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Daphne Jones

Hyacinth Partners Ltd.

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Hyacinth Partners Ltd. is the org for the flight and ground crew of the Hyacinth - a medium hauler tramp spacer. We aren't planning to take over the galaxy or build a city in space... but we may provide the logistic support for those activities... for a price.


Full flight crew complement is

  • Pilot
  • Navigator/Radar operator
  • Engineer
  • 3 gunners
  • 2 stewards or 2 mission specialists

(Yes the ship has bunks for all those people)


Business focus:

  • Transport and Logistics
  • Trading
  • Deep Space Salvage ops
  • Special Courier Services.


Auxiliary activities

  • Mining
  • Security
  • Combat - since the game forces it on us


Currently recruiting


Navigator/Radar Op Still working on what this job will be exactly. I expect to have software to improve navigation, plus a radar system for tracking and flagging hostiles for the pilot's combat display. (System design is WIP). Will be trained to pilot as well.


Flight Engineer. Monitors Engine performance, fuel, and damage during flight. Fixes damage as needed. Advises pilot on best engine performance.


Gunners. (3 positions) Protect the ship from hostiles. We will begin combat training in A3.  


Stewards (2 position) Takes care of any passengers. This includes providing whatever they need in during the fight, but also controlling them. (Steward is a polite word for marine. After release, this job may include combat and we will train for it when AvA combat comes in game)


Mission Specialist (several positions) Conducts non-flight mission activities. We will need miners and eventually EVA salvage. A courier might be a mission specialist for special courier services.


Sales Rep (several position) Based on a planet and usually embedded with a nation-type org, reps will handle sales, provide fulfillment and collect payment especially when the Hyacinth is off planet.


Miners (several positions). Gather resources for transport and sale for times when we don't have other contracts. Miners may double as mission specialists


And most importantly.... Customers! While our customers will not generally be members of the org, they are highly valued and welcome at our in-game facilities and on our discord server...


Speaking of which... find us on discord at https://discord.gg/sYZPVde


If you think the tramp spacer life might be for you, you can apply at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/hyacinth-partners-ltd/

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To clarify something that some people were confused about, no, we're not a combat org. Yes we are a PVP org, because the economy is player driven and we will focus on making money by providing service to players who will then pay us.Yes, that's PVP.


As a necessity in an MMO full of players who think PVP requires combat, we will be prepared for combat. Yes, that means some portion of our in-game capital will be spent training in the Arena of A3. Those who are afraid to engage us should not engage. Since we are not a combat org, we will not be chasing anyone down. We expect there are plenty of players who will be happy to help us train until we are beating them consistently  😛

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Why do you as an org object to a game mechanic which was known to come at the time you backed the game? I am genuinely asking this question as I do not understand why you choose to be here when you seem to not like a component of the game with a vengeance and go out of your way to let everyone know consistently.


Do you also eat at a restaurant advertising food you do not like and then complain you are forced to eat food you do not like?

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There seems to still be some misunderstanding about my stance on PVP combat as well as continuing confusion on the purpose of this thread. You may read all about my stance on PVP combat and ask question here: 

TLDR? Then you don't really want to know so STFU.


Further discussion of that topic in this thread will be reported as off topic and  trolling.

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