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    Hello, I find it unfortunate that ultimately the game is only based on money. I would have preferred to see a search and loot system to get the schematics via the produced elements themselves and improve them afterwards. In the end, only large corporations will be able to evolve ... The goons will arrive and they will be the masters until the death of the game like Eve ...
  2. Hi, Thanks a lot for you code. Do you it's possible to manage 5 Doors? Cheers
  3. discordauth:KBGeHPJHF6MhPiCuik-ihOFlmGMHzbu5KGjpNifm1jA=

  4. discordauth:KBGeHPJHF6MhPiCuik-ihOFlmGMHzbu5KGjpNifm1jA=

  5. discordauth:KBGeHPJHF6MhPiCuik-ihOFlmGMHzbu5KGjpNifm1jA=

  6. ok but what about manufactured item like engine, glass, tank?
  7. Hi, Should be great if we can make construction part not associed with a core unit as a blueprint to be added to an other construction. For exemple: We start a new construction static or not and we are able to add part from a blueprint part. This way we can make easy ta add a lot of same contrustion. Like room full equiped in a big Building. We just add complete floor upon each other Thanks
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