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  1. What will the first iteration of territory warfare look like? How soon will it arrive?
  2. Get ready for inflation v2 then lol.
  3. Are there going to be any buffs or nerfs to engines or weapons anytime soon?
  4. Most I've done was about 60 mission packages at once and made like 300m when it was done. Ship was over 40kt. 200 was just an example. Also if you have Geforce Now and use multiple computers which I know some people do, you can do more.
  5. hehe 200 is overboard. but yeah i'd have to no life until i can manipulate the market and run factory.
  6. If a wipe happens tomorrow. I'll be getting all 200 of my alts to do missions and within weeks I will have billions more than the average player, again. Then you will go back to complaining.
  7. So one element I've noticed that never gets used are the Safe Engines. While every engine in existence is getting created, Safe engines lag behind considerably. It's been a long time since the start of beta and the only thing that gets sold at the market are Uncommon XS - L Safe Engines. Nobody wants to make higher tiers and and nobody wants to buy them. Meanwhile Rare XL of every kind are being produced & sold. Consider buffing them or making them extremely cheap to make. Maybe get rid of them altogether. I might also add that Freight Engines rarely get made, but they are still selling at least. Maybe reduce the fuel consumption more or weigh it down less.
  8. Actually by doing this, it can help new members decide what organizations to join. Who would want to join a 1000 man org with no activity?
  9. You do realize what a suggestion is right?
  10. We need a different metric where organizations can prove themselves. The current method we have up has bad incentives thus leading to alt accounts. If organizations could be measured in terms of quanta or resources then it would actually be something that could be respected and not be cheated. Simple, change the metrics~! I know this is something they mentioned in the past, we just need group banks, group core units or something of the sort.
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