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  1. the problem is we free beta key folks really get nothing for testing for 2 years.......that is the elephant in the room.Will we sub up,after becoming an afterthought? As it stands right now, i was going to have several accounts. i think telling us to sub up for 13 months to get a so so reward....is insulting.i couldn't sub back when it would have helped,thats on NQ.i won't sub at all now
  2. an easy fix would be make all tier 1 free of schematics like the refiners are now.......it lessens the schematic load quite a bit
  3. has nothing to do with being able to pay .......there arent any that i need on the market....obviously comprehension is an issue for ju
  4. GREAT NOW MACHINES ARE EATING SCHEMATICS AND GIVING NOTHING......and they wonder why we are leaving in droves devs........ill not bother playing till you can fix this its simply a waist of my time and ingame funds.... i have bugged this
  5. sorry no there ARE NONE OF THE SCHEMS THAT ID PAY FOR.this isnt a large affair i make 8 of the same item tier 3 and end copy is over ten hours long.........................they've obviously patterned after eve alot,except they cant seem to get eve had alot more content,and the ability to pay for expanding things on the manufacturing side.im not even talking about the desyncs increasing as well and machines going offline,or the crash's while in build.we could also discuss how moving things in build fails 1 out 5-6 times because the shit dbase they have?more i think about it....more i dont even want to bother logging in anymore
  6. ok to produce 8 of the same items on 2 lines the copy times are over 24 hours ...more like 40 hours......this is absolutely unacceptably slow...im no industrialist......and i'm the last of my guild still playing.This new system is seriously flawed when you cant make small amount tier 3 items in a day because some dimwit cant comprehend small manufacturers. If this cant be dealt with...........your gonna have another wave of cancelations
  7. if they had any real content ingame other then a small amount missions...then many things could be made dangerous and highly profitable....remember the fiasco of the wreckage?
  8. same overcomplicated ill advised changes from the same inexperienced dev crew......launch will be a flippin fiasco. who was the idiot that didn't see copy batch size was important.........and copy times are ludicrous need to cut that by 50%......heads need to roll and you need experienced with mmo personnelle vote with your wallet let them deal with the stupidity they've deployed
  9. vtols mate not engines in general, i had to swap out for the new adv model to lift off from a space platform
  10. well a fuel hub has been promised ......and would fix some of the current weight ratio nastiness
  11. im sayin votls over on a over 30 kt ship do can't do there flippin job because they obviously didnt test this specific scenario
  12. Currently when building a heavy hauler..ie over 30kt.... space only, you reach a point where no matter how many you add,with the fuel and tank connections needed you cannot remain at 1g or better.whoever thought this was a good idea....slap. we already have huge punitive measures that make large heavy shipping nearly useless,this makes even safespace hauling pointless. The new types are a poorly thought out lazy hot mess as well........ ship building was the last semi enjoyable content ... which atm with bugs/crashs,nerfs,and changes renders it not only not fun but an annoyance. NQ seriously keep this up you won't have to worry about a launch,its a ghost town now. thanks devs another unneeded nerf
  13. nq'S fumbling and inept disregard for what an mmo is, is mind-numbing and excruciating to witness.a game called dual universe with one solar system.........sham comes to mind
  14. Ok, while on alioth with alt v static constructs selected ............ they vanish after less then a minute in the flight seat, same with any category on the list.tested on multiple ships on alioth. And yet NQ thinks they are anywhere near launch ready ........will not be buying this in its current state,and i know most of who i've played with,that haven't left already, are tired of the naive and inexperienced blunders that have been repeatedly deployed. I suggest NQ stop drinking there own kool aid....... you are a hair away from failure,and if that's not obvious to you.....there is zero hope of rightling the ship
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