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  1. EAC does this by default, I can tell you how it knows your in a VM if you would like me to reach out in some way. I've had to get around this before in other games.
  2. The test servers have always had different seeds for random generation. That's not really the issue. People getting information about what's going to be in a patch 3-4 weeks ahead so they can plan/buy out markets is an issue.
  3. The seed is randomly generating the tiles. NQ doesn't even know where they are until the planet itselfs been generated. You are giving them too much credit on what they know as far as the tiles go.
  4. Ah, you must be relatively new and/or out of the loop. Its almost common knowledge at this point certain groups get several weeks of heads up of upcoming changes. People knew the calibration charge change was coming, that 100% bots were not coming back, etc. You can't really post evidence as that generally ends up with a ban on your account. Its out there though. People had weeks ahead of the official announcement to get time off, set up scanning schedules, move large amounts, 100+, scanners out to the area a day or two in advance, buy out the scanner market. There are a ton of red flags on their own with almost every patch that by themselves might make you think that something weird was happening, but when it happens every time, well, when there is smoke, there is likely fire in this case.
  5. If someone doesn't keep a TU on it at all it should just roll over eventually imo. They are not even mining from half the ones they are keeping locked up.
  6. I still find it hilarious the same people generally getting information early are the ones on discord calling me a "conspiracy theorist". As if half of the guys locking up most of the t2+ ore are not botting missions as the same time to be able to afford all the land they are claiming, then not using.
  7. They will never be helpful. They want you to take 20+ people out with you to mine a pvp asteroid. Unfortunately PvP isn't even remotely close to fair or balanced. The aggressor has all of the power in most cases and there is no counter play to how most people fight. Its generally an S core with rails and/or cannons. With an alt in another seat with the stasis guns to make sure you have 0 chance in getting away. The whole thing might take 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on how your shield is tuned, but its just terrible. You can be on a roid sub 1 SU from the safe zone, get a ping that someone is in range, get back on you ship and start flying but because of how much damage is done so fast, your dead anyway. There isn't much if any skill in the PvP, the guys like to act like it is, and will go crazy when you tell them there isn't. A good chunk of the "hard" work like keeping the correct distance, facing the right direction, etc is and can be done by lua. Sure there are a few open source pvp huds out there now, but nothing as good as the stuff they use. They have all the good tiles, they have the numbers (they are the only ones still playing for the most part at this point). It should be pretty obvious by the changes that keep being made that they have some pretty large sway for some reason in what patches come and the overall toxic nature is a fairly large reason why the new players we did get didn't really stay around. People never want to take a L. Sure, some of the dudes in those orgs are not all that bad (VMMO) but their overall attitude is that they want to be #1, even if it ends up killing the game.
  8. Once again, thats cool and all, but it still seems like the vast majority dont agree with this or the bot change. Especially considering how rush they were with no real notification, or them outright lying to us in discord about what was going on. We get it, the PvP bois got there way. You win, have fun in whats left of the game. They seem to care much more what a small percentage of the population wants because they are all buddy buddy with them, rather then what would help them retain new players and keep the bulk/majority of them around.
  9. It sure seems like the majority of the player base saw this as a way for them to be even remotely relevent compared to the orgs that have already scanned out planets and got the pick of the litter of tiles. As the player population drops more and more, you can keep telling yourself how great these changes are. There is no new blood coming into the game, and we are slowly losing vets who are tired of updates being catered to the large orgs.
  10. People wouldn't of sunk millions into buy and setting up tiles for specifically this?
  11. So screw everyone, we are going live with a major mechanic change, without any warning at all that we would get in other games? Fun.
  12. Haven follows the same rules as Sanctuary.
  13. Unfortunately this is not the first time. Most of us have had this happen. Even during beta, a lot of what we said was ignored or treated as "not productive". When your dev wont even enforce the rules that we have had for years then people start getting more and more bitter/disheartened. The only reason I even play at this point is because the people I know here.
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