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  1. When new player join later in the game i see a Little problem with the Spawning system, other players how are a head in the skill tree will make new players how try to start from nothing Useless. I think it would be a Good Idea when Players could take a Class they Like and get a Little adv in this specific area(Items, ahead in the skill tree or just some free blueprints), so much that they are at least not useless in the beginning. This would give a players some orientation how this function works and give something with which they could start.
  2. Well i think the game offers some very good solutions to this, there will be big organisations so there will be just Organisation where you can Park your Ships and let them get protected for you, if you're not a port of an Large organisation i mean that the plan of the game to interact with different players. That's no single player or Co-op game. so now the ship and station should not Vanish when players log off players should always look that the constructs are protected while there off, every body need to be part of an organisation and be able protect them self.
  3. I think an Radar system to detect Different Constructs would help the Gameplay a lot. It would cause that unknown ships can be detected. This would mean that Pirats can be detected and prats can detect other ships. That would just add an other Job to the game players how try to communicate with the Unknown ships and request help by they're organisation or others that are willing to help. I didn't saw this Idea anywhere so i just post it.
  4. No, they're clearly not, but if they have no better offer the only thing they can do is farming the stuff by them self and if there are no other Miners you can just find an other Buyer.
  5. There will be like zones places where Ores are more expensiv to buy and places where they are very cheap to buy--->if its expansiv/dangerous to travel between solar systems and on and off planets. The cost in games are Time so you get Money for time you invested in the game but of cores you can just do it if you have a Job in the game if you don't your time is worth nothing so buying the Materials just allows you to do other stuff. Agree, they have to look how every thing works out and how cheap or expensiv resources in the end are, and then may balance it over the time of Alpha and Beta.
  6. Yea, but the price will be the result of different factors implementiertet in the game mechanics. The price will be the time people need to do that stuff if it needs less work it will get cheaper, if more people want to Mine and less people want to build it gets cheaper. So if we make Mining more interesting more people want to Mine if more people want to mine and its easier to mine people will mine more and the market will get flooded causing the Price to go down extreme for those Ores. No i don't want to have a certain price i just want don't want it to be to expensiv and to control that that's no problem at all, there are so many ways to do that.
  7. Well if your able to do it in Huge groups you will be able to do it in small groups the question is just the time, so yes for sure a small player should not be able to build a Gigantic city or a Death star with out an absurd amount of time, but that was not my point. My point of reference was if a good build Spaceship should building a ship should be more expensive or less expensive then the Resources and materials it is build with. You have no point of reference i don't what very expensive means to you yes for sure huge buildings/ships are gonna be expensive i fully agree with you on that. my point of view is just that the build ships/Building should be more expensiv then the Resources they are build of. I don't want a Minimal Price or an Maximum price that would not work. We will have a very interesting market the price of Resources will be decided on where you are.
  8. I agree, im wondering if they already planed adding systems like that before.
  9. Well you can still balance how much you risk by the size of your ship and the cargo ship that will be the defining factors of how much you can win or lose but it should be on you with how much you go in, you should be able to risk not so much by using small ships but you wont be able to attack large cargo ships with it and you will get smaller reward. But those mechanics must be looked at when they are implemented in to the game to getting balanced like much of the other points as well we have to look what players like to do.
  10. You have to under stand under High Cost i under stand ----> you need a Lot of time to get that So the problem with that is simply we want to build stuff ----> Citys that is the reason why i meant that it would be a good thing when there would be 1 Ressource that one planet have way to much because on that planet it would be cheap and if it is cheap i can build Citys and huge static structures with out any problems and that is something i want to see from this game Buildings, station and stuff going on every where and most impotent stuff that matters to other people. I don't know what the plans for Refining are but it would be cool if those could be build in huge Factories. But what i already told is that Mining should not be slow it does not make more fun if the minerals take Ages to Mine it would be better if the Ores would have less Concentrations of the actually refined stuff. So rather you standing a Lot longer staring at Stone it would be more fun flying instead of that several time to the station or you can do like not perfekt refind stuff so you have 50% of that what you wanted to mine from the beginning and give that to the Refining station.
  11. You need an Specific amount of different materials in real life as well to build Cars and Plains but that is not what im talking about is how much should the material overall Cost to build Spaceships etc good now Space Ships an station could have different prices because they would need different materials but that was not the point as well i was just talking about Cargo ships and Fighters. You're right im a little bit to early with that stuff, but the point was to set the motivation to test those different settings to get the best possible game experience for all and for that i think its not to bad to know what people want.
  12. How fast Mining will works will be the Key factor in the game to how easy and fast Player can Build constructs and fight in PvP Fights. Its impotent that Resources are not completely worthless but at the same time not way to expensiv, that is an very impotent factor on how the game will play. I think the mining it self should go pretty fast so that the main cost of Resources will be the transportation and the Risk of transporting the Minerals and not the Minerals it self. So The main cost of Resources should be decided by the flowing factors: Risk for Mining, Risk of Transport, Defense of Transport, Finding Minerals, Claiming/Finding the Areas for Mining And not the time you need to Mine the Minerals, that would be boring farming that no one or most people do not want to do. What would be a Healthy for the Gameplay experience from my point of view. 1. Not every Resource should be found in masses on all planets, every planet should have a Resources the have way to much and such they have way to less. 2. Mining times should not be a problem, this gets annoying very fast. The problem on mining should be Finding the Resources not The process of Mining them. 3. Resources should be Cheap as possible not to cheap but so cheap that people don't risk a Lot of time/Money by Fighting in PVP.
  13. Well im not a game developer, but i think doing this would be like changing the background ok the eco-system if it would be simulated 100% correct but this does not need to be the case, you can just do something like if the Players kill that many animals in that period of time that spawn flowing spawn rates changes the number of background of animals(The amount of animals theoretical living on that planet but cant be seen by Players(Just by the changing spawn rate) direct it would be a back ground number) that would change the amount of Trees, and other animals depending on what kind of animals are getting killed and that should have then an effect on the weather and other Planetary stuff, Implementing them should not be a problem when Rain and thunder is a thing anyway the only things that would change is the Sky color and the see level i don't know how the see level works but it depending on that its no problem or a huge problem changing the higher or lowering the see level. The problem with this system is i don't think it could be Implemented after the game lunches. But how much server load or work it makes to develop such features i don't know that for sure of cores.
  14. I thought it would be a great idea and add to the Gameplay experience when we would have planets with they're own Climate and Eco-system that can be changed by the actions of the players so if players kill to many flesh eating animals the plant eating animals would eat the plants away that would effect the climate of the planet like in Spore just with more factors like Emissions or even machines that could change the amount of air or what kind of gases that are in the air so that players could change the presser and the heat of the planet so that Dead planets can get an working Eco-system with breathable air, the players could even do Magnetic Field generators to shield the atmosphere to protect the players from the Suns Radiation so New players with not so good gear can build, mine and do stuff on the planet. Just an other Idea to think about it would add an lot to the Gameplay and the politic system, i mean that is one of the most important things in the game giving the players the control that would be an other way players can impact the world. The climate could change have impact in multible ways like: Higher see Level Lower see Level More Rain less Rain More thunder Storms Less thunder Storms No more trees No more animals More Airpressure Less Airpressure Unbreathable Air breathable Air Less Radiation More Radiation Hotter Atmosphere colder Atmosphere Clear Atmosphere Completely light absorbing Atmosphere Corrosive Atmosphere--->Iron and other materials gets eaten away and in case the player has an Armor and tools that anrent protected agents it goes as well. not corrosive Atmosphere It would give every Planet a special feeling and if your moving around and exploring the universe it would make it even more interesting. It could even Implement mechanic that adds emission detection tools and could build up conflicts between organisations, one that is destroying everything with they're mining an the other that tries to keep the climate in control.
  15. Planet cores are enormous. You can only dig 2km down before it becomes too hot for you or your machinery to function (in reality, it's where the voxels stop). Does the Foxels stop in just 2 KM? From wehre do you have this Information? I thougt it would be Like in SpaceEngineers where you can Make a Hole true the complete Planet(somting like 130Km R or D im accualy not sure but im Thinking D) ^^
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