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  1. Actually by doing this, it can help new members decide what organizations to join. Who would want to join a 1000 man org with no activity?
  2. You do realize what a suggestion is right?
  3. We need a different metric where organizations can prove themselves. The current method we have up has bad incentives thus leading to alt accounts. If organizations could be measured in terms of quanta or resources then it would actually be something that could be respected and not be cheated. Simple, change the metrics~! I know this is something they mentioned in the past, we just need group banks, group core units or something of the sort.
  4. The very same people who are mining will also be engaging in PvP looking to hunt down mining rigs. I am one of those people. Matter of fact I will be engaging in all those pillars of gameplay that DU has mentioned. And I know the vast majority of the player base will as well
  5. Welcome to DU Any help feel free to pm me
  6. Weclome EVE & Kerbal player to DU If your looking for help just lmk
  7. Contact me. I'd like to do business with your organization good sir
  8. If you are still around I would like to talk with you. Please message me.
  9. Everyone should start off with 50,000 Galactic Credits. They should use that for trade. Then every month each person gets 1,000 credits. Economy should fix itself maybe???
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