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  1. Vulcore

    Smoke and Flares

    You rock in I will smoke out
  2. Most of the time I would prefer to not have my in handle displayed above my head. It would be nice to be able to toggle this myself.
  3. Vulcore

    Product URL

    I think this is a great idea. Perhaps when mouse over, a small window would appear with stats of the product and a URL more detailed info and lore.
  4. Vulcore

    Introducing Basox70

    Go to discord and type in ~formorath help , if that is wrong ask in discord .
  5. Vulcore

    My Intro

  6. Vulcore


    Welcome !
  7. Vulcore

    Hello everyone

  8. Vulcore

    Introducing myself

  9. Vulcore


    Or put an easily damaged outer layer on ship so when this layer is destroyed it exposes some kind of defiant sign
  10. Vulcore

    Here comes a new challenger !

    DU is giving us some excellent tools to create and build with. Guaranteed that players will build some awesome unique constructs I sure others will not be allowed to destroy these creations.
  11. Vulcore

    Dropping in

    Welcome !
  12. Vulcore

    It's time to start

    Welcome !
  13. Think he meant: like the guy that chooses to start manufacturing CD's compared to the guy that manufactured floppy disc or VCR tapes.
  14. Vulcore

    *Incoming transmission*

    Ok I guess Space Cat qualifies as not robot Welcome !
  15. Most excellent machine!!!!