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    Novarkian reacted to blazemonger in Hyacinth Partners Ltd.   
    Why do you as an org object to a game mechanic which was known to come at the time you backed the game? I am genuinely asking this question as I do not understand why you choose to be here when you seem to not like a component of the game with a vengeance and go out of your way to let everyone know consistently.
    Do you also eat at a restaurant advertising food you do not like and then complain you are forced to eat food you do not like?
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    Novarkian reacted to [BOO] Sylva in DU Memeserver is looking for more salt   
    The DU Memeserver is looking for more salt and memes. 
    Want to talk about PvP? Beacons? Talk smack to your rivals? Cry salty tears over your friend who betrayed you? Look no further!

    If you are 18+ and looking for a group of people to talk shit with and get mired in eyeballs-deep org political shittalking, this is the place!
    We are 100% unaffiliated with NQ or DU official, just a discord server dedicated to Dual Universe org politics. 
    You do not need to have the game to join, but you will definitely get more out of this server if you have it. 

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    Novarkian reacted to NanoDot in Loners in an MMO like Dual Universe?   
    If they REALLY preferred playing grouped, they would CHOOSE grouped play, lol
    None of the "convenience" features you listed prevent group play...
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    Novarkian reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Novaquark Communication in the near future   
    (Update: November 12th, 2019: detailing the content that will be released before the end of the year)

    Dear Community, 
    We heard your feedback regarding our communication that wasn't as regular during the past months than it was before, in addition of a few miscommunication incidents. That's why we decided to plan several events to catch up and address that topic before the end of the year:
    For those who have questions (or concerns) about Dual Universe or Novaquark, we've just opened a dedicated thread here (as many questions may be related to subjects under NDA, and we can't check beforehand, we had to put the forum thread in a section under NDA. If you're not a backer and you have questions on topics that aren't under NDA, feel free to contact NQ-Nomad and/or NQ-Nyzaltar by private message on the forum, and they wil transmit them to the team). No question is taboo. Although we can't promise to give a clear and detailed answer for each question, we will try our best to reply as much as we can.
      Here is the content related to communication we plan to release before the end of the year:
    - a video presenting the updated roadmap.
    - a Dev Diary video showing the recent progress on the game development
    - a PodCast where we will try to answer the most pressing matters (based on the questions posted in the dedicated thread).
    - an AMA event where we will try to answer to the remaining questions.
    - a Kickstarter update.
      We can't give specific dates for all of this content yet, but all will be released before the end of the year.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Novarkian reacted to Dinkledash in Devblog - r0.15 Update (Part 2): Inventory Revamp!   
    If they aren't going to give us wheeled vehicles and ships to move bulk materials around with, they're going to have to either reduce mass or massively increase engine power and torque tolerance for us to be able to move anything.  I mean yeah, there's a reason we use trucks, trains and especially ships for moving lots of heavy stuff, but if they don't give us the option, they're going to have to do something.
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    Novarkian got a reaction from MookMcMook in The Cluster wants You!   
    The Seed Ship will be designed to allow attaching your personal construct to it. You may stay attached and journey with the cluster or detach at any place along The Cluster's route. This might be a good colonization option for you or your small Org.
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    Novarkian got a reaction from MookMcMook in The Cluster wants You!   
    Hello, I am Novarkian, The intial founder of The Cluster.
    The Cluster is a group of spacefaring people living on a perpetually growing Cluster (City Ship). The Cluster travels from system to system to gather resources and wealth. People living in The Cluster are of varying backgrounds and all specialties will be needed to sustain it. There will be boundless oportunities choosing to be a part of a moving society. Will you be part of The Cluster?
    Please read more about The Cluster here and join us if you want to be a part of something awesome!
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    Novarkian got a reaction from Neopolitan in Oh what fun it is to wait   
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    Novarkian reacted to Kuritho in Neutral alts - Recording battles, Interviews, News, History,...   
    No; Good corporations would privately archive their information.
    No; That, no offence, seems like a waste of time.
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    Novarkian reacted to DarkHorizon in Neutral alts - Recording battles, Interviews, News, History,...   
    No to the first question, yes for the second. I'm sure that what I've said has been said already but I'll say it anyways.
    No, I wouldn't let a neutral party in to observe and record my doings, especially if they are meant to be private. If I wanted to tell everyone about something, I'd obviously get my higher-ups permission if it is appropriate.
    Trust, especially in a neutral party is very difficult to maintain these days. Anyone that's followed american politics this past cycle knows that the media simply can not be trusted these days. Regardless of how objective and honest the media tries to be, we all take sides, we all have our subtle biases. If the historical society wants footage then they can ask organizations to provide it for them though it's quite likely that this will occur naturally, especially in bigger and more affluent organizations that have members with various skill sets in regards to video production and self-promoting news articles.
    As for the second question, I'd love to help once I'm well established, but given what I said above I highly doubt my involvement will be needed.
    I like what you are proposing, but this isn't the best way to go about it.
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    Novarkian reacted to Fitorion in Neutral alts - Recording battles, Interviews, News, History,...   
    neutral player?  yes.  Or who belongs to a neutral faction?  yes.
    Alt of a player with unknown allegiance?  No. 
    In theme park MMOs I'm and alt-aholic.  I like making characters and playing them based on the personality I make up for them.  But in a game where we make the factions... and PvP and inter faction wars can have real painful consequences... Alts... as spys is a real threat.  Simply being present ... even without weapons or defenses can provide another faction with valuable information.  Like numbers and types of ships present... shipment times... and or what's being discussed on the local open channels...
    Letting in a player from a neutral faction to trade is a calculated risk.  And you can bar them from going places you don't want them. ...
    Some group made up of alts... who's players main characters may belong to warring factions?  No... they're not going to be let into areas that traders wouldn't have access to just because they have no weapons.
    Basically my problem with the idea boils down to it being alts.  If such an org wanted to cover things and required its members to not have any other characters...  Throwing out those it finds violating that...  Such an org might be granted access.  Having them be alts though opens up too much risk of spying.
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    Novarkian reacted to Anaximander in Neutral alts - Recording battles, Interviews, News, History,...   
    No and No.
    You don't record a whole battle's course, you piece it together from people's accountings of events. You think the battle of Waterloo happened the way the observer recorded it? No, people found accounts of people across the whole battle, piecing together the whole scene.
    Also, any "alt" can be a person that wants to write FANTASY about an event - like how one faction won a battle with the odds beign 10:1 agaisnt them - and then the youtube video proof of the lies emerge and the communtiy goes sideways..
    Here's how it goes. 

    1) someone always records a battle in Teamspeak - always.
    2) Compare the two sides recordings of the battle or their video evidence of the events.
    3) Make an entry on a battle as of ACTUAL evidence, not observations with an alt flying in a neutral ship.
    I will persanally execute any alt claiming they are here on a "peaceful mission".
    After all, it was byzantine monks that smuggled Silk out of China and the best disguise shinobi wore, was that of a farmer or a trader.
    Yes, invite a neutral in your home = you ask to be robbed.
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    Novarkian reacted to Astro_Alphard in What value does sovereign territory have in an infinite universe?   
    It doesn't matter how much empty space you own unless you have planets, all that space is just that, cold hard vacuum. 
    No doubt some territories (like planets) and asteroids and other resource based areas will be a lot more valuable than others. Even in empty space if you control transport corridors, space stations, and other valuable assets in that space then you'll be better off. Besides I would love to have a small amount of space where I can build without worrying about griefers. 
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    Novarkian reacted to Lord_Void in Alpha   
    Don't make me turn this spaceship around .....
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    Novarkian reacted to Lights in Forum Ability   
    Ok, we see this happening Very, Very often, and im sure many of us would like a solution.
    PROBLEM: Double Posts
    SOLUTION: Ability to delete one's own topics, or the ability for mods to do so whenever they are finally welcomed to the forums
    that's all, have a nice day
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    Novarkian reacted to elDunco in Homeless   
    When I pull up to a stargate and see you hanging by the overpass, I'll toss you some snacks and a bottle of water.
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    Novarkian reacted to DevisDevine in System Requirments   
    Your specs arent to far off from mine. My computer was high end 5 years ago with a slight update last year. 
    I can run most games pretty good, so long as Im not running multiple videos and games on the 5 monitors. 
    I was going to be building a new comp last year, but I held off. I plan to see how it performs the Alpha game to get an idea of what I will really need. And at the end of this year build a computer that can handle it. And in reality, even alpha wont be the best indicator for spec requirements. It wont be until beta that we have a good idea of that. 
    Does anyone know how many threads Unigine can support? I would assume DU will open it to however many threads your computer can support so long as the engine an handle it. 
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    Novarkian got a reaction from Anaximander in What Causes the Fall of Empires in a Single-Shard Universe?   
    When I played Eve long ago, the corporation I was in provided the actual ship you flew in battle. If it was lost, no biggie, they had many more that were produced for replacements.
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    Novarkian got a reaction from Kuritho in Melee Combat Suggestion Part 2   
    MUD(magical unicorn dust), from Kuritho's post.
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    Novarkian reacted to Anaximander in Melee Combat Suggestion Part 2   
    hehehe, yeah, FutureSpace magical medicine = solves all problems
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    Novarkian reacted to Shynras in Free to Play   
    You know, games are expensive to develop, it's not that they grow on trees. If you don't have money than you cannot support the game and its future development, you can't pay for the servers and so on. Why do you think you have the right to play? You have 2 choices: pay to play or play more hours than the average, in a way that you'll generate enough content for the p2p players, that will then buy the sub for you (DAC)
    And no, there's no need for premium stuff that will take development time away from the main future features, just to let the people that does not contribute to mantain the game (f2p players) play the game for free. 10$ month is not much, especially if you alternate buying dacs sometimes, you just need to work 1-2 hours depending on your country.
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    Novarkian reacted to Hades in Free to Play   
    P2P may not always settle with the community, but F2P NEVER settles with the community.
    However, if you're able to afford just a couple months... you can purchase further gametime with in-game currency.  I believe they are also looking at a severely gimped "F2P" account that can do a few basic things, like a "trial" of the game.  Not sure if that's still on the drawing board though, there was quite a bit of flak towards the idea.
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    Novarkian got a reaction from Kurosawa in Armor Tech-Level Suggestion.   
    Risk vs reward makes things exciting.
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    Novarkian reacted to Anaximander in Armor Tech-Level Suggestion.   
    Do they got a realistic economy? No. EVE does. It's even praised by NQ for its complex economy. Part of its economy is why armies constitute of Tech-1 ships. 
    Voxel or not, it doesn't matter, if resources are depleting, the need for a more "cheapt & effective" army rises. Just look in our history. TSten submachineguns in WW2 were made out of second or third grade material, to upset the cost of production. Those guns were terrible at shooting, but they did manage to supply the army of the Allies  The Nazi focused on high quality materials for their guns , guess what, good craftmanship takes more time than a G.I. piece of shit that can just barely do its job.
    Same deal with Tech-1 armors. They are the "cheap and sort of efficient" , with Tech-2 being "better quality for more important people" (in the context of an army and Tech-3 are just "special operations equipment" - exactly how it is in EVE, cause EVE, unlike Astroneer, or Starmade or Empyrion, has a realistic economy
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    Novarkian got a reaction from Anaximander in Armor Tech-Level Suggestion.   
    Risk vs reward makes things exciting.
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