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  1. I didn't think there would be a wiki page about them yet... I feel smart now lol. Though I did mean I couldn't find more from NQ directly. This was more along the lines of the information I was looking for. A dev diary/dev blog or as mentioned above something direct from NQ.
  2. Anyone have information on how core units are going to work? I am thinking there are going to be static and dynamic but I am not able to confirm much more than that. I swear I have seen or heard someone from NQ talk about it somewhere. All I was able to find is this. From that picture, it looks like there will be multiple sizes? Any ideas what the different sizes might be for?
  3. Take a look at the poll peeps. It speaks for its self. By the way IF a feature like this were to be put into the game it would need to be in on release, at least the base functionality. This would be a major feature that would either make or break the game for a good majority of people.
  4. I like it. I think I actually started to say something along those lines but left it out so the post wasn't le wall-o-text. I tend to go into long winded rants and over detailing things.
  5. Both would be amazing and perfect, I don't expect them to change all of their elements though so ill deal. Just am idea.
  6. So i know this is a very finicky thing, but can we get the elements in an odd number of voxels instead of even number. Messing with my OCD man! Its not a big deal just a suggestion.
  7. Found here Whats about fully destructible Planets/Stars? Hi everyone, As said in another topic, technically anything on the planet is destructible (except what is built in safe areas). However, there is also some gameplay balancing concerns. Azrael, on 08 Jun 2016 - 08:14 AM, said: This sentence sums up the problem. + the fact that having safe zones would be pointless. So the clear answer is no, there won't be weapons powerful enough to destroy planets. And yes it will be possible to destroy anything on a planet surface that isn't in a safe area (assuming the agressor has the means to destroy the defensive measures put in place). Best regards, Nyzaltar.
  8. Don't fly what you can't afford to replace. The best piece of advice I ever received in eve. and if you want to mitigate loses all together go find a carebear zone and hang out there. lose and griefers are a part of life I don't like it any more than anyone else but the best way to deal is to just get over it, 90% of the time they do it for the reaction and nothing else so don't give them the satisfaction.
  9. So I'm pretty sure I have read about this somewhere, just can't remember where. But I'm pretty sure something like this will not be possible due to 1 mechanic. There will not be construct to construct collisions in the game. This means you can not ram other ships to cause damage and these types of weapons will not be possible. Then again i could be wrong not sure. This is also being discussed in this thread. Question about energy and projectile weapons And here Few questions on ship and ground mechanics. where Nyzaltar said: In short, the basic mechanics to make possible "planet ground vs orbital" combat will already exist in-game. The transition between planet ground, planet atmosphere and space is seamless in Dual Universe (no instances, no loading screen). So yes, this kind of combat is technically possible. However, to really become a gameplay possibility, the team will need to develop specific Elements for this kind of battle scale (very long range and powerful weapons, very large and powerful defenses, stats associated to these elements, game balancing, etc). This won't be trivial to develop (that would be a complete new territory in the MMO field as no one has ever made that before, from our knowledge. A challenge as big as exciting!) and that's not in the first priorities right now. But that could definitely be on the roadmap sooner or later. Maybe as a stretch goal for the crowdfunding campaign ?
  10. Link here Q&A 18: Monday 25th July 2016 Quote It won’t be possible to design its own assets. However, we are thinking about a way to let people customize optional logos that could be visible on certain Elements, probably at the level of an organization. Besides, in the long run, we hope to be able to produce a wide variety of different styles for each Elements, so that you get the possibility to find what looks best for you and your play style. But, as you can guess, it will take time (and money) to do this, so don’t expect a lot of variety at start.
  11. Any kind of maintenance would, of course be automated. As long as the construct has power then it should not need anything else other than to repair damage caused by combat. The degradation timer would not start until after the power systems fail due to no fuel. Now if someone were to happen by the construct "hack" the core unit and transfer ownership to them then restore power then the timer would "reset" and any maintenance from there would continue as before. The only repairs that may be needed would be those that caused severe "hitpoint" loss lets say over the period of a year.
  12. Even if it was closed 2 more would spring up. Just let them complain and ignore it. It is the best way to handle this type of thread.
  13. Indeed it does, i just went into a bit more detail. I didn't see that one thanks.
  14. Let's say you decide you no longer want to play the game for some reason, what happens to your stuff? Something that might work would be construct degradation over time. (before you start to rage at me just stop and read) Nothing super fast. You don't want to go on vacation and come back to all your stuff gone. What I was thinking would be something kind of like Wurm. After being inactive for x amount of time you stuff starts to "take damage". Very slowly at first but as time goes by it takes more and more. So let's say you haven't been active for a month (calm down it's just for easy maths) so your stuff starts to "take damage" at 1 "hitpoint" per day. Now each month after that adds more of a multiplier to that so let's say after 6 months of being gone you are now taking 6 hitpoints every day. It's not much but after a while your construct with collapse and at that point in time maybe something like 10% of the resources from said construct are "added" to the surrounding area. Now of corse if one of your friends is still active and you give them rights to everything then nothing happens to your stuff and it is fine. Unless it is an old base that you no longer want to maintain, and hell even forgot about. let's say after 3 months of not visiting a location the degradation starts to happen unless you interact with it in some way. Maybe you get some sort of message a month before this happens so you have plenty of time to make arrangements. Let me now what you think?
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