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    Waffle Boy reacted to NQ-Naerais in Get a 3D Print of the Naga   
    Some of you may have seen our recent PvP trailer featured in IGN’s ‘Summer of Gaming’ event that showcased our vision of combat in Dual Universe. Some of our more seasoned community members might have recognized one of the ships featured in the trailer. We’d love to take the time now to thank voxelmancer extraordinaire Onethousandstars for creating his ship, The Naga, which was used in some of the trailer’s action-packed scenes.
    Read it now: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2020/06/10/pvp-trailer-highlight-the-naga-by-onethousandstars/
    DUscuss it below!
    **Please note this is just the file to print, you will need access to a 3d printer or service to print for you.
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    Waffle Boy got a reaction from Dragorion in Organization count legitimacy   
    Actually by doing this, it can help new members decide what organizations to join.  Who would want to join a 1000 man org with no activity?
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    Waffle Boy reacted to xoxWildcardxox in The Third Age - First Crusade   
    Sign your consent forms as you drop into PVP Space...😉😙
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    Waffle Boy got a reaction from Beddhead in Organization count legitimacy   
    We need a different metric where organizations can prove themselves.  The current method we have up has bad incentives thus leading to alt accounts.
    If organizations could be measured in terms of quanta or resources then it would actually be something that could be respected and not be cheated.
    Simple, change the metrics~!  I know this is something they mentioned in the past, we just need group banks, group core units or something of the sort.
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    Waffle Boy reacted to blazemonger in Hyacinth Partners Ltd.   
    Why do you as an org object to a game mechanic which was known to come at the time you backed the game? I am genuinely asking this question as I do not understand why you choose to be here when you seem to not like a component of the game with a vengeance and go out of your way to let everyone know consistently.
    Do you also eat at a restaurant advertising food you do not like and then complain you are forced to eat food you do not like?
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    Waffle Boy got a reaction from Anopheles in Church of the Holy Wreck (PVP, Humor, Social, Heretic Burning)   
    Hmmm burning heretics you say?
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    Waffle Boy reacted to TheSpartanCast in The SpartanCast   
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    Waffle Boy reacted to TheSpartanCast in The SpartanCast   
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    Waffle Boy reacted to TheSpartanCast in The SpartanCast   
    End of Season Playlist
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    Waffle Boy reacted to Peregrin in Dual Universe Sleepers   
    "History does not repeat itself: it stutters."
    ... I have a feeling Karl Marx would have a field day with Dual Universe.
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    Waffle Boy reacted to Peregrin in Dual Universe Sleepers   
    "Astral Scribe". I like it, it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it ?
    But I remain fond of the term "Librarian", for reasons...
    ... 40.000 reasons roughly.
    DICE Race was very nice but this needs your attention. Let's walk together.
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    Waffle Boy reacted to Peregrin in Dual Universe Sleepers   
    Looking back at the community and the way its members came, went and changed is a weird hobby. Looking back at Novaquark and the way they changed along their own game is even weirder.
    Alpha 3 is underway. Possible side effects: it may rock your world.
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    Waffle Boy reacted to Firestorm in Dark Star Imperium - Opportunity Awaits   
    Veteran owned and operated, politically incorrect and pro free speech, memelords extraordinaire, The Dark Star Imperium is a meritocratic empire. Meritocratic means is that if you put in the effort, you WILL advance in the ranks as we are a community built on teamwork. Strength that is defined by each member’s ability to work for the common goal as a group whilst also maintaining independence, autonomy, resourcefulness and honing their individual skill. Those who would take the time and effort to help others no matter the cause, that is what it is to be a part of a community / a family and not just some "Org". We specialize in faction PvP, engineering, and tech with all sections having countless veteran players across many similar games and Sci-Fi themed clans. However, we employ players of all playstyles such as Industrialists, Designers, Engineers, Merchants, Economists and even those who are more casual or love meta gaming. Our philosophy on all aspects is going above and beyond the competition by overwhelming levels. Strength not just in numbers, but in skill. Engineering feats not just in usefulness but with complexity. 
    Since our arrival in Dual Universe we've strived to set the bar high in many aspects of the community. In doing so we've gained friends, made enemies and even achieved the emulation of those mimicking practices we've begun. We've faced skepticism, drama and even attacks on our community yet here we are despite it all proving our endurance and resolve. We always put our members and community first, we expect the best, and we give the best. Service guarantees citizenship!

    Please feel free to contact myself "Firestorm#2981" on Discord or check out any of the following links. Keep in mind if you do intend on joining our community we do require every new member to go through a one on one voice interview with one of our recruiters or community heads. Anyways have a good day and best of luck! 
    Opportunity Awaits

    Dual Universe: Org Page
    Recruitment Questionnaire
    Achievements & Awards
    DU - Imperium Lore Wiki
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