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  1. A few comments from someone who has always been very involved with Astros since they were on the PTS, and of course with PvP as well: THE TACTICAL MAP: It looks really nice, but whether it is really helpful in battle? I don't know yet, furthermore it could be possible to triangulate the posioition again via the additional information. However, if the red/green friend/enemy identifier should also exist in the 3rd person view, I would be more than happy. ASTEROID REWORK Currently it is already so that everyone flies with a one-way ship on the PvP astro and makes more profit than if a large Org with a whole fleet moves out. I do not understand how you have to support that. However, I also see much more critical that the tiers are no longer displayed. There are large groups that fly out with 20-30 players including PvP ships, etc. The changes make this even more unattractive and for the individual player the question is raised, whether a large Org is even worth joining? Astros are one of the last mechanics you could do as a group event. If that is also gone and the Alien-Cors on itself let be, I see the gameplay for larger groups no longer (except you want to build a large city, etc.). SALVAGE OPERATIONS We have to see how this is implemented, but probably there are either too few places, so that at every place a PvP fleet is present, or it is simply not worth flying there. Currently, there were only a handful of wrecks that were worth finding and bringing back safely. However, if there are significantly more, the market will be flooded with them very quickly and countermeasures must be taken.
  2. @TobiwanKenobi I really like your idea, but for me there should be the following basic classes of ships: small and light fighters that are agile and hard to hit, and big and heavy battleships that can take a lot of hits. In this sense, your approach goes into the right direction. However, in my opinion, the battleships are also ships that should be crewed by a whole team and not just one person. Unfortunately, I don't see in your suggestion how the multi-crew factor is taken into account properly. So for me it's going in the right direction, but it can't be the final approach.
  3. Thank you for raising these questions. The important one from my point of view is "Why we don't have a combat free timer after we win a defence?". This machnik would make an attacker think twice before attacking. It would also be nice to double both the shield HP and the time for the attacker.
  4. I think a lot of things are addressed in this news article: https://mein-mmo.de/weltraum-mmorpg-wirtschaft-wipe-verunsichert-spieler/ Furthermore, I still don't understand how a wipe is supposed to help new players. New players need content and support, both things will not be available immediately after a wipe.
  5. Since the log function has been removed, there is no longer a way to copy text from within the game. So it would be nice if there was another possibility, e.g. to copy and paste in the LUA chat window or a edit contant button for the database in order to use this item to get text in and out.
  6. I can only repeat my concerns from yesterday. The first wave will have a very strong negative impact on the market.
  7. This will lead to so much looting, much more than a single player can ever make with Minung Units.
  8. Is there already a plan what happens if I have my core on a foreign territory? My suggestion would be: As soon as an area goes inacitve, the other core owners on the territory should have a kind of right of pre-sale right for that territory.
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