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  1. Ardes

    My take on Trains

    Well doesnt matter how we call it ^^ its in the end some kind of public transport.
  2. Ardes

    Light Trails for Mining

    Well, for this and other purposes i would like also to suggest: Flares that illuminate an area for a limited time.
  3. Ardes


    Yes - i do like your suggestions. For me these are key elements. Generally for exploring, adventure and depth there should be different stuf from planets to shipwrecks or even ancient relics. As well as those ressources that are hard to aquire in good quantities will create a interesting marketplace and jobs for players that are harvesting those. And as you might have seen on the dev/sugesstion page - gas giants are allready in planning. greetings x3
  4. Ardes

    Sending greetings

    to everyone. After severall games and 3d work ... this game finally does hopefully combine all i really like so yeah ... really interested in this. Thank you and Have fun.