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  1. I would say the same, but my current standing is that I feel very lost with the changes and sadly, F1 doesn't help me as advertised on the Loading Screen. I like the idea of Schematics, but the price cost and gating behind talents is a bit too much to stomach at this point on top of the 'ghost' node fix. Which given I've seen a whole meganode turned into dirt, I do not believe it was just limited to Ghost ore. Waiting for JC's Live chat tonight to see if anything will change.
  2. A friend can't seem to access and replace the schematics on Private land with full RDMS set for them. I'm not sure about orgs, but seems a bit silly that if they've overlooked this bit. Hopefully it'll be rectified/cleared.
  3. Main question(s) for me really given the new announcement; 1. With the new change for schematics coming in, will be see any additional API functions/events added to the Industry Units? if so are there any details that can be given on this in the meantime. 2. Is the 'schematic bank container' actually embedded into each industrial unit or is this a new element to be placed? Does this mean that we can't have a central schematic hold and it will require even further micromanagement to maintain any industry. 3. Following on from the 'schematic bank container' and 1. will there be additional API to read from these i.e. check what schematics are in there and what is currently selected? Additionally would there be any planned functionality to be able to get the contents of a container? 4. Currently you can obtain element information from a control unit such as the ID, but require a core to get any further information are there any plans to allow for some functionality from the core to be carried over? I.e. Getting the name of a connected element using the ID or the position. Whilst I understand the core controls these elements, if you have an element connected in via a plug to the Control Unit, this to me seems like it has the connection to the element to already pull some information, without needing an additional connection to the core to carry out this task. Given that the slots are limited per core, it would be good if some basics could be carried over similar to the Element API. 5. Do you have any plans for expand the usage of the Territory Scanner via LUA? It would be handy if we could read results directly from a Scanner and have that data to be reviewed later. Whilst this may go above the scope of what the initial design was for, it would be a great addition to allow for data collection. 6. Web hooks - any thoughts for the future?
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