted to CoreVamore in Product URL   
    As multiple product desigms hit the markets with diverse characteristics there may not be enough info built into DU to describe a particular product.
    With this in mind I propose a url field that will enable the seller/designer to link to a website/youtube video that describes the product in more detail. (Or to allow embedding of youtube vids into product the description panel)
    As I'm not in the pre alpha i dont' know if this is a valid idea or not... but here it is anyway 
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    Vulcore got a reaction from Castanietzsche in Here comes a new challenger !   
    DU is giving us some excellent tools to create and build with. Guaranteed that players will build some awesome unique constructs I sure others will not be allowed to destroy these creations. 
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    Vulcore reacted to Lime in Dual Insider - News, Interviews, and more!   
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    Vulcore got a reaction from Sky Asa in Survival Mechanics   
    I personally do not want to have the distraction of having to acquire things like food, Oxygen or water. I hope to just be able to explore and build without such inconveniences. 
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