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  1. I won't be talking about deleting keys, as I talked about it in the following post, however, keep in mind that I think those improvements should be implemented as well: First I would like some proper documentation on how the keys work, because they work completely unintuitively, in the sense that you cannot consume a key you created, and you cannot use them to transfer your ship to an organization, without first creating a key, and attempting to do so. The game doesn't tell you this. The second feature I would like (as was mentioned in the post above), is the ability to consume your o
  2. In the 0.25.4 PTS update, they made it so we can no longer put construct keys into packages to delete them. Before packages, this was the same. What I see wrong with construct keys not being delete-able is the following: -Construct keys cannot be consumed by the person who made the construct key -Construct keys cannot be deleted once they are expired -Construct keys are not consumable once expired What this means, is that players can create an item that they can never destroy, unless they intentionally force respawn with the key in their inventory (although I haven't tested this,
  3. I made this post about the 0.24 update a while back when it was about to launch. Considering the Idea Box is quite active, since I can't repost it here, here's the link to the post. Please leave comments on the original post, so that the discussion is centralized, but upvotes here would allow more people to find the original post ❤️
  4. The simple idea is that players can replace a smaller core with a bigger core (but not vice versa) by placing the larger core ontop of the smaller core (directly centered on it). In placing it, it would not be blocked by the smaller core, but only by any other element around around the core. Once placed, the old core would be deleted.
  5. Forget stealth. Instead we have this stupid nebula making any dark object extremely visible at night, or in space.
  6. IDK if it's just me, but I find it quite unnerving that the player size is absurdly tall (exactly 2 meters). Especially for the sake of allowing smaller interiors to not feel so cramped, as well as making the player generally feel more like themselves (but in an alternate universe, AKA immersion), I think it makes more sense for the player to be 6.5-7 blocks tall. While a minor change, I think it would be a welcome addition. If the devs are willing to go further, I think that the players should be able to set their player height (within reason) when making their character (and/or when we ed
  7. Tell me... Which of these is Thades, and which is Sinnen? If you can tell me looking purely at the terrain generation of these two images, you deserve a raise. The purpose of this post was to raise awareness for the need for improved planet generation (including a terrain reset), as variety of planets is essential in the appeal and longevity of the game, especially in exploration.
  8. To prefix this, this is primarily a discussion page to talk about various ways to monetize this beloved game called Dual Universe, while weighing pros and cons. Considering many people don't understand why things are done, or perhaps the business people within the company haven't thought of a few of the ideas perhaps to be mentioned in this total thread, here it goes. None of any posts in this thread are considered the whole picture, more as a combination of all the thoughts given, including this initiation post To start, we are going with the backer method fro
  9. I like the idea from the perspective of "yes, people just set up home base at districts and it's really annoying", but I can't really see a way to enforce this without player-driven gameplay (ex: ability to use "police" to tow a construct). As of right now, they'd probably need to just shove a bunch of persistent constructs off the districts (without harming them). Maybe after 7 days of being ontop of a market or district consecutively (maneuvering around within 500m of the market does count, or some radius smaller or larger). Essentially this could fix an issue where trash collection and RA
  10. Even though the planet decision was made - the universe IMO should still be reset. This is for many reasons. First, as mentioned if this were to happen nothing you constructed would be lost (constructs, inventories, player data, etc). The reason why the universe should be reset is many parts. First, it would function as a "refresh" of ores and territories for the players who came in later. This would be nice, as now the community is established, the economy would most likely boom more than it has ever been. The second, is that, let's be honest... the planets right now are subpar. they wer
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