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  1. Will NQ unlock EAC for usage with Wine on Linux? I doubt the launcher will work, but it would be awesome to see this compatibility enabled. If this would require testing to ensure quality on Linux (regardless of decision), that information would be also appreciated.
  2. To me it seems like the tactical hud is a placeholder markup gone rogue. Good to know though that they're aiming for something elite quality 🤔
  3. Do these boosts stack? For example (as an alpha player), if I buy sub over 13 months (as an example), but also have the Contributor Pack, do I just get Exotic, or do I also get Rare? Does this apply universally, so if I had paid 6 months in sub, and was a Contributor, would I get Rare twice?
  4. I made a whole post during the PTS if y'all havent seen it already
  5. Where I'm coming from is that you can slow down a game regardless of its completeness as long as you make it enjoyable. Especially when you consider all the artificial ways they are trying to slow down progression - instead create a bunch of organic pockets (that are enjoyable in their own right), focus on those, combine them, and continue.
  6. I would like to mention that DU was not originally designed for players to move at such speeds, especially in the context of hover vessels. You are intended to make early game hover vessels to get stuff done - there's a lot that needs fleshing out on this front. From the perspective of literal distance, it makes little sense that the player can move as fast as a vehicle in a universe so small anyways. The issues with these hover engines as you mention are the trees. That should be a challenge. Why? The scale of the game matters intensely with how players spread out, how fast the player progresses, and also, if done right, it should be about the journey. Not the destination. The wings as well need to be more limited as well (the way people use them at the moment is atrocious), especially how people take any hover vessel and smack wings onto it and fly. Travel should be more nuanced on planet surfaces, and right now we have none of it.
  7. Well the point isnt to necessarily be about trading. It seems a lot of DU players miss this point. Game loops should try to maintain separate in their progression and mechanics such that you don't have to directly rely on the external loop - schematics are the worst example of this, as industry relies on the market game loop for multiple reasons. What it boils down to is that quanta are essentially the ore/manufactured parts you traded in so you can buy other things, however, it doesnt make sense that you can't just use them directly to make actual things, and progress. Markets need a use beyond "we're forcing you to use them because we said so", and moreso "I can't be bothered to make this", or "It's more economically efficient to let others craft this than me".
  8. In the post I mention that the first time the schematic is "researched" you get it from the puzzle, while later you'd most likely get it from inputting resources that have resource aspects corresponding to what made the schematic. It could be balanced such that making the schematic the first time costs less than the recurring creations afterward, such that it is a proper research sink. Also its pretty silly to be scarred from Empyrion's skill tree because it is a survival/progression game, and all games that are not literal sandboxes need this type of structure to properly build their ideas. You should not think of a game's progression about "how quickly can I get from point a to point b", and instead think "how can I enjoy the journey as much as possible from point a to point b." A game designer needs to focus on the latter to make their game actually interesting.
  9. If you read the post, no you really cant look up specific schematics online past the research point "nodes" that is the only constant in that schematic. The specific arrangement of these nodes can be randomized such that its not terribly helpful to google search.
  10. After upgrading my talents on the run jetpack, I honestly regret doing so. The already quite small planets that comprise DU feel much smaller when you're traveling at higher speeds. Additionally the game gives no reason to walk - let alone just run normally. Due to this, I highly doubt many people have just taken a moment to walk through their planetary environment to appreciate the detail put into it in the recent updates. This compounds with the grand scale of many construction projects that appear to just be upscaled due to the speed of the character sprint. The scale of the whole game world is shattered when the character by itself can move so fast. This comes with a few proposals: Remove the ground-jetpack (the super-sprint). It's a main culprit of this immersion breaking, and also competes entirely with the idea of hover vessels, which are supposed to take up the 50-200KM/h range of motion. Add a stamina bar of some sort, with a maximum sprint time of 10-20 seconds, and a recharge time that takes 1.5x the capacity (in seconds) of that bar. Additionally, when the bar runs out, add some realism with exhaustion. You have to wait for the bar to recharge half way to sprint again, and it takes double the capacity of the bar to get to that point. Grant the character controller more polish, to make the movement, sound triggers, and camera bobbing more natural. Players can still float when they walk off certain surfaces. Perhaps even employ someone in particular to focus on this kind of polish (see here). Give more reasons for hover vessels, such that we can enjoy the finer details of the planetary surfaces. Good example of this would be to increase the weight capacity of hover vessels, but decrease the max height allowed. Distinguish hover vessels from typical ships and "planes" in some way. I make a similar post to this one where I discuss this in more detail here. Thanks for your time.
  11. I really like this idea What I like about the research table proposal is it gives more than just the research - like the emergent gameplay of sharing knowledge and schematics that you discuss. What I like the most however is the material sink that would go into the schematics, and the scarcity created by them, which should help regulate the economy in a more organic way than carnival tokens (quanta).
  12. Look up "Thaumcraft 4 research" and "Thaumonomicon" for reference. Tech tree examples ^ In Thaumcraft you have a 'tech tree' and in this you can unlock various recipes for items (eg. schematics in DU). In this tech tree it gives a relatively defined path, however, sometimes the triggers to research steps are not clear. The user must unlock precursor items and precursor research point types, or trigger certain events to progress to the next step on the tree. However, the best part about this tree is when you click on an element on the tree there is usually a detailed description of the item (not just the item's tool tip description). There is also a research table where you can scan various blocks (elements, voxels, honeycomb, and terrain decor in DU's case) for these research points of various types (ex. Terra, Lux, Aqua, etc.), which you can use in the research table to make patterns in a puzzle to unlock the recipe of an item. In DU's case this would translate to getting a schematic in return. Now, this could replace the need to sell schematics by bots, because the required stuff to make these researches could be engineered to only found after exploration (and prospecting). Left: List of various research point variants that the user can use for the research puzzle. Right: The research puzzle itself, the pre-existing "nodes" must all be connected to each other in some way complete the puzzle. These research points in Thaumcraft can be combined, and all but the most elemental are a form of 'recipe tree', where they are made by, or make other research point types. These research points connect in the puzzle to other research points that they either are made of 1 tier down, or make 1 tier up. To scan there'd probably be talents related to it, as well as a tool to scan the various objects. Items could be further investigated by actually putting them into the table. All items/objects should be scannable (to return some research points). How to replicate a schematic once you "unlock" it at this table? The best way to enrich the replication of schematics is to add a new layer of depth to item scanning. Once you unlock certain parts of the tech tree, it should be possible to re-scan various elements (without telling the player what changed, after all, it's research). The player could then re-play the puzzle mini-game to attain more schematics. This should naturally create a limit on the amount of schematics possible by an individual, due to this budgeting. Lastly, the research table "puzzle", unlike Thaumcraft, is fundamentally random to some extent. The player will always be presented with the same "research stems" in the puzzle, however, their positions are entirely random, unlike the original, making the replay-ability much higher.
  13. Is there still a possibility for the main star system to be replaced with the new planet tech? It's a shame it hasn't happened yet, and I can 100% confirm it'd be a major PR boost for the game if done properly.
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