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  1. Inflation is not THE problem, the problem is equal access to missions whats been happening in DU is that a small elite of players have been gaining vast amounts of wealth just for themselves at billions per day and we know this is directly related to parallel GFN mission running that as soon as GFN went offline the inflation rate has not just become low but even regressive if DU had a Gini coefficient statistic done we would see it approaching close to one as probably 10 players hold 90 % of all quanta inflation is also not a problem so long as people are having a pay inrease thats about the same as inflation which does happen in DU as miners earn more as more quanta is brought into the game i would probably lower mission output so that there is still a meaning to be a billionaire and not like being a billionaire in Zimbabwean dollars NQ also has to raise / decrease the price of schems in relation to the inflatio rate otherwise there is no barrier to entry to enter factory production abd makes the whole 0.23 patch pointless
  2. you guys do know how ppl are actually doing missions the problem is the guy with 14 alts running 3 missions in parallel they run missions in parallel by using multiple GFNs and ppl can have ore than 9 GFN instances of DU running on a pc at the same time this one guy does 3 mission routes at the same time which take about 6 hours each meaning you can do 3 sets a day with time to sleep with the average of your mission packages being worth 8.5 mil and doing that with 15 characters 3x3x8.5x15 = 1147.5 mil which means hes making 1,147,500,000 q per day all by himself
  3. NQ should get rid of the 1 mission package per character so that any person can run as many missions as their ship can carry this will make Missions equal to all players. And maybe to save the title of billionaire they should decrease the rewards
  4. I believe with the introduction of territory taxes and the forcing of miners into space there needs to be an incentive to make asteroid miners deliver ore to ground industry over space industry such as space industry having taxes or ground industry getting territory bonuses
  5. Nice, we're hot now
  6. The one who speaks for the true lord the glorious leader who lead one of the fiercest armies the great leader despised by all the Evil of DU Lord Chancellor TMA
  7. In order to save DU we need a leader and who is better than Lord Chancellor TMA Lets decide if Lord Chancellor TMA should be the supreme leader of all DU by voting on the hot tub stream
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