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  1. It would be nice if we could get a "Replace and Recycle " option for elements that are still on ships
  2. I have had it do that on one of my ISPs. Can you try another ISP?
  3. So this "improvement " had a higher priority than the ore bot "bug"? Ok.....
  4. I got mine yesterday. I submitted a ticket as soon as I realized it was missing on September 27. They may be manually handling the issue for each account.
  5. I still want mine also, for the same reasons. I was standing on a free tile within container range of a shuttle, at server start, then I realized my STU was missing. Now all of the premium tiles are claimed.
  6. Drag a ship across the build area and see where it hangs up? Maybe that will work.
  7. The best way I have found is to use the flattening tool with the smallest circle, and then use the smooth tool over that.
  8. If you can't find anyone with a container to help you could put all non data items in your nano pack in a container and force respawn. If you force respawn, all non data items get deleted from your nano pack. To force respawn, hit esc, and select force respawn. Make sure you have activated your resurrection node first.
  9. Yes, you are correct. IMO, I think the status message under the red bar should read: "There is not enough remaining space in your active storage to retrieve your crafted products."
  10. I was on Sanctuary 10 minutes after the server opened, and the realized I didnt have my STU.. Sanctuary is where I was planning to build my main base. As for why, less lag, 7 SU to Alioth, 2 SU to moon 4..
  11. Will NQ display the entries somewhere, so that we can see them all?
  12. Thank you for these contests/event. I would like to see these type of events post launch.
  13. " The talent point and quanta awards will be given on the final day of each month for the first six months of release. Again, you’ll need an active subscription to receive them. " So, does that mean we will get the first awards on September 30?
  14. Since we now have a confirmation of a wipe at launch, how about a contest for new UEF ships. Give us some parameters, and let us submit our creations.
  15. I get the impression that they would refund the schematics that we purchased from the market, not what we actually own, like they did before. I really hope that "very soon" is not this week.
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