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  1. I started playing with a friend about 10 days ago. We have had a lot of fun sofar. Although the "old" mining system was more boring than watching paint dry, doing it together and chatting a bit, made is slightly less mindnumbingly boring. We have built a little base for ourselves, created an organisation that claimed three adjacent tiles. In building all this up we have not built up any stockpile and therefore at the time that Demeter dropped, we had empty ore containers and 168 Quanta between the two of us. We somehow managed to get 4 Basic L mining units up, generating 194 units of ore with a current value of 7.865 Quanta, per hour. In three days time we need to pay 3 milion in taxes. This we cannot pay. Considering our current income, it would take 381 hours to mine that. And this bill is recurring every week. In other words we are bankrupt. I just wish that the taxrate would increase with each additional territory (and possibly give the first one or two tiles for free), just like placing each territory control unit gets more expensive. we still very much are n00bs in this game and the learning curve is already very steep, but from our point of view the Demeter patch has killed any chance for new players to get a foothold at all. I would have loved to see space and other celestial objects and perhaps even some PVP... Anyway, we really had a lot of fun, but right now there is no point for us to continue playing. Our small base is at ::pos{0,2,56.5535,-170.9944,32.7241} it should be free to loot in a few days. Goodbye!
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