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  1. They have helped me several time as the super legate of Chem Dogs. I have had leadership leave and being unable to demote is a big issue. I hope your ticket gets checked out. They used to get tickets done pretty quickly, I haven't been that active recently though. I used to post every couple hours on the support section in the discord and they always said they can't escalate but it would get solved much more quickly if I kept badgering them.
  2. That was my thoughts as well. In the beginning I had a large thriving community and now only a few check in every once in awhile. Hopeful for the future though.
  3. Ah worlds adrift man I loved that game. It could have been truly great. When my buddy and I started Dual Universe we said to each other this is kind of like the feeling of awesome potential Worlds Adrift had. Down the line we are now saying to each other I hope this doesn't end up like worlds adrift did. Because not listening to the community is not the step to go. My small organization miners myself included were not happy with the Q&A we do not want linking gone etc. Mining vehicles would be awesome, something needs to be done to make mining more enjoyable not just locate a n
  4. I used to play elite a lot but the grind for everything got too much. It got to a point where I wasn't having fun I was just grinding just to grind because of the way the mechanics are set up. I bring this up because I fear DU is going the route of tedium. I understand trying to balance things and I will still test this patch and future patches however I do not think the current direction is where the majority of the player base wants it to go. I have ten percent of my organization left playing. Out of that 10 percent left 90 percent are in complete disagreement with this upcoming
  5. I am also highly curious about the answer to this because there are several abandoned ships near our territories on Alioth and no one has been on them in months. Atleast you can manuever ships on your territory away from building projects.
  6. After the whole link container issue and the history of updates breaking things when they try to tweak something you may be right.
  7. I do a lot of mining and so do a lot of people that I play with regularly. While scanning Hexs a lot of us experience being disconnected multiple times throughout the day while our scanners are just finishing or nearing 100 percent done. This causes us to have to restart the scanners and waste the 15 minutes we waited in the first place. I wish that there was a system where if you get disconnected or are logged off for less than three minutes after a scanner is finished and log back in within those three minutes your scan results are still there and don't disappear. Until the serv
  8. I would love to see some form of renewable resources implemented. Its an mmo no reason to have finite resources. I am not satisfied with wrecks in the game currently as I feel they are too sparse and do not reward well enough to warrant looking for them. I think the damage feature upcoming is not what people want the focus to be on. Half of my organization has quit until meaningful content updates and those that quit when reading about the new update in December maneuver tool and damage they were pretty upset that is where the focus was on. I have not hea
  9. I have seen them doing quite a bit of advertising on facebook and other places. I think they are starting to branch out with advertising. However I do not think this game is ready for a steam launch I would rather them wait than have the game get review bombed. This game while I love it at the moment is niche until more completed polish and features. Not everyone likes dealing with early access alpha/beta games and what comes along with it.
  10. I don't think it is local client based as I've had a whole big group of people come from all over and try to find a few of them and we've collectively wasted probably over ten hours on these ghost nodes. It always happens after we mine one super node worth 1000kl or so and then we go look for the other 2000kl in the hex and can never find any.
  11. I have tested this with my organization Chem Dogs on several hexs throughout the system, Alioth and Talemai and Talemai moon 1 and 2 mainly. We scan a hex get 2 million bauxite for example and we mine out one super node worth 750kl-1000kl and there should be 1000kl left in another node and we cannot ever find the other nodes because the scanner leads us back to the mined out super node or leads us to an area where the detector doesn't pick anything up and there is nothing there. It is extremely frustrating. We are sitting on many scans with millions of ore left in the Hexs and cannot find the
  12. With shipwrecks being so rare currently I think they should give a large reward upon finding them. I have yet to come across one personally. But I have no motivation to look for wrecks if I can mine and make a huge profit and supply my organization with everything we need to thrive. I feel like at this point if I went looking for shipwrecks I wouldn't be contributing to the organization and not being a helpful member as where other gameplay loops the contribution is easily seen. I would like them to add more shipwrecks and maybe some kind of abandoned precursor civilization outposts just more
  13. It does state that as the user above posted, the dates for tests are posted and you will have access if you bought the game to the next test in a few days and the beta comes out soon. Always read the fine print on everything before buying.
  14. I would love this addition for the ability to pretty up areas.
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