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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for you code. Do you it's possible to manage 5 Doors? Cheers
  2. discordauth:KBGeHPJHF6MhPiCuik-ihOFlmGMHzbu5KGjpNifm1jA=

  3. discordauth:KBGeHPJHF6MhPiCuik-ihOFlmGMHzbu5KGjpNifm1jA=

  4. discordauth:KBGeHPJHF6MhPiCuik-ihOFlmGMHzbu5KGjpNifm1jA=

  5. ok but what about manufactured item like engine, glass, tank?
  6. Hi, Should be great if we can make construction part not associed with a core unit as a blueprint to be added to an other construction. For exemple: We start a new construction static or not and we are able to add part from a blueprint part. This way we can make easy ta add a lot of same contrustion. Like room full equiped in a big Building. We just add complete floor upon each other Thanks
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