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  1. you aren't forced to do pvp missions....
  2. Please! Elaborate on flotillas! I didn't see them on PTS
  3. NQ, PTS didn't include the supposed flotillas. We need answers now! No ask aphelia in sight. DU PvP already has a huge amount of faults that make it difficult to learn and boring to play with. We REALLY need this system to identify enemies easier. It's so annoying to sort through a bunch of ship names when in a fight. Also enemy ships should be RED! Not the same color as your ally. This is sad that PvP has so many faults that could be fixed easily. You can't even see enemy speed and direction unless you have a lua script, that should not be necessary. Another barrier to entry for pvp btw! FIX PVP BEFORE RELEASE!
  4. I just assume the mission nerf is for the wipe. If not then there needs to be an increase with the suggestions made above ^^
  5. check discord for announcement play other game
  6. Don't agree with the 1 month trail. Bots will destroy this game. You can already buy DACs from other players so buying a sub is already a thing once release hits.
  7. It costs basically nothing to attack the alien core and it can be put into lockdown within minutes is a bad design choice. Make the stakes higher, otherwise people will just continue to troll alien cores without having to put up a fight.
  8. Is the podcast going to be live?
  9. Wow, I didn't realize this was still going. Time for some replies I guess.
  10. I think alien cores should have their own weapons or some sort of gunner seat. Just don't see anyone trying to defend from inside the alien core. Only using ships to defend with.
  11. Ok, the mission nerf means new people coming into the game right now will have an extremely hard time getting schematics. Now if you wipe the game I think someone needs to look into possible price changes for the schematics. Not sure what they could be though.
  12. "eve is my favorite game so lets bring those features here" lol
  13. 1 - Seconds into the video we already see dog fighting and close quarters combat. You can only see this type of combat if you're less than 10km away from each other. Can't really imaging a fight over an alien core being this close. I don't see NQ showing off how true combat is. Just this glorified dogfighting and close quarters combat that they keep peddling to us. 2 - Gives off the feeling that the alien core is going to be armed with weapons and a big crew is going to defend it from the inside. Any PvP org wouldn't be using the alien core to shoot their weapons from because all the enemy has to do is shoot from one side and half the weapons wouldn't hit them. Everyone is going to use ships to fight with. I don't mind using the ships, just how the warfare is actually going to pan out. Maybe give the alien cores some special gunner seat to allow more guns to incentivize that vision from the video 3 - The description says Deckard and his crew go into hostile PvP space. Deckard is a true care bear and would never do such a thing. Although I can see him losing the station pretty quickly so that's probably spot on. The video had some good parts in it so I'll say that. Although this is an RP video and probably shouldn't be taken very seriously, it does get shown to new people so I think there's some responsibility in showing how dual universe actually works.
  14. Same could be said about you. Refusing to read or learn any counter-measure, just insulting the people responding to you. Enjoy your day.
  15. lol that warp drive was broken before NQ fixed it. People were able to warp instantly before getting shot so please don't bring that up as an example. Joke after joke from you. Also maybe your hauler guy just had someone on his ship, that's an exploit but I think NQ may have fixed it recently. That or someone is using a trajectory script on you and is flying like 20 SU ahead of you to setup an ambush.
  16. Try learning a valid strategy instead of expecting to go down a pipe and not die from pirates...
  17. I don't think people realize how easy it is to avoid pirates if you just fly outside the pipe. Sure you'll get caught once or twice but 9 times out of 10 you'll be safe. It's funny how people would rather just cry to NQ instead of actually learning a valid strategy to avoid pirates altogether. Everyone only has a 2 SU radar which isn't that far. If you're already 2 or 3 SU away from the planet and you haven't been noticed (and not going down the pipe), then essentially you're free.
  18. Damn I was just replying to another pvp bashing thread. Now I have to do it to another one? Like this magnificent other poster, Walter, just said, you can avoid it if you just fly outside of a pipe.
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