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  1. PvPers will love that, when people start deconstructing to avoid combat.
  2. They were needed to stop player trying to make everything themselves, in stupid massive super factories, like this is Factorio not an MMO. It worked, a lot more people now buy stuff rather than trying to solo it all. Whilst I dont think they were the best solution, I do think it achieved the required results.
  3. Weirdly, i have played the game since early alpha and never felt the need to mine t4/5, what are you using them for?
  4. Dont listen to a lot of people on this forum, a large number of them dont actually play the game, the quit a while ago and have been posting the same negative stuff on here for ages. The population is ok for where the game is development wise, pretty sure that NQ will have a plan to get people in when the time is right.
  5. I actually think the game is getting a lot closer to being ready. Despite what some people say on here (who I dont believe have actually played the game in some time), recent updates have made a big difference and with what appears to be in the roadmap for the next few patches, I think we might have a game I would be happy to recommend soon.
  6. Do yourself a favour, if you leave, dont stink us this forum like that majority of bitter vets around. You are completely underestimating the market of the game and the number of people that actually know about it. I must have 15-20 people who I am waiting to recommend the game to once it is ready. I joined my old Mech Warriors clan the other day for a catch up, not a single one of them had heard of it. The game hasnt launched on Steam (which we have no idea if it is on the cards). I still dont really see the game as live yet, so certainly not going to pronounce it dead.
  7. You also have to define "function properly" I dont agree that there should be no limit to the amount you can haul, as many people thinkj. For me, people putting 100 wings on a ship suggest you are trying to lift too much weight. Just an opinion. I am hoping this will all change with energy.
  8. Was just pointing out that the graph shown was some of the poorest use of Google search data I have ever seen, the biggest spike is for something completely different. I played a bit of SB, it was ok, was all a bit too mecano for my taste, will keep an eye on it.
  9. If you are designing ANY combat ships around the current combat mechanics of course you are going to have to rebuild them lol. Did you think pvp was going to stay the same? PvP is far from finished, what was meta yesterday wont be today. What is meta today, wont be tomorrow. Get used to it for a while.
  10. Steam? Also, not a great example, when the top 5 queries for Starbase have nothing to do with the game lol
  11. Follow up, you could complain of the forums, or you could be Megabosslord, showing how we DU it.
  12. Tried to read but the fonts are horrific, like some flyer for a church bazaar
  13. Really confused, I have been mining high tier ore since roids came out..... because it is still in the ground. Nothing is gated by pvp at all, and the game is VERY easy to make money in without pvp. You can pick up elements at D6 move them 100km and sell them at twice the price. We havent even bothered with roids yet, no need to do them at the moment.
  14. The issue with DU is that it will find bottlenecks in your system. I dont really have many issues with freezes but my best mate who I play DU with had big issues with even though his computer is a superior spec to mine. He saw big improvements when he Moved his cache onto a different HD from the game - this helps as the game has to access cache a LOT when you revisit busy areas Hardwiring his internet connection - his was previously playing on wifi, this can bottleneck transfer of data from the server He now gets limited lag within busy zones, can fly in and land on D6 with limited issues. The big issue with Geforce Now is that you play on a new machine every time you log in, so you will not have any cache. Caching is vital for performance (why you should avoid deleting it wherever possible)
  15. I would argue the returns for missions, especially is you can get a group of players, massively outweighs any risk. Complete a couple of missions drops and you are sorted. I like all the logistics of it, we have different ships to move the packs into space, to our space platforms we have over most planets, then use low cost space only ships to run the missions to platforms at the other end. We have bases everywhere, different locations, a factory, massive commercial zone, just building some cool new ships shops in a massive lake. Just loads of stuff going on, but as i said, I have never seen the need for having to mine, i also dont feel the need to always be making money from activity. I could quite happily fly around a race track or visit a casino whilst in game.
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