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  1. Im not playing your game. You can be respectful to the conversation and put in some conversational effort. I'm not gonna answer a barrage of zero effort one-liners.
  2. To me personally, They asked me to spy on friends and when I wouldn't they have taken personal information and allowed release of that information. but that was years ago, the original reason I quit DU but we are not going to get into that now. I would like to point to attempts to undercut any attempt for movement towards cooperative gameplay.
  3. Like always start with insults and take screen shots when one responds. I don't think you took the time to read my post and understand, while the mission I put up was PVP related, I have no problem PVPing with you. Dead things should DIE. This post is referring to consistent bullying behavior, followed by I cant believe you would say " insert Screen Shot".
  4. I'm not sure what is to be done other than stand up and verbalize and carry on. What will solve this?
  5. New Genesis and Legion have once again attempted to kill your game by Flaming and abusing any possible gameplay mechanic that would help new players access parts of the game. This is far from my first run in with these types of Players. For those of you who have forgotten Sybilly.....Story Time. There once was a Silly Billy boy names Sybilly. He lived a total trolly existence, and loved to trash talk "all chat" and flame the Developers with crude what ifs. One day, His furry fury turned towards the those he had once been, the Noobians. He set out about his antics, light heartedly it would seem, to build a wall around the starting zone. Keeping " the Trash ass Noobians" away from him. Now as we can see the obvious connection to and parody of American politics and I being the Liberal Troll hearted itch I am, I Quickly came to a solution. The Underground Novian Railroad. While the feat was large, and the counter operation was larger, he completed his task and we completed ours. The Sybily Wall and trench system could be navigated And/Or knocked down. A lot of my time was simply using it as a teaching moment on how to use tools in the game to navigate what this fool had done. And in my heart I thought "Forgive them, they know not what they do." It was not content. It was not fun for many. but it was hilarious to few. Players played, Developers developed and time passed. I have come back to find this same bully dynamic in play and it honestly looks to me that it is supported by the developers. I have seen verbal banter, turn to name calling, turn to one sided sanctioning in legions favor time after time. To be completely honest to me it looks like people are tired of oppression and are going to rage against it. This anger is all that the NQ seems to want to punish. To me this is Disappointing, we can stop the symptoms by solving the problems. This was going to be a mission response to the NG and Legion boy's Flaming my Posted missions but I decided against it. I have been moved instead to put it here. I am and always will be interested in getting New players to explore this Universe, and if necessary I will SMUGGLE the "Carebears" on to asteroids. I have always been Like minded to the Belters " The more you share, The more your bowl will be bountiful." It is currently impossible for me to share a verbal space with these humans who refuse to remove hostilities toward players of a game that have done nothing to wrong them, and simply wish to be cruel for its own sake. Hugs and Kisses, xoxWildcardxox
  6. Sign your consent forms as you drop into PVP Space...??
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