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  1. Vulcore

    Star Citizen

    You would have to ask them But SC has so many many organizations over 1 million backers. It will be interesting to see how well there system holds up under the stress of so many players.
  2. Vulcore

    Star Citizen

    Yeah even with server meshing each server/instance only capable of 50-100 players all meshed into one server(this is the plan as i understand it). Sc's 3 largest orgs total over 40,000 members The biggest org >>Test Squadron<< has 17,000 members.Imagine, if they held an event or wanted have there own base anything that would bring them all together even if only 30% where on at any one time that's 5000 people in one place. Now inevitably org's are going to make alliances they will sooner or later fight there could be 100,000 or people all fighting in one place if it works that would be something to see I hope it does.
  3. Vulcore

    Star Citizen

    Are you saying that CR stated that it will not be and open world MMO. If so how many will be in each instance? I am unaware of CR making such a statement.
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    Hello all

    Welcome to the ultimate space game all other where just training for DU
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    Light Trails for Mining

    All I would request is the ability to see my coordinates as i go and bookmark my exact position as needed.
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    Welcome !
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    Welcome to DU!!!