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  1. We don't know nearly enough to judge how will market currency work. 3 key points are: -1) How does currency enter economy, in other words how do you earn it. -2) What intrinsic value does currency have, in other word what can you do with it outside player market. -3) Balance between money entering and leaving economy. All of those are critical. If -2) is not there, and your money is worthless, bad things happen. Best case, players do straight items-for-itmes barter. Worst case is trading not happening, as sellers don't sell because what they get is worthless compared to wha
  2. I doubt ugly-mining will be a huge problem, because of technical reasons. Planets are 30km radius. This means 11309,4 km2 surface area. That extends 1 km down. That's just one planet. Also, terraforming will probably be reasonably accurate, or it's use is questionable. If terraforming is readily available, almost everyone will do some defacing of starter planet. Lets say, 100k players. Average one will deface is... eh... no idea, but you get my point. What I mean is, with readily available terraforming, gigantic landscapes will end up man-made, with accuracy that looks fine from 2m
  3. First day will be pure chaos, no doubt about that. Lots of arson, murder and jaywalking everywhere from everyone. Oh and first structures will be build. Expect phallic shaped forests. I can't imagine people cooperating for anything else. Seriously though, pre-organised groups will reach space long before anybody else. Expect goons to be among them (ones that are not defacing landscape). Very little war will happen for a while I think, there will be alot more resources and places than players at first. After a while, areas outside starter planet will be divided among factions. Stron
  4. This is absolutely correct. Solo players are not just ones who don't enjoy communication. Usual reason people play is because they want to experience game solely through their own strength and knowledge. There are 2 problems I see with Arki zones, from how they were presented. -They are very rare and expensive -They cover relatively small area From what I got, primarily use for those zones is building. Things like mining, other resource gathering, and pretty much all PvE will happen outside them. Game balance does not happen randomly. If it is left to be decided 'organically'
  5. Huh, guess I should have explained myself more clearly. Those parts so not constitute different points, they talk about the same one. 1 - 3 is just abstract game design nonsense that I believe apply to every MMO. 4 is how I believe they can be realised in DU. and 5 is basic idea summed up. Really, don't read into 1, 2 and 5 too much. And 3 talks about how psychological player archetypes, not in-game classes in any form. 4 is actual game proposal. EDIT: @CaptainTwerkometer please, do not assume my unfamiliarity with materials that have been released. I have read them all. And I
  6. Balancing for different player types. In spirit of "balanced pvp destruction system" https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/835-balanced-pvp-destruction-system/page-5#entry9398 Important: parts 1 - 3 is purely theoretical game design nonsense. 4 is game mechanics thoughts. 5 is whole thing conceptually summed up First, some important notes: 1) Very little reasoning of 'why?' will be given. Generally, "all successful mmos do this" will applicable, and they have their reasons. Most of those reasons also apply to DU. NOTE: or so I wrote initially... in practice it turned o
  7. @Cornflakes I was writing about how we talking about same thing, but stupid mobile site decided to reload into full version and ate my text. In short: every object has bound blueprint that is automatically transferred with ship ownership and no other way. Repairs is a good point. I feel right delegation is right way to do this though. Engineers would have hull-modify and blueprint-view access only to do repairs. This whole self-destruct on copy thing indeed doesn't have good reasons to be there. Instead, we will just prohibit building while ship is alive. Cheers!
  8. I don't expect any kind of universal central government to emerge, so most of the universe will be in anarchy. With that said, many there will be many small player groups, and several of them (Goons, no way they won't invade this game) will be large enough to be considered nations. But not big enough to dictate gameplay on universe scale though. Closest political structure such groups have is Empire I guess. Certainly not any kind of democratical structure.
  9. And who said that blueprint is something physical to be stolen? It is snapshot of the ship that is bound to the ship owner and is used when ship gets repaired. As it is with voxel destructibility, damage changes form and function of the ship. Reverting damage to voxel requires blueprint. One thing I forgot, this blueprint may or may not be destroyed with the ship, ship designer decides. Such way it is possible to trade 'single hull' ships, that have to be bought anew after every death, or 'multiple hull', that leave blueprint to be rebuilt after destruction, with no additional purchase.
  10. Let me explain why I'm big proponent of reinforce-timer like solutions This is not about what property and how much should be vulnerable, that I wrote up on earlier and still stand by it. This is about how exactly we implement players fighting to destroy and protect property. For me it all comes down to interactivity on defenders side.Most of the time defender will be offline, or just away in the universe. And even in big groups people wouldn't just sit around doing nothing, waiting for imaginary attacker that isn't there. So what happens if we go with 'realistic' destruction system,
  11. One thing we can't get around, if a game can have survival elements, especially food, many would ask for it. It's quite a cycle. I will be brief here. It's simple depth\complexity issue. What is exactly food system giving us and at what cost? First, it boggles new player experience. It punishes players from the start with hunger, is first mechanic to learn, and so bloats what player must learn quickly. And what does it give? After initial food problem is settled, player is periodically bothered by something that doesn't have a lot of gameplay decision making. Just eat anything and be fine.
  12. I have made my point and stand by it. Those for whom it is intended will see it, and don't see any reason to further argue it in format current discussion has taken. As I have mentioned in my first post, I don't see how full open no-rules PvP can work in mainstream MMO for reasons given there. And yes, neither do I want game to be such even if it was viable. And for the record, I don't expect ground combat to be something fundamentally different from space. If space is based around EvE-like lock-on system that is easier to implement and doesnt cost much network and processing, so will th
  13. Wow.... just wow. I describe a system where both attacker and defender get chance at success, defender has means of making himself safe (not completely in most cases), and PvP is not insta gank of everything and anything. The system is basicly "blow defenses first, then move for juicy stuff, but defender gets reasonable response time". But the response is telling me to GTFO from this game, because its not for me (so, you decide for who this game is?). Impresive thing is that you didn't really read into it. Otherwise advice moving more safer space away from griefers (while mocking mental fu
  14. I will start by saying that I like the choice DU team made. Going P2P is hard decision in todays market, but I think it suits the game best. Only complaint I have is PLEX... Now unto why I think so. Firstly, DU is positioned as long-time MMO, with substantial development and updates continuing many years after release. No matter how I look at it, pure B2P model wouldnt work. 60$ per copy doesnt last years after years, and expansion packs wouldnt make any sense in this format. So its P2P or cash shop. Problem with cash shop is its balancing. Goods don't have to be mandatory or the whole
  15. So here goes rough draft: 1)PvP taging Owner can mark any object to be pvp taged. There are 2 types of tags: offensive and defensive. PvP taged defensive objects are usual defense measures: turrets, weapon platforms, patrolling ships, afk battleships left as weapon platforms. Their goal is protect assets in area. Offensive taging is reserved for attacking/raiding ships. Any PvP tag means object is viable for combat. 2)Area security rating This rating shows how safe given area is. It is increased by having many(based on player trafik?) defensive objects, and also no PvP encounters. It
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