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    magnatron got a reaction from NERDFIGURE in Planet Wipes & meteors   
    there is a couple month old thread that had a response on resource regeneration im sure some of you haven't seen.
    "At the moment, it is not planned to have resource respawning.
    If for some reason, there are a real necessity to add some resources on a planet, meteorite rains could be an interesting alternative. 
    Unless we encounter some unsolvable scenario where it could stuck players, we will avoid the "artificial resource respawn" at all cost. 
    Best regards,
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    magnatron reacted to croxis in What are skills? and how do they work?   
    I don't think it is cheesy at all, because what the player can do will be limited by the items and equipment they carry on them.
    Players also get very attached to their avatar, yet their gameplay interests will drift over time. My character in Eve is 10 years old now I think, and it has done everything from nullsec miner living to mission running to wormhole explorer to pvp warp scrambler to logistic healing to battleship dps. And with time based skills I continued doing what I enjoyed while training for the next thing I was interested in, without having to start over with another character from scratch. My husband is different, he loves leveling alts in WoW.
    What you propose is a player designed class system. And being humans who are natural min/maxers these classes will end up more or less just as ridged as if the devs hard coded them. The more I think about playing Dual over the course of years the more the idea of classes, be it by skill cap or hard code, makes me lose interest because my main would be perminatly shoehorned into a role that I may want to change over time.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in Survival and Revenge   
    November 30 2536, somewhere on the east coast of the north American continent.
    I have been awake for 4 days solid at this point, running different hacks and confidence schemes. just a few more steps before the finish line, and then i need to deal with that corpse in the other room. oh dear lord that corpse is starting to smell rancid, next time i have to kill someone i need to remember to do it outside or something or at least not in the building i need to work out of.
    "scripting and identification processing complete, one hour until wide scale update of all UN server clusters is complete" and with that statement the AI that ran this server began its own version of scorched earth as it permanently deleted all data then proceeded to increase the voltage to the server components to the point the entire machine melted into slag. its odd that i felt more guilty over forcing an AI to commit suicide than i did beating in the skull of this monstrous human whose identity i just stole. i sure hope this guy didn't have a lot of friends aboard what ever arkship he is assigned to, but i guess ill jump off that bridge when i get to it.
    i had planned to just burn the building down on top of the corpse i needed to deal with, but there was a lot of people in the area and i couldn't risk someone busting in and attempting to rescue the evidence i was attempting to cover up. so i decided to just go with tossing it in the trunk of a car and ditching the car in the ocean somewhere. in the end i was shocked at how much harder stuffing a rotting corpse into the truck of a car was then i thought it would be, and i think its going to take years to get this nasty stench out of my sinus's.
    just as i was getting ready to go the door i was going to drive the car out of bust into high speed shrapnel and blinding light. between the ear piercing explosion and the bright light i was brought to my knee's covering my face, when the disorientation passed i looked up to see a tall slender woman with fire red hair standing over me holding a gun to my head.
    "you are not the man we expected to find here" she says in a disappointed tone, letting the aggravation show on her face.
    "cant say i was expecting company either, or explosions for that matter" trying to put a smile on my face to cover up the fact that i am absolutely freaking out thinking about whats going to happen when they look in the trunk.
    and then it happens, i hear the noise of the trunk mechanism releasing followed by "holy shit, major you need to see this"
    "one second" the beautiful lady with red hair says as she finishes up restraining me with those plastic ties these UN types are so fond of.
    as she makes it over to the trunk of the car i hear her start laughing, a loud and of all things a happy sounding laugh. "now that's who we expected to find, just not quite so dead"
    at this point i really had no idea if i was going to be put in a prison or just shot on the spot, with only two years until the end of earth what difference would it really make.
    "Sergent knock that man out and bring him with back to HQ with us" says the woman who apparently is named major.
    December 2 2536, UN Headquarters office of Major Rebeca Cathwright
    i think i have been here for days, but i cant be sure as i have not seen a window or a clock. now i find myself sitting in front of this beautiful red head, and im pretty sure she just might be the most dangerous human i have ever encountered.
    "well well mister ghost, it seems there is nothing in any of the systems worldwide that can identify you as anything besides Douglass Santiago. but i know for a fact that you are not Douglass Santiago"
    "Douglass Santiago was a rich playboy that moonlighted as a rapist and murderer, he had numerous political and corporate connections that he leveraged to maintain his freedom and ultimately they also where able to secure him a spot aboard the arkship Novark. had i not been doing an investigation to capture this piece of scum you would have been able to quietly get away with your crime mister ghost"
    yup i think this woman is going to kill me, will it hurt or will she make that happy laugh while she does it like when she saw Douglass's corpse.
    "the truly frustrating part mister ghost is the fact that although i know you are not Douglass Santiago there is no evidence to prove that fact. what ever it is that you did you have completely taken every part of his identity, the finger prints and DNA in every file i can find for Douglass Santiago match yours completely. to the point that i would be put in for disciplinary action if i where to try to charge you with anything besides misappropriation of human remains. seeing as the corpse we found at the time of your arrest is registered as being a corpse found on the street and assumed to be a homeless person who died of natural causes"
    at this point she reaches across her desk and activates a privacy device. as i sit there doing everything in my power to maintain my composure.
    "i'm going to level with you mister ghost....i was that scums last victim and i narrowly escaped with my life, after that i had only a single desire. to capture that man and see to it he never made it to that arkship so he could die here with the rest of us that don't have a place on one of those ships."
    and just like a light switch she went from a warrior goddess, to actually looking human and vulnerable. and the fact that that scum could have that kind of effect on a woman like this filled me with uncontrollable rage, the same rage i was filled with when i caught that scum.
    "you are mistaken major" i growl out before i could stop myself. at which point the fire and anger came back to her with a vengeance.
    "you where not his last victim, his last victim is what brought about his current situation. taking what i hold dear to me has a high price that must be paid, paid in blood if need be."
    with that statement her entire demeanor changed, now she was looking at me like a comrade whose situation deserved her pity. then she reached across the desk and placed her hand on top of mine and whispers "i'm sorry, i'm so sorry we couldn't stop him" then pulls her hand away to wipe a single tear from her left eye.
    after a few moments of silence she reaches to the privacy device and turns it off.
    "well mister Santiago it seems the whole world is running off its rails in fear of the coming end of the world, so we have been ordered to send you directly to the arkship Novark so you can be put into cryo sleep as they intend to launch as soon as all the pioneers are aboard. there is no need for you to worry about this clerical error, with the situation we all find ourselves in proper maintenance of our databases has not been the priority it once was"
    and with a sly satisfied smile she hit a button on her phone and a few seconds later two guards step in the room with us. "please escort mister santiago to the transport heading to the novark. Mister Santiago i wish you and all of the pioneers all the luck i can, and i pray that you can avoid making some of the same mistakes as we have here on earth."
    after all the military types where done saluting each other the guards rushed me out the door and through a maze of hallways. then i found my self in a parking lot with your average civilian shuttle piloted by a man who looked so old he just might have borrowed a dollar from Jesus way back when. in two hours i would be aboard the Novark, i would be one of the small percentage of people who will at least have a chance to live, to be revered and reviled all at once and by many. i wonder what they all would think if they knew the truth of how i got here.
    December 2 2536, Arkship Novark.
       Authorized personnel only.
    "kind of a frightening a sign when i know i am about about to do a very convincing ice cube impression. what kind of effects can i expect to deal with once i get thawed out doctor?"
    "nothing all that bad pretty much just a small amount of temporary memory loss. we have perfected this technology for centuries now and i assure you we have gotten quite good at the process. and the AI's we are using now are the highest grade top level AI that human technology is capable of, you are in very good hands sir." says the good doctor with a smile no sane human would trust.
    "somehow that does not make me feel any less nervous" well i guess less nervous and more scared out of my mind.
    he spent the next 20 minutes explaining the process i was about to go though like i was a fellow doctor, as Douglass Santiago had attended medical school. so i was sure to just look nervous and scared and hope the fact that i didn't understand what the doctor was saying wasn't very apparent.
    eventually i was taken to a cryo pod and told to "strip and get in" then they proceeded to hook tubes and wires to me. once they where done they all stood tall and gave me a salute and wished me luck on my journey. these could be the last faces i see, the last words i hear, and the last thing i experience. kind of a depressing thought, i sure hope my last memory ends up being something besides having myself frozen on purpose.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Ghoster in What kind of city or base would you like to build.   
    i personally am hoping to be able to turn a poor unsuspecting asteroid into a manufacturing fortress. with nothing on the surface except for a landing pad, hanger access, and a gratuitous amount of weaponry.
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    magnatron got a reaction from guttertrash in What kind of city or base would you like to build.   
    i personally am hoping to be able to turn a poor unsuspecting asteroid into a manufacturing fortress. with nothing on the surface except for a landing pad, hanger access, and a gratuitous amount of weaponry.
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    magnatron got a reaction from yamamushi in Preferred logout mechanics?   
    so the rag doll idea i find just totally amusing. can you guys imagine how many lifeless bodies would be lying around the safe area around the ark 5 years after release. it would look like a zombie apocalypse game, in fact im sure some us would be telling new players to watch out for the zombie attacks.
    in all seriousness though i think the most fair decision to make here, would be to use a combination of vanish and cryobed. if a player logs out in the field it would trigger something like a 30 second timer, if any action what so ever is taken or you are attacked during that 30 seconds the log out is canceled. if you go to a cryobed to log out you log out immediately and get a very small bonus to skill training.
    i think if you are aboard a small single player ship that ship should vanish with the player if they are in the cockpit, if you are not in the cockpit when you logout the ship should stay in the game world.
    and large crewed multiplayer ships should never disappear from the game world. if you log out aboard a large ship and you want to still be aboard when you log back in you should need to go to a cryobed. as i think it would make things easier for the server to track what cryobed to spawn you next to in a moving construct. but something needs to be in place to handle what to do with players who are logged out on a crewed ship that has been destroyed. i guess sending them wherever the rest of the crew who was logged in got sent would do. at least that would be better than logging in floating in the void with no ship in sight.
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    magnatron reacted to Halo381 in Payment Model Gripes   
    Okay, so I know that what I'm about to type doesn't really contribute to the community much or anything, and I sorely apologize for that, BUT,
    For the love of all things holy, can we all agree not to respond to (or CREATE) any more Payment Model topics? God forbid, if you create one you must want half the community to come and rain on your sunny day. It's a salty topic, and you're bound to get crap for it no matter how good the idea sounds to you, so please, PLEASE, don't create these topics (there are already several, much to many people's chagrin). And for any forum go-ers that see these topics, please quote the above green text.
    An annoyed community member
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    magnatron reacted to guttertrash in A possibly efficient alternative to the subscription model   
    Why are the most debated topics the ones that need no debate. NQ stated in no uncertain terms this will be a subscription model. I hope they don't give these threads any consideration, i'm starting to hope that every time they see one of these threads they just add $1 to the monthly sub cost. 
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    magnatron reacted to Anfros in DevBlog: Monetization, player happiness and economic viability   
    I have yet to see anyone who advocates b2p or f2p explain how those models would create revenue for NQ in 10 years. The devs very frequently compare their vision for DU with Eve and for good reason, it's a SANDBOX. People are going to build sandcastles and they are going to get torn down and then others are going to build new sandcastles. Infinite replayability. Barring NQ going bankrupt or not managing to actually produce a game that holds up there is no reason this game is not going to last a decade or two, so when choosing monetization model it is important to think long term and p2p is the only model that has long term viability, excepting p2w but that is unacceptable to the current community and I believe to the devs as well.
    In a f2p system you would need an game store of some kind, but what would this store sell? Ingame currency or materials is out of the question from a market and p2w point of view. Cosmetic items? What kind of cosmetic items could you actually sell in a game were all the things that actually matter are going to be player constructed? Could you have special colors that could only be utilized for construction if you buy them? That's basically just taking sand out of the sandbox, which would probably be a deal-breaker for me and many others. Could you sell pre-defined shps or blueprints? Sure but they would probably suck or be op, the combat meta is probably going to be to diverse and changing for any predefined ship to be good without cheating.
    As to subscriptions being expensive in some countries due to currencies and income levels, that is entirely up to the devs/publisher. There is absolutely nothing that stops games from being prized differently in different countries. And yes 12-15€ is more that my electric bill too and there are many people that cannot afford to buy subscription. Playing games is not a human right though, just like you are not entitled to own an iPhone or a car.
    The devs need to use a monetization model that works for their company and for their game vision, and NQ has said that their choice is probably gong to be p2p, with the option of buying game time from other players for in game currency. I personally think this is a good choice as I think this leads to the fewest compromises between gameplay and money and I know large parts of the community agrees with me.
    So until someone actually explains how they would want f2p or b2p to actually work and how that would keep the game alive and development funded 10 years from now I will consider this topic finished.
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    magnatron reacted to wesbruce in Over mining causing ugly planets?   
    There is another solution to the mined out spawn zone problem. Simply add restoration tools to the tool range and mine restoration to the "quest" list. Make money fixing spawn.
    People go out with tools they have crafted and a small amount of resources and smooth, fill, repair the Terrain. Mine restoration and forest replanting are a real thing in the real would. Whether it resets ores or simply resets the terrain to seed without ores will be a question. If this is a player built world and a player mined world, why not a player repaired world? 

    Also helps with that hidden base. You don't want the mining giving the game a way. 

    In minecraft anarchy servers I'm the guy that goes back with dirt and saplings and replants spawn. It really confuses people. 
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    magnatron got a reaction from Kongou in Confusion   
    i have gotten the word out to a number of people, they all found the idea interesting but where rather reserved.
    but there just is not very much that has been released yet. and people don't seem to want to get their hopes up when a game is this early in production. too many failed kick starters and steam green lights seems to be the theme of their apprehension.
    once we start seeing some solid alpha video with more game features i think the hype might start getting a bit more noticeable.
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    magnatron reacted to Wilks Checkov in New Lighting Video...   
    Cant wait to fly out and settle down unto one of those island - then proceed to make one giant industrial mess. 
    #Dirty Industry - I do not give a flying **** about the environment. I care about profit. 
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    magnatron reacted to Wilks Checkov in Debate 4: Potential Power Generators   
    Today I thought I would talk about the different ways power could be generated in game. There are a great many things to discuss today, so lets get right into our topic. 
    After reading around I have yet to see a huge amount talked about on the current subject so here is a few of my ideas on generators & power sources as well as potential effects and other assorted attachments.
    Low yield power generation:
    These forms of generators would more than likely be used early on in starting the game. Some of which may come pre shipped on the ARK, and fuel would be readily accessible to either produce or harvest.
    Solar power cells - not terribly efficient at generating power unless in massive arrays - require capacitors or batteries to store power long term. Are effected by weather effects. Bio-fuel Generators - essentially a generator that burns organic matter to generate heat to generate current. Potentially provides a use for trees - wood - and even coal as a resource. Would require water to keep cool, or just kept at low operating temperature.  Geothermal - not sure if there are going to be heated areas on planets - but would be a interesting concept to go around. Provides easy infinite resource of heat to use to generate current. Downside - may be uncommon to find on planet, but when located do provide a inexhaustible source of current for running long term operations.  Wind turbines - same area as solar - but instead of relying on sun they work on wind. Work far more efficiently in areas of high altitude, current generation is tied on cycle factor of wind being present. If wind is however not present - no current is generated.  Hydro-electric - if there is water nearby it can be moved under pressure to generate current. Is limited to the amount of water stock piled, requires infrastructure to be built beforehand.   
    Then as we progress along, we get towards the mid range of power generation. These generate significantly more power than the low yield tier, but some do have side effects and or things that can go wrong. The mid range tier is more suited towards powering ships and other larger objects, instead of ground based facilities. 
    Mid range power generation:
    Fission reactors / Nuclear power - allows for steady generation of power via the use of enriched uranium - via uranium oxides / ores on planets and asteroids. Hazardous if containment is ruptured - radiation exposure throughout facility and or ship. Can cause fatalities. Suggest protecting in well hardened area. Generates enough current to power small ships and fair sized ground facilities.  Fusion reactors - similar to nuclear except instead of trying to pull apart atoms it fuses them together. Hazardous if magnetic containment is breached - imagine plasma at the temperature of the sun leeching into your facility or ship. Can cause fatalities, and ship destruction. Suggest protecting in well hardened area.  Cold fusion - far safer form of fusion - generates same amount of power - but occurs at room temperature instead of super hot environment.   
    Then as we progress further down the line of research - you start to encounter ways of generating enormous amounts of power. Some of these are inherently hazardous to ship and person. So do keep a eye on em - and for goodness sake hope something does not break. The generators in this category would only be accessible after a significant amount of research time, and would require exotic components and minerals to be constructed, as well as a high level of knowledge to maintain and operate. 
    Theoretical Prototype / High range power generation:  
    Antimatter power generation - generates current via use of antimatter - Inherently very dangerous to ship and person if containment is ruptured and contact is made with normal matter. Capable of generating enormous amounts of energy. Expensive to maintain and harvest fuel.  Zero point energy - generator that draws quantum energy from a vacuum. Requires significant materials to construct but is capable of generating enormous amounts of energy. No inherent danger.   
    These are just a few of the ideas I had about potential ways to generate power in Dual Universe. Anyway what are your opinions on the choices? Did I miss anything?
    What are your ideas on power generation?
    Feel free to debate below. . .
         - and remember to leave a like, it is appreciated. 
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    magnatron reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in What caught my eye, What is lacking, and What makes me wary.   
    Hi Metalmamoth and welcome in the Dual Universe community. So to address your concerns (or at least give you an explanation, even if it's not the one you would have expected), here are some answers:    
    Please make the difference between what would seem nice in your opinion and what is really needed. No, it's not essential to make customizable prefab blocks in our game: what you're asking requires a considerable amount of development time. It's like asking to develop ingame a tool like 3D Studio Max, Maya or Blender, each of these software having a full dev team behind it. Keep in mind that we are an independant studio and while we have a bigger team than the average indie, we can't be compared to big studios like Bioware or Blizzard. We have to choose our battles, to make tough choices about what we will develop and what we won't. This + the fact that our dev team wants to keep a minimal control about the artistic direction are the main reasons why we won't have prefab customizable blocks.     
    Does it have to be Massively Multiplayer?   Short answer:   Yes.   Long answer:   If you like playing on small private servers to play with small communities carefully selected, that's perfectly fine and you have already many games aiming to achieve this goal: Space Engineers, Starmade, etc. On the other hand, there are NO massively multiplayer Builder games as we intend to do. That's one of the big reason why there has been a lot of investment developping the tech necessary to make it happen. We are perfectly aware that it won't be everybody's cup of tea, but we aren't trying to satisfy every player either.   There is no game offering such experience at the moment and we're intending to provide such service. If massively multiplayer games don't appeal to you, then maybe it's not a game for you. From what you are saying, other building games have performance issues with huge voxel constructions, and we can understand that's a problem. However, if you prefer their way of doing things (private servers, small communities), it would be more relevant to ask them directly to address the problem in their game than attempting to modify the vision of a game (like Dual Universe) that has entirely other goals.   If you see our game like a "Space Engineers" clone, then you have missed most of our goals with the project: building spaceships and cities is just the corner stone of a bigger edifice. We want to combine Building gameplay with a player-driven economy, constested territories and politics. These last three gameplay aspects won't thrive unless we reach a critical mass regarding the number of players. That's the big reason to go for a massively multiplayer online structure.     
      Dual Universe is not a game meant for children. So unfortunately, this scenario is not relevant. There's currently a high chance that our game will be rated PEGI 18 when it will be officially released. Not because of offensive content included originally in the game (there won't be any), but because of the very nature of sandbox games (especially when it comes to massively multiplayer games): giving player freedom is something that is expected in a Massively Multiplayer Sandbox game, but it comes with some duties. This is not something you can ask from someone who isn't legally responsible because of his age. You can see Dual Universe as a Minecraft-like game made for mature, adult players. We want to build a community with players responsible for their actions and ready to handle the consequences of their actions ingame: do not trust blindly someone you've just met one minute ago, do not transport valuable goods in an unprotected spaceship, etc.    
    You would be perfectly right if we wanted to develop a "theme park" MMO like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars the Old Republic, etc. In this kind of games, the developers mission is to bring huge amount of content regularly. To sell expansions in this scenario would be totally relevant. But in a Sandbox context, where players make their own content? Sure the dev team plans to add regularly additional gameplay mechanics, to offer aways more gameplay possibilities to the players, but would it be enough to convince the most part of players to buy an expansion ? nothing is less sure than that. And that's probably why CCP preferred to keep a subscription model instead of selling expansions (despite the fact they did make expansions, they didn't sell them and kept the monthly subscription formula). This would be a very very risky bet.    
    With all due respect, there might be a third possibility: Without having all the cards in hand to judge objectively, you're making a (probably involuntary) biased assessment, and the way you calculate the costs are incredibly far from the reality (with the costs being in fact much higher than what you are thinking). Unless you have already managed and directed the budget for a Massively Multiplayer Online game, you're not qualified to make such bold statement as above. Continuing to affirm such things would be just arrogance.   It has become increasingly common in the recent years to see many players jump to the conclusion that devs are immediately greedy and/or evil masterminds as soon as the price of a game isn't the price they deem reasonable without having made rigorous market studies on the topic and/or being fully aware of how much cost a game, and especially a MMORPG (costs skyrocket when you're aiming for Massively Multiplayer Online Game, available 24h/24 7d/7  with all the logistics behind. Moreover, the costs for an offline single player - or a player hosted server - game is nothing comparable to the costs of a MMO game.   Another point that makes your reasonnement starting on a wrong basis: currently, Dual Universe isn't planned to require a payment equal to a full game price from day one. So to reach the price of a Buy to play Model, you will have to play and pay at least 4 months (+ the free trial period) if we refer to standard monthly fees, before reaching the same cost. After all this time in game, if you don't want to pay anymore, you will still have the alternative to buy monthly subscription tokens from other players with your ingame money (or even before: if a player is active enough, it might be possible to buy the first monthly subscription token right after the free trial period expires). This is exactly how the PLEX system from EvE Online works. So in all honesty, we have a hard time to see how this formula can be seen as greedy or evil. It's a balance between giving people with low budget but with lots of free time to join the game and the investment in the game (be it in time played or money) as a deterrent to adopt a bad behavior.    
    If you have read our devblog post here, we do tell that the B2P model (Buy once, Play forever) is a strong deterrent to player negative behavior, nearly as much as the Pay to Play model. Our main concerns with the "Buy to Play" model are elsewhere:  - This is an immediate paywall that would discourage many players with low budget. - This makes our alternative to play for free impossible. For more info, read the first part of the DevBlog ("Being able to play the game without spending money"), and especially the "Pay to Play" part explaining the benefits of the PLEX system used by EvE Online (and copied by other MMOs like Wildstar and World of Warcraft). - This is not a solid and sustainable model unless we invest a huge amount of our budget in developping a cash shop. Because MMORPGs with a Buy to Play model always have a huge (some players would say oversized) cash shop. The server and the team behind a MMORPG aren't just financed by the sales of the game. On the long term, the main revenue to finance all this is generated by the cash shop. As we are aware that relying too much and/or becoming dependant from a cash shop revenue can generate many problems, that one more reason to be careful about this model.    That being said, an official thread will be made soon to answer and adress all the concerns about the Pay to Play monetization model. There are already too many threads about this topic, and it's about time that all the related discussions are gathered in the same place.   Best regards, Nyzaltar.
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    magnatron reacted to Anaximander in Price model, SAY NO TO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!   
    Well, testing it and playing it, is another thing. WoW had a trial membership, but it blocked you from playing more than a week and beyond level 10. you had to buy the game so you can go further, like how its expansions work. Testing it's okay, as long as it won't allow the testers to leave the initial system. I won't say planet, cause that's a moot point. The game is all about space, but not interstellar space. They'll have to buy that to experience it.
    I'm also adamant on the Subscription/PLEX system. It is the best option. It allows people with money IRL to support the game and playerbase via gaining in-game money they cannot farm due to having not much time to spend in-game, while peple with a lot of time and limited money get to play the game via in-game economy they can, somehow, manage to thrive in.
    SUB/PLEX, the best type of game imo. You know a sytem is amazing when WoW copies it.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Dygz_Briarthorn in skill/level caps?   
    really i think we need more information about just how skills are going to work in DU. we know there wont be levels like wow, so i think we will be safe from the whole level 80 character smashing the level 2 character.
    i haven't been able to find it, but i remember a post from NQ saying they where thinking about using a system similar to eve and perpetuum. in witch case we could see a system that has a vast array of skills, with each skill having its own cap. and any one activity would only use a fraction of the overall skills, this way you can specialize in a particular activity and be able to be on par with the rest of the population in a week or two. and able to max their skills for that particular activity in about the same time it takes an average gamer to reach level cap in wow.
    this way a combat character can only get so powerful, and needs to use ingenuity and tactics to become a true terror. and the old vets would not have an insurmountable skill advantage over all the new players. they would just be able to be skilled in multiple professions for lack of a better term for the time being. this way no matter how long a person plays they can feel like their character is still improving.
    and the real gulf between the new and old players would be knowledge of game mechanics and wealth. but this is all conjecture i really have no idea what the devs have in mind for skills for us, they could come up with something none of us have seen or thought of before.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Ghoster in Confusion   
    i have gotten the word out to a number of people, they all found the idea interesting but where rather reserved.
    but there just is not very much that has been released yet. and people don't seem to want to get their hopes up when a game is this early in production. too many failed kick starters and steam green lights seems to be the theme of their apprehension.
    once we start seeing some solid alpha video with more game features i think the hype might start getting a bit more noticeable.
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    magnatron reacted to Anaximander in Subscription should not be its pay model   
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    magnatron reacted to Khaymann in Currency name?   
    Not necessarily, you sir should take off the tin foil hat and stop looking for the worst in every situation.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Anaximander in Fanmade Music   
    First of all, the only good Barney is a dead Barney.  just a friendly message from the mother republic .
    now on to relevancy, your track didn't have a bad sound Yamamushi although i kept wanting it to do a little more than it did. but that was also my feeling of the music you linked in the other thread. it just felt like it wanted to reach that level of epic that would make just standing around looking at a hill feel like an epic adventure but fell short.
    but perhaps a more ambient music would fit for the out of combat situations in the game, but i do hope there is some epic combat music. what ever music this game ends up with i hope its good as opposed to a lot of the other games i have played where i just mute the music because it got annoying after a couple of week of play. like eve, if you ask about the music in eve the vast majority of us would say "eve has music?".
    and i have to agree with the captain, the music in both of the planetside games was full of win. i cant tell you how many times the victory music that played when you captured a base in the first planet side inspired me to jump out of my chair fists raised in the air. in fact the neighbors even called the cops on me once for making too much noise in my jubilation.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Anaximander in New gameplay footage!   
    i think this devblog covers that pretty well.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Pantydraco in PLEASE CLOSE THIS TOPIC,OR TELL ME   
    i find it hard to see anything positive coming from being able to take slaves or prisoners. im pretty sure the people who got captured would just log off until after they where released.
    in the end any mechanic that makes the player feel like logging off is the most entertaining option might not be the wisest choice to make.
    also now that im thinking about it, being enslaved or put in prison by the players might just feel like a worse punishment than just getting a ban from the GM. and we all know that we cannot trust the gamer population as a whole with that type of power, some of the worst humans alive are within our ranks.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in Multiboxing support?   
    nice yamamushi i just can across the same graphic was coming to toss it up in this thread. this seems like a good way to deal with combat multi boxing as spotting a fleet of multi boxed ships is pretty easy.
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    magnatron reacted to KlatuSatori in How Much Effort should be required for a PLEX (monthly sub token)   
    I think the amount of effort required will be determined by the market. A DU PLEX will be worth whatever players are willing to pay for them.
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    magnatron got a reaction from Bella_Astrum in Holo Table decorative prop (D.U. art inside)   
    that holo table looks pretty cool, i wonder if its going to be interactive. and i wonder if has to be setup on a planet or if we can put them in our captial ships and have it display what ever planet we happen to be orbiting.
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