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  1. It does state that as the user above posted, the dates for tests are posted and you will have access if you bought the game to the next test in a few days and the beta comes out soon. Always read the fine print on everything before buying.
  2. I would love this addition for the ability to pretty up areas.
  3. I think the protections in place will protect you greatly. I am sure that if you are peaceful in nature and want to do only building and no combat there are options for you. However limiting pvp to arenas would also cut down on tons of people who like to do PVP or just play to do PVP. The STU and GTU mechanics talked about offer tons of building options in safe areas. Space stations are the only real thing that my organization discussed that almost wouldn't be worth building without having sentries on guard at all times. Since space is open pvp. I am interested in other people thoughts on this.
  4. I would start now. I've already started and am enjoying it. You save more if you start now, its a no brainier if you are planning to play long term. Not to mention all the other goodies that come with the pack.
  5. I don't personally play with controller but I know a ton of people in my organization strictly like to play games with controllers. Even Star citizen for example lol. I hope controller support is on the pipeline.
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    Have you tried looking up to the top right?
  7. There are ways of playing DU on the same PC. You just have to have knowledge on how to do it. I personally don't run alts ever just because its too much for me and I don't like doing it. However I know people could use virtual boxing and VPN's within the box. I've had it explained to me how they could bypass the systems in place easily. I wonder if in the future if someone was found out to being doing that would it be a strike against their account or would it just become something accepted. If someone can multibox in star citizen then they got to have a awesome PC or multiple though for SC and CS I don't see a reason why you would want to multibox at all. In DU I could see it being useful for people that don't play in groups. Personally though I don't think its going to be a big issue.
  8. I have to agree with you. Eventually setting up key defensive locations within a base will be needed. It adds more levels of creativity and in my experience in PVP games is that if you make yourself a hard target with good defenses you're less likely to be attacked. A lot of PVP players look for soft targets that don't have defenses. Its not viable for someone to attack a hard target lose half their attacking force in the effort to only get an unknown amount of loot.
  9. I think you could also blueprint it and pick all the material up off the construct, then say you could go to another planet and put that blue print down with all the material from your inventory from your construct blueprint.
  10. I think you change your name on the edit profile on the website. My profile name on the website was my character name in game. While it did show my email when I was joining once in game it was my profile name from the website.
  11. A giant sun engine would be an interesting project. Like a dyson sphere? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_sphere#:~:text=A Dyson sphere is a,percentage of its power output. I'm not sure about your other questions. A Dyson Sphere truly would take a huge amount of players to pull off what a sight it would be though.
  12. You gained a subscriber from me. I enjoyed your video. Thank you for the walk through.
  13. I was also wondering this myself, as it would open the doors to multiple unique ship builds. One I can think of off the top of my head is a large ship that is made completely of modular smaller ships that can use the core of the main vessel as a transport then in combat can separate from each other. Great question and I hope someone on here can answer it.
  14. While completely possible it would limit you in a lot of gameplay aspects on things that you could do. If you are worried about PVP I would suggest trying to find an organization that internally protects their members why they are mining and doing other activities. You could for sure do surface mining but as stated above that would take quite a while. This is an mmo though don't be scared to branch out try new things and develop connections within the community.
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