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  1. Its gonna be a great wall, possibly the greatest wall I've ever seen and you know what? Because of Alpha Team Vanguard the wall just got 10 feet higher.
  2. This is a fictional parody..... the game is fictional, the beliefs are parody.
  3. We are here today to start a movement. A movement to make the great planet of Alioth a home for every inhabitant to have an economy that works for its people. We want to create a fair and balanced society ran by its people through voting and fairness. So join me today in fighting for the rights of all players within our borders, and create a place where its residents want to reside. Join the Trump Administration today. Some day, we plan to have a great city, but in order to maintain that great city, its going to need great people. Thank you all. Any questions or concerns may be posted here and
  4. Hello everyone, I just found out about this game today, after being entirely disappointed and bored with no mans sky after a long weekend, I was discussing with a friend of mine that I would love a game like Garry's Mod Space Build, but an MMO version, to which he replied "someday someone will have the answer to that" I immediately decided to google search something along those lines and came across Dual Universe. Nobody has ever taken 60 dollars from me that quickly. I cannot wait till the Alpha test is live and to see all of you in game. This is the starti
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