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  1. Welcome to dual universe, if you have any questions about the game don't hesitate to ask them
  2. Sounds interesting, I particular like the idea of using automated drones to do it. If there are solar panels in game this structure would definitely produce incredible amounts of energy, and we could turn the surrounding sphere into a city without needing to worry about power. One issue would be the huge amount of resources needed to create this. If we wanted to mine an entire planet we would still need to store the resources somewhere, so would likely need to construct a space station in the Sun's orbit to store this, and have automated ships transport the resources there. Interesting idea I'd happily help you guys work on this project ingame, though we'd need to get help from a lot more people
  3. A small but growing organisation, Robotics Industries was created as an organisation where individuals could work on designing and creating robots to perform many different tasks within Dual Universe, from droids able to locate and extract resources, to autonomous fighters and deadly drones to defend our and our client's territory. To allow our members to focus on their projects, Robotics Industries focuses on providing a relaxed and communal space within our territory, where communication and teamwork is encouraged, and our members can get the resources needed for them to pursue their projects. However, there are also other areas that our members can work in if engineering isn't your thing. From the security sector focusing on protecting Robotic Industries and our allies using the advanced technology, to the Commercial Sector where members can work on trading and business, there's a role for everyone here in Robotic Industries. If your interested in joining an organisation focused on a specific goal of creating awesome robots and autonomous systems, then Robotic Industries is for you. Regardless of your affiliation to other organizations, anyone is welcome to join Robotic Industries. Organisation Dual Universe Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/robotic-industries Talk with us at https://discord.gg/GFS3cTG
  4. Welcome to Dual Universe, if you have any questions about the game don't hesitate to ask.
  5. Yesterday Robotic Industries signed our first contract with Tranquillity, an organisation focused on creating a moving space station operating as a safe haven. Check out the full contract on our organisation page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/robotic-industries

  6. Good morning, and welcome to Dual Universe. As a fellow patron I look forward to seeing you in game!
  7. Does it though? I agree with what your saying that it will make the game easier for smaller groups using them, but it would also allow larger orgs to expand more. Secondly the main problem with mining robots is that they would be able to gather huge amounts of resources 24/7, whereas any automated ship will be weaker than player ships ("Weapons, when scripted, will be extremely inefficient or underpowered compared to unscripted weapons used by players (for example by limiting number of actions per second achieved by the script). This is to make the game more balanced" Dual Universe Wiki on LAU scripting). But it would allow smaller organisations who don't have members of larger organisations to defend their territory 24/7 to have some protection from pirate raids. In addition while they would be able to build structures quicker with construction bots, they would still need the resources to do so, hence they would not be able to build the same structures as larger organisations. In my previous comment I probably should've specified this, as while these wouldn't make smaller organisations equal to larger organisations, they could still compete in the sense of being able to complete projects like building a space station at least near to the speed in which larger organisations can. Lastly, life of a larger organisation will not be made worse by additions of battlebot, construction bot, etc. Considering the large amount of resources they have to deal with, these would be very useful as battlebot's could be used as fighters like vulture droids, transport bots would help these larger organisations manage and transport their enormous quantities of resources a lot easier, and construction bots would allow them to complete huge projects a lot easier. In summary I probably shouldn't have said that small organisations will be able to compete with larger organisations, just that it would certainly benefit smaller organisations a lot.
  8. Personally I am for automation and robots. Firstly this would certainly be one way for smaller organisations to compete with the larger organisations with huge amounts of resources and territory. Secondly in terms of balance while only proficient coders would be able to create these robots, this would take up a significant portion of time so I personally think it's only fair that they would be able to profit from their skills. Lastly, this adds to the immersion as you get a better sense of sci fi if say your walking round a station and see some patrol drones going up and down the corridors or customer support drones helping people to navigate through the station. That's just my personal opinion though, and I can certainly see why people might worry that this would be too op in game, and give the people building these robots too much power. On a side note I'm pretty sure that it was stated that only people can mine, so that's less of an issue.
  9. Cheers, looking forward to playing ingame with you. May I ask what aspect of Dual Universe interests you the most?
  10. Huh weird, at Robotic Industries we are actually searching for a talking dogs to join our organisation, if you were one you would be welcome to join our organisation as we're trying to improve diversity within our organisation Btw welcome to Dual Universe and I hope to meet you ingame one day! Cookie
  11. Hello there Mr Cain, thanks for the charming welcome I would love to create a robotic cookie facility for you guys! I think our two organisations have the potential to help each other greatly.
  12. discordauth:U4P5-fZBQfA5U0SJ_2bw715u6tWrwe0rbJTI6mfefTA=

  13. hey everyone, my name is Cookie and I'm in charge of the organisation known as Robotic Industries, which focused on designing and creating robots to be used in DU. If anyone is interested in joining a professional (ish) and well structured corporation in DU, then look no further then Robotic Industries. Look forward to chatting with you guys
  14. discordauth:U4P5-fZBQfA5U0SJ_2bw715u6tWrwe0rbJTI6mfefTA=



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