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  1. without power management, ship design is bound to be shallow.
  2. Additionally There are certainly other things that would improve gameplay but I was thinking that the weap-core size differential would be easy to implement. Deflection and relative speed modifiers would also be a great improvement from a tactical perspective. Adding evasion skills for pilots would significantly increase the importance of the pilot relative to the gunner and making evasion skills work better for smaller cores could make fighter pilot a real job. Also, adding fixed forward XS and S weapons with very narrow cones and short range that do a lot of damage would make fighters a much more cost-effective firepower solution (considering that the real bottleneck is human players rather than game resources, there has to be some advantage to smaller ships that makes them attractive. Anyway, tiny ships with massive turreted guns are ugly so there would be an aesthetic appeal as well. Also I understand the 30kkph limit is necessary because of lag, but maybe the relativistic effects could kick in at lower speeds for larger cores to give smaller ships an advantage when maneuvering. It makes sense that massive ships would warp space more at lower speeds relative to C than small ships would, right? Countermeasures elements such as sandcasters, radar jammers, countermissiles, decoys, etc would also increase survivability and be more effective against different weapon types and in different situations (ie sandcasters work against lasers, countermissiles against missiles, maybe specialized armor voxel types work well against guns and railguns, and decoys and radar jamming against everything but not as effectively). I (and from what I recall quite a few others) would like to see spinal mounts for large ships that have a very narrow cone but are very long range and do a lot of damage. Personally, I'd like to see spinal mounts be made of multiple elements that get linked together rather than one big element, so you could make weapons that do more damage, have longer range, have higher rates of fire and are more accurate depending on what elements you use when building the weapon system. Plus that way the weapon's performance could be degraded as the constituent elements take damage. We could have the four standard types (laser, railgun, missile and cannon) as well as exotic types (tachyon, graviton, chronon and singularity launchers) that would have exotic effects and may be a little dangerous to use. Underpinning everything though would be a power system that charges weapons and shields. Maybe you could overload lasers and shields at the risk of burning them out. You can use LUA to make a control interface to apply power to a particular shield generator or weapon, choose which ones to power down when you start running out of juice. It would add a lot of depth to combat.
  3. Make repairs while the combat clock is running take 3x longer than otherwise. If a voxel or element that is under repair is hit, the feedback through the nanocrafter injures (or kills, I guess, until you have avatar damage implemented) the player performing the repairs no matter how far away they are. Add a to-hit % adjustment, after all other calculations, between the size of the weapon firing and the size of the target core: Weapon Size Target Core Size XS S M L XS 1 1 1 1 S 0.75 1 1 1 M 0.50 0.75 1 1 L 0.25 0.50 0.75 1 This combined with the lower rate of fire for larger weapons would make smaller ships more survivable but not make it impossible for a L weapon to hit a XS fighter. It would also give battleships a reason to have smaller weapons for point defense which would make ship design more interesting.
  4. So by stealing from Aphelia you basically stole from God. What did you expect would happen xD
  5. I've got about 60 people who applied to SLI in the game but haven't come to our Discord. Our policy is that you need to interview on Discord before joining the game in the org. Unfortunately, there is no way to communicate with the applicants and send them our link unless their names happen to match between Discord and DU, except to add them as contacts in DU. But as far as I know, there's no way to remove a contact - you can remove them from your list but you're still on theirs as far as I can tell, and can therefore lock on to you. I know I keep getting notifications about people I've removed. I wish I could add a message when I reject an application. Does anyone have a solution to this issue? Any ideas? I don't want to just mass-reject people without a hearing. Thanks.
  6. image.png.d1c8c8120655dc985e13a99c462b2f55.png


    I noticed this in the DU Amanac and I wanted to ask for your input about this idea 


  7. Do creatures in other universes count as aliens? And I have my characters engaging in banter that includes racial slurs, but they're actually friends and don't mean it seriously. Not sure if my short is publishable. Who can I send it to for review?
  8. I would think that widgets that are displaying in system will appear in 3 person view.
  9. I checked the thread and didn't notice whether we had posted our new logo, so here it is. I would like to take this opportunity to mention that for the 3rd quarter of 2019, SLI retail sales have exceeded 5 million quanta for finished elements and 3 million quanta for ore, and our contract sales are in excess of 6 million quanta for finished elements and honeycomb, including volume discounts. We look forward to an even bigger fourth quarter and are interested in direct hires for miners, pilots and production engineers, as well as developing our business relationships with independent and organizational suppliers and customers. Good luck, and happy DUings!
  10. Sorry if this was already covered; I searched the forums and didn't find it. I'm a Digital Ruby Founder (Early Bird) and I noticed that the newer supporter packs appear to have items that weren't available two years ago. These are my current rewards per kickstarter: Game at launch (PC Digital) Thanks in the credits as early backer "Ruby Founder" Forum Title 20 DACs (value:360€ post-release) Lifetime Subscription Original SoundTrack (Digital) In-game Pet (lvl.1 version) In-game Pet (lvl.2 version) In-game Pet (lvl.3 version) In-game Pet (lvl.4 version) Closed Beta Key Access Alpha Access Key Alpha Team Outfit This is what the current Patron Pack provides: x1 Alpha Access (now) x2 Sanctuary Territory Unit (STU) x3 Beta keys (can be gifted) x12 Dual Access Coupons (DAC) x2 Earth Legacy Outfit x3 Arkship Passenger Outfit x3 Pets x2 Resurrection Nodes x1 In-game title x1 Dual Universe T-Shirt x10 Character animation pack x20 Furniture Set x9 Extra Character customization x1 Reserve your name x1 (Digital) Artbook (PDF Format) x1 (Digital) Original Soundtrack x1 Arkship Cryogenic Tube (decorative) x2 Character redesign token x500 Fireworks x1 Forum title x1 Content Creator Pack x1 Name in the credits I think the fireworks, content creator pack, furniture, tube, art, redesign tokens, in-game (as opposed to forum) title, customizations, animations, resurrection nodes and legacy outfits simply weren't available as rewards back in the day. And these are all nice things I would like to have, but getting 2 territorial units is serious business. I mean, yeah, I get to play this until I drop dead, which is great, but having TUs early in the game is a strategic advantage. Are the founder rewards getting upgraded or do I need to "upgrade" to get them? Can I, even? Thanks.
  11. And now we have cross-section. Which means that efficient atmospheric ships will be flying pencils. I wish that wings gave lift, ailerons roll and pitch, rudders yaw, tails and canards stability, and flaps acted as brakes in atmosphere. And adjusters only work at low altitude and low speed (for hovers) or in space. But that's probably just me. I also post on necro threads.
  12. discordauth:k-k7dYIk7PIsVFKB3NbbRhe-fySDhAlbrKy_qWaBuRk=

  13. Man... imagine what kind of competition there will be to be the first player to go through a stargate.
  14. From what I understand, the original plan post general release was for 1 month of play until the first orbital flight and 3 months to interplanetary flight (I think that's using in-system FTL.) I don't know how long until we can build stargates.
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