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  1. I invested in years ahead of subscription into this game cus of the promise of no wipe... If wipe, I have to demand my money back, due to broken promise that made me invest in the first place. I hate starting over the endless grinding to just get a few elements for the first decent ship. If a wipe I'm done for good. And as mentioned I will demand a refund!!
  2. Why do all tools now have sounds that make one consider quitting the game??? And what's up with the LaaaaaaG !!!??? Come on NQ, why does every release have to feel like you break more than you fix??
  3. the issue is orgs in orgs to get more cores than indented soooooo why don't NQ just limit the org in org instead of nerfing everybody.... . . . ??? ... easy fix.. only few will get pissed...
  4. this core limit is defiantly going to kill the game for single players and small orgs ... Impossible to run anything on a total of 40 cores no ships on display, no cores for mining units on planets where you don't have your base ... If the number of org cores is the issue, we need more personal cores... Large orgs can still get cores from players... and keep large amount of cores... but us single players will constantly run into core limitations... = we likely will just quit.. cus there are other games that don't give the amount of headaches this game is starting to give... I regret that I prepaid 2 years .... Where can I get a refund??
  5. Not all can have good tiles to mine... From what I have seen you where lucky. And yes, you are right about the 33% more capacity... It's not good... Just going to make ppl place more MUs Personally I will not place more MUs, but it will give me 33% more charges I can sell... Btw it only takes me a day or so to mine 1000kl of mixed ore from an asteroid... And I don't have to pay tax to do so
  6. Regarding the changes ... Changing the calibration from 48 to 72 is likely just resulting in 1/3 more MUs, as you can maintain more MUs with the same amount of charges... And it doesn't change the "job like" part of "having to" recalibrate at a "fixed" time for your MUs to run optimal. But changing the degrading rate of calibrations to be dependent on time elapsed would make if more flexible. So instead of a fixed rate of degrading, it would increase over time. This would make it so that it would not matter as much if you recalibrate like a day late, making it more flexible to when you "have to" calibrate again = making the game less of a job you "have to do" at a certain time, but a game you can play more flexible when you have time. Adding even more skills one have to get to make the game "playable" is not the solution to the boring and tedious task of picking up spawned rocks... It's still will be a tedious job... Sure having then spawn at the same spot, would remove the "having to run all over the place" part... But you still would have to pick those rocks up... One by one...
  7. I'm not getting why some ppl think the MUs are responsible for the low ore prices... My MUs don't generate that much ore... But mining asteroids does. And the drop in prices af the weekends shows that too. IMO it's having asteroids spawn only in weekends that causes everybody to rush out and mine them all (safe zone), and then flood the market. Spreading out the roids over the week would remove this "gold rush" and flooding every weekend.
  8. Correct, that is another issue with asteroids. The spawning (and despawning) should not be limited to the weekend, it's bad game play + it's plain stupid to have a massive event like this schedule for when no devs are working to fix issues.
  9. Being a former support staff, I know that first priority is information to the user/customer. It even has higher priority than solving the issue at hand. Information must be given quick and regular, even if the only information that can be provided is "we are still working on this". Users/Customs are more forgiving if they get information. I don't see why the support system can't include a message system, to inform the users/customs. This is not something that can wait until certain staff is available. I worked in the support for the largest shipping company in the world. And we, in the global helpdesk, was the ones sending out information to the customer on issues 24/7, not some custom management that only worked business hours. We would even get "fined" if we did not. We users can't "fine" NQ, but we can stop paying for the game. Many players already left, where one of the reasons has been lack of communication from NQ.
  10. No, as I wrote, they are only there for convenience... Nothing else...
  11. the container constructs are only there cus ppl are to lazy to have a big enough ship at the market... Some even use their container constructs to manipulate the market .. they should also be gone IMO ...
  12. About F*king time... Took NQ long enough.... Finally one can go to a market without a labyrinth of shi* blocking the way. I just don't like how NQ "dump" them onto the districts instead... Giving new players even less preference when they start in the game... IMO both markers and districts should be "clutter-free" ...
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