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  1. From what NQ has said it seems resources are not going to regenerate, which is good for the economy long term. They have also said they want all players to spawn on the same planet, but this might change down the line, but at launch I expect there will only be one spawn point.
  2. I wouldn't be opposed to something like the ship welder from space engineers, but remote repairing like in Eve would be very weird.
  3. I would be fine with this as long as the transfer in realistic in that any large amount of energy transferred would cause people getting boiled alive, wood catching fire and intense radio interference.
  4. I love this concept and really like the different ideas people have brought forth. This is a good example where scripting can make a huge difference by diverting power to the areas that need it the most. I really think scripting should be part of any good ship design and should have a large impact on that ship and it's capabilities. We do have to keep in mind however that any all actions will have a slight delay so we probably won't see a system where changing how the shields are powered every second is possible, otherwise large battles would cause immense server load.
  5. I think other players will be plenty dangerous, we do not need spacemonsters. Frankly, from your posts, it seem you want the game to move in a completely different direction than the one the devs have indicated so far. I suggest you go read up on what the devs are planning for the game and think about whether this is the game you are looking for. Edit: I made a false statement in my original post, removed it
  6. We all understood what you meant, it's just a really dumb idea that counteracts the very core concept of the game.
  7. Different quality resources doesn't really make sense though, iron is iron. The real difference should be in how you process the resources you gather.
  8. Do we really need more ways than mining to ruin planets, seems that is going to be more than enough.
  9. I will personally be running a material doubling service, send me mats and I will send you double the amount back...
  10. I have yet to see anyone who advocates b2p or f2p explain how those models would create revenue for NQ in 10 years. The devs very frequently compare their vision for DU with Eve and for good reason, it's a SANDBOX. People are going to build sandcastles and they are going to get torn down and then others are going to build new sandcastles. Infinite replayability. Barring NQ going bankrupt or not managing to actually produce a game that holds up there is no reason this game is not going to last a decade or two, so when choosing monetization model it is important to think long term and p2p is the only model that has long term viability, excepting p2w but that is unacceptable to the current community and I believe to the devs as well. In a f2p system you would need an game store of some kind, but what would this store sell? Ingame currency or materials is out of the question from a market and p2w point of view. Cosmetic items? What kind of cosmetic items could you actually sell in a game were all the things that actually matter are going to be player constructed? Could you have special colors that could only be utilized for construction if you buy them? That's basically just taking sand out of the sandbox, which would probably be a deal-breaker for me and many others. Could you sell pre-defined shps or blueprints? Sure but they would probably suck or be op, the combat meta is probably going to be to diverse and changing for any predefined ship to be good without cheating. As to subscriptions being expensive in some countries due to currencies and income levels, that is entirely up to the devs/publisher. There is absolutely nothing that stops games from being prized differently in different countries. And yes 12-15€ is more that my electric bill too and there are many people that cannot afford to buy subscription. Playing games is not a human right though, just like you are not entitled to own an iPhone or a car. The devs need to use a monetization model that works for their company and for their game vision, and NQ has said that their choice is probably gong to be p2p, with the option of buying game time from other players for in game currency. I personally think this is a good choice as I think this leads to the fewest compromises between gameplay and money and I know large parts of the community agrees with me. So until someone actually explains how they would want f2p or b2p to actually work and how that would keep the game alive and development funded 10 years from now I will consider this topic finished.
  11. I doubt we we will see many kids in this game though, I expect most serious orgs are going to require their members to be at least 18+ and if we look at eve online, which in my mind has the same target audience, that game has a average age of around 30.
  12. The expansions in eve online are more like large named patches than the expansions of WoW. They are free and all content is available to all players. Calling them expansions is basically a PR thing. Imo having to pay extra for content is one of the best ways to kill off a sandbox.
  13. With a planet diameter of 30 km, even if we are only able to dig 2 km that's still 5000 Km^3 which is a lot..
  14. ISK sinks in eve online are small enough that they have basically no impact on the economy though. And since everything in DU is player made inflation is not much of a problem. Edit: wrong qoute, NQ has confirmed though that there will be an ingame currency much like in Eve or WoW
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