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  1. I'd just like to add that I'm against timers for many of the reasons already on here. Something I haven't seen mentioned is that these kinds of organised battles also shutdown a whole host of war strategies and grant additional advantage to the side with the most numbers - organisations with more members already have a numbers advantage, they don't need that advantage artificially swelled. I'm also against war declarations for similar reasons. It's also too rigid. I'd like to see, as part of the organisation management tools, a relationships management system, completely custom
  2. This topic was indeed discussed before. but it was quite a while back. The topic is well worth a scan through, because it got a nice response from NQ. In particular, Nyzaltar's post:
  3. This in particular. Also: [Redacted]
  4. I think a distinction needs to be made between tech advancement and skill training. Skill training is character specific and will be time based. It will unlock certain abilities and/or provide small % improvements in a character's performance of those abilities. It will be a lot like the skill training system in Eve. This has been NQ's plan since the early days and hasn't changed as far as I'm aware. Tech advancement is the discovery of new elements and materials which have the potential to shake up the status quo. For example in the first couple of months, the discovery of
  5. I'd rather have the skill system gently influence tech advancement rather than directly unlock new elements/blueprints. Tech advancement could be a true system of discovery. Crafters could experiment with different ores/materials/fuels to discover new ones. Explorers might discover mysterious ancient or abandoned constructs that give clues as to what might be possible for players to build. New features could be released without explicit announcement and instead revealed through clues in the environment. Even destruction could have some chance to create and drop scraps of advanced material
  6. I can't speak for OP, but it seems this topic was about tech and yet most people are talking mainly about skills - two completely different things. Granted the same structures can be implemented for both, but different mechanisms can be used for their exploitation and discovery. For example, it probably makes sense to have a deterministic, player driven approach to individual character skills development, ala Eve Online. Technology advancement should be a lot more mysterious though, driven by an unknown combination discoveries, cooperation, random chance, dedicated research and m
  7. This discussion is all very much stick in the Eve mindset. Interdiction bubbles are fine but shouldn't be the only option for pulling people out of warp. It's much more interesting and exciting to be able to chase people down in warp and pull them out of it than to simply deploy a bubble. Either with a module or with some kind of limited FTL weaponry, or both.
  8. Oh very cool. I haven't seen that on the DU YouTube channel...
  9. Yes indeed, there are many possibilities for punishment depending who committed the crime, the severity, even how many times the crime had been committed. A long term alliance member might get a warning, followed by a fine for a second offence, followed by being kicked from the alliance. A new member might get kicked in the first offence. A friendly might just get banished and downgraded. On the other hand a large scale smuggling operation may lead to war. At the same time it is a game. Death isn't the end of the world, so the punishment could easily be death plus one of the above.
  10. Nice idea. It would be cool if DU has it's own periodic table of sorts and a basic system of chemistry that is complex enough to yield interesting and unexpected results. About asteroid vs planetary mining, you're only looking at a single material on your example. Different materials are rare/common in different places. Platinum might scarce on earth but it could be common as mud on another. A planet is more likely to contain a complete set of resources necessary for life, whereas asteroid living is likely to be much harder - the number of players that an organisation would be able to s
  11. There might also be political reasons to ban certain goods/services. Like for example banning possession/sale of all blueprints made by a particular company. Why? Maybe they're somehow affiliated with a rival faction, or maybe their products are just poor and you want your markets to be associated with quality. Or maybe just because you didn''t like the way one of them looked at you one day. If there's a demand for those products despite the ban, cue smuggling/black market opportunities.
  12. Contracts can be complicated but they don't have to be. They can simply be goods exchanged for currency. If formal advertising of contracts requires a physical location - which makes sense, then tax avoidance becomes a bit more of an effort. You'd need to use word of mouth to form contacts then meet at a designated place and set up the contract and deal it there and then - direct player to player, no middle man or intermediate step. No need for a formal advertising board. This is a black market that takes some effort to deal in. This could be done on a large scale between organisations,
  13. The ability to ban the possession of certain items within your borders is already planned in the game using the RDMS/tagging system. The question is whether there will be a reason for orgs to do it. Another thought stemming from that - you might ban everyone from possessing/trading weapons bigger than a certain size unless they have a "gun licence" tag. You give the tag out to your soldiers and police/security force plus trusted indivudals. Not really sure what you mean by that.
  14. Plus one for undercover FBI agents smoking out corrupt manufacturing orgs.
  15. I didn't mention the drug-fiend thing because I doubt NQ would consider it. The only way you could do it is if you have toons becoming crazy NPCs when the player is offline. Assuming that the primary source of a heavily taxed good is from a law-abiding organisation, that kind of tax avoidance wouldn't really be illegal unless there was a either a tax on imports/exports or a ban on importing/exporting goods altogether (none of that foreign stuff allowed). Taxing/banning of imports/exports would probably be pretty hard but to enforce unless you have terrain on your side, or your territory
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