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  1. I lean toward the month+ side of things for someone not using the market or player made quests to... Mine up enough materials to Build a small refinery or several for the possible different types of materials to be refined... Then mine up enough materials to run through those to get the materials used for building a space ship... And then the time it takes to actually refine them... Which should be several minigames I think so you're constantly having to change and manage things in a fun engaging way. Watching a progress bar is never fun. Mining would be competitive with other players and groups of players. There may be strip mines owned by organizations or they might own a large area which they use for mining... so you may have to travel far to find an unclaimed area to mine in... And the whole process could get delayed if you're attacked and things destroyed or stolen. or you could (non-solo) get a temp job mining in a org mine. But you'd probably just get paid and then buy the refined materials from the market... There should be a variety of ways to do any task. The easiest and most efficient methods should involve other people even if they are hidden from you so you never know them or talk to them... such as buying things from the market. But also actual close group play could be necessary for some aspects... Like the largest most efficient refinery could require a crew to run it... just like a large space craft. And the hardest most inefficient and time consuming method would be the single solo player route. I can't be certain exactly how long things should take until all those systems are in the game and we try them out. There are so many places to tweak things... the abundance of ores... their richness... how quickly the nanoformer mines them... how much we can carry... then the refinery... its efficiency and the skill of those using it to navigate the management games that I think it should involve... and of course how much of each material each element of a ship would cost to create.
  2. I haven't played Eve So I have no basis for understanding skill training of its style. I also haven't seen much in the way of details about such a system in the game in any interviews or articles... So I have no way of conceptualizing how such a system could or should function. All my thoughts about the game are as if such a system doesn't exist and it's purely learned player skill not some leveling mechanic that artificially changes how fast or well some action can be done. I don't mean that such a system won't be in game. I'm aware that there is some info that such a system will be there. It's just there isn't enough info about it for me to really understand it. I'd like mining to be 1 in depth system that it takes time to learn the tricks of the trade. And a lot of ores could be very low in richness but quite common so it takes a lot of material mined to refine building materials out of it. I'd like refining to be another in depth system... perhaps as complex as ship building itself with many components of different sizes and efficiencies fitting together and needing maintenance... I am hesitant to put hard numbers down as I am not sure what the correct numbers will be for something to be sufficiently annoying to do alone so most people use the market to fill their need and yet not too tedious so that people can still have fun doing it and get paid for their time by everyone else who just uses the market. And of course the odd solo player who wants to isolate themselves from all the MM parts of an MMO... can still do it.
  3. Time is a resource. The time it takes to gather and refine and then assemble things in real life gives them their value... usefulness also is a factor... But in real life there's other ways of obtaining valuable objects... You don't mine the iron... aluminum... or drill for and refine the oil that make and fuel your car. You pay others to do that for you. My entire point in this thread has been that 1 person should not easily or quickly be able to do all the things to make a space capable ship. Each step of the process should be a deep, involved, and time consuming process so that people specialize. The above should not be misconstrued to say there shouldn't be a way to get a space capable ship fairly quickly. There certainly should be. But Just like in real life where you rely on the other people in your civilization whom you don't know and probably aren't even members of the same country level organization... to preform their tasks and deliver to your local shop a product that you can buy so too should it be in the game. What you do to gain the funds necessary are up to you.
  4. I don't think speculation is the right term to describe what's going on here. Part of this forum is about suggesting the mechanics and balance levels of activities we want in the game or know will be in the game. So we have people advocating for different... or actually the same level of balance(misunderstandings not withstanding) to features that are known to be coming to the game. Examples which are speculation may be used to illustrate how things could be balanced to one level or another.
  5. stuff in Red I did not say that. You are now Inventing a position I don't hold and haven't advocated for and then arguing against it. You went to the market... you are together. Oh look that person walked past. You are together. While out in your cabin... see that building on the ridge? or the orbital station over head? You are together. Mining together and hunting? Just what is your point of disagreement? People only have shared goals due to shared hardships. Remove the hardships and you remove any reason for people to have any goal to share. If access to markets were restricted based on org then I'd say your were right... But I don't think they will be. But then again by definition of being in the game you are part of and subject to the rules as set by the game itself... so in a formal structure just by default. If people don't want to play the game they are free to leave. If people don't want to join an org they are free to not join. If people find another org over there is more to their liking then they can go join that group. But there would be no reason to join if there weren't shared hardships that different people and organizations can choose different methods of solving. Difficult space travel is just a hardship... a hardship shared by all which can be solved different ways and at different speeds.
  6. I think you've fundamentally misunderstood my posts. None of them were about forcing everyone into formally organized groups. I think we have the same definition of solo play... but maybe a different definition of interact. Also maybe a different definition of "together." Anything within eye sight fits my definition of together... it does not refer to groups. And you disagreeing with my assumption that solo play is desired to be close enough to other players to be able to use market terminals... and seeing them walking or flying about... lead me to think your definition was absolutist solo as nothing else could make sense. If your position is as above then you should have agreed with: Because disagreeing is advocating for no restriction on movement and easy self sufficiency so you don't have to buy from any markets or compete with anyone else. Edit it add some color highlight to the key part of my post that should have indicated I was talking about the basic fundamental structure of the game and not about organizations...
  7. I generally think that way too... but then I post something about structuring the game so that people have need of utilizing those goods and services... and suddenly I get responses say that you can't force people together and doing so is anti solo play... So I'm left to wonder what solo play they want if they're against all the things that would have people interact on any level... And the only thing I can think of is full self sufficiency / creative god mode. or... a single player non-MMO so there's not even a chance of bumping into someone else ever.
  8. Interacting with a market terminal is interacting with other people. Other people made or mined the stuff and put it up on that terminal. But without a need for any of it then the market will not be active. How do you make a market be active? By having an activity that people want to do... such as space flight... take lots of time or resources to do solo... so people will "be forced" to interact with others by buying what they need from the market if they don't want to spend the time to do it themselves. Then Businesses can exist to service the desire people have for doing that activity. Civilization exists to facilitate commerce. To provide a safe structure for such activities to occur. And it is only necessary due to the hazards, limited resources, and needs people have... that can only be met by other people. You are correct that civilization would cease to exist if it is not convenient or necessary. That's my whole point. Unless the game systems are set up in such a way as to make civilization convenient and necessary then civilization will not exist. IRL people only group up for protection and to have their other needs met. Remove those needs and everyone becomes solo. No one is an enthusiastic group player. Everyone would do what ever it is they want to do with out help from others if they could. Over catering to "solo play" is the cancer of MMOs. But no where have I said that it should be impossible... just very difficult/time consuming. For the easy path "solo play" it should be possible to go to a player run mission/quest board... take quests and turn them in... and earn enough to buy your ship and take on bounties or go asteroid mining or what ever other non-group activity you want... and since you are interacting with others by utilizing player made markets and mission boards you're contributing to the growing civilization. For the hard path... you can walk out to the middle of no where... after many hours of walking past the city... past the refineries... past the mining operations... you finally find a spot where no one is. Start mining... get enough to put down a territory claim so you can mine while keeping the friendlier players at bay for a few weeks... maybe get attacked while you're offline or online... and either have some of your resources stolen or fend them off... Maybe you should hire some security... but wait... you're a solo player... so you'll have to do it yourself... (never mind that fighting off your attackers is another interaction with other players) Set up a really slow and inefficient refiner to process your resources into the building materials you'll need to make a ship... All the while having to guard against attack... and you finally do it. How long did it take? a Month? Two? I don't know exactly how long it should take but it should be long enough to make this option unattractive to most people. But now what? all those other players have already reached the other planets in the system with their group efforts and the group research project hasn't invented the warp gate to get to another star yet... Maybe you just want to build on your claim and not go flying? That's fine. How long can building alone hold your attention?
  9. If they don't like the game they can leave. The Devs Can make the game favor the play style they want. That's what Game Devs do... they make the game they want with the mechanics that support it. I said "if you can go anywhere and do everything without having to expend any effort or time or resources to do it then you will and not stick around other people... not rely on those other people... not interact... and no civilization occurs." You said "More players means more diversity and more market activity. It makes politics and business more varied and complex. The more diverse the population, the greater the chance for interesting "emergent gameplay"." If all those players have no need to buy anything from anyone else just what market activity do you think there will be? With everyone having no need to engage in any politics or business and can go anywhere and do anything without needing to rely on anyone else for anything... how much "emergent gameplay" do you think will occur? The answer is None. The result of a game without the structures to "force" people together... is a boring... and then a failed game. So you can make a game with the necessary restrictions to movement speed and set the cost to engaging in certain activities to such a level as to encourage a market to occur... to give reasons for businesses to exist... and the conflicts of interest over say... limited resources that cause politics to emerge... or you can make a boring building game where none of that exists.
  10. Part of the design of this game is that it's about civilization building. In order for a civilization to be built there has to be some level of difficulty to travel and resource gathering and services people can perform that have some value to other people. Why? Because if you can go anywhere and do everything without having to expend any effort or time or resources to do it then you will and not stick around other people... not rely on those other people... not interact... and no civilization occurs. The amount of resources and the time it takes to gather them and possibly process them into building materials could be balanced for quick movement or slow movement. I for one think it should be on the slow side.
  11. MMO's always take a hit to graphics as compared to single player games. That said they're definitely going to do the best they can.
  12. There will be "docking" elements. Using them you could build a ship and dock other ships to it... like say... small shuttles or fighter craft. So you'd build all the ships separately. The carrier ship and the small craft you wish to dock to it. In the version of the game I played at PAX last week... docking elements weren't in the game yet. Hopefully they will be in soon.
  13. Indeed. Complexity breeds specialization. Specialization is vital for an economy to develop.
  14. I didn't see the tool... but That could have just been me not understanding things and not using the tools properly... I just copied and pasted the voxels from one side to the other. Had to rotate them to get them correct. I used an element as a reference point to position them. Copy and pasting only copied voxels. I found that you could "clip" voxels into placed elements... but if you then picked up that element... you couldn't put it back down in the same spot as it wouldn't let you "clip" an element through voxels. This might change by the time we get to pre-alpha and I hope it does.
  15. Many of the pre made ships had mini/micro voxels in them. The railing of the carrier ship's ramps up to the cockpit were made of them... and a bunch of ships had pointy bits. So they were in the build at PAX. I asked JC about them and told him how they were a little bit of a problem in Landmark... where if there were too many of them in a claim it could lag the game. He seemed to think that wouldn't be a problem. Not sure about anti voxels... or some of the really twisted stuff you could do in Landmark. Not sure if they have the "borrow an extra vertex from a neighboring voxel" tech that Landmark had.
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