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  1. I am ignorant. What is the hourly rate for playing EvE Online?
  2. Sooo... what are we thinking the price point would be? $15/month is what, a max of $0.50/hour? But that's probably a discount for bulk rate/advanced pay. So... $0.75/hour? I have a feeling the vast majority of DU players are going to be playing more than 30 hours per month. I think the minimum amount of hours to make much of any progress at all in DU is going to be about 16 hours per month. So, at best, people paying by hour might save 3 dollars per month. People who are so strapped for cash that they cannot spare an extra 3 dollars per month are not going to be playing DU anyways.
  3. I expect to be chronicling the history of DU anyways. I won't be following people's restrictive rules to do so. Give it a go, though. I'm sure you'll be able to drum up some takers and that will make for some great RP.
  4. No separate "servers" - it's all one universe. Morality is socially relative - you can have whatever rules you want on your planet...until enough people arrive to counter your rules. It's not possible to blow up a planet, so we don't need rules for that. But, if it were possible, blowing up planets on the frontier would be OK...until enough people who believe it's not OK and can enforce their beliefs arrive. Same with cloning. Same with hacking. Don't use exploits will be enforced by the devs.
  5. Most stars have planets. Until fairly recently, it's been difficult for us to corroborate that with available tech. So, it's not so much to ascertain which stars have planets... rather it's about being able to navigate successfully to the desired destinations. Currently, in No Man's Sky...I'm trying to navigate to the Galactic Hub... and area of space where many streamers have congregated (even though we can't actually see each other in the game, yet). The app in the image I shared let's me see my current location relative to the center of the galaxy and my desired destination. When this pic was taken, I was using a Sigma warp drive, but the estimated number of jumps is based on a Theta warp drive. Right now, it's taking me six jumps with a Tau warp drive to equal an estimated one jump with a Theta drive. 841 x 6 jumps is pretty daunting... especially since I have to mine resources for fuel every six jumps or so. After about 10 jumps through a black hole/wormhole, I'm now 140 jumps (Theta) away from the Galactic Hub. The compass in the bottom right corner of the app helps me steer in the desired direction. With the latest update (Pathfinder), I'm able to set a waypoints back to any star or world I've previously visited. I'm expecting that it will take a week or two for me to reach the Galactic Hub. I could reach the center of the galaxy in a couple of days. Hopefully, Dual Universe will have similar challenges for Navigators. And I hope that Navigators have dedicated skills/implants that make them valuable assets for multi-crew ships. So, that successful navigation through space is a combo of implants/skills, ship tech (scanners and engines) and fuel.
  6. Below is an image from an app for NMS to help us navigate to distant destinations. Has me thinking about navigation skills for Dual Universe: 1: Will we be able to plot a course for a destination within a solar system or galaxy and have our skill point allocation augment our chances of success? 2: Will it ever be possible to use master class skills to find wormholes (stable & unstable)??
  7. I'm not particularly interested in money. Especially when we can mine, harvest, build on our own. What will we place in giant buildings that will make traveling through them interesting enough to be worth the effort?
  8. People will attempt to extort ransoms. What percentage of the player population acquiesces remains to be seen.
  9. "Money" is really just a shortcut. When I think of banks in games, I'm really thinking more about inventory than currency. I don't think we'll have to store currency in outside banks.
  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha You trust players to handle your money!!! roflmao
  11. We don't know how easy it will be to protect a jumpgate. Easy enough to imagine, though, that the jumpgate might be attacked while people are away exploring, building or gathering data or resources. All speculation at this point, though.
  12. PvE zone is a "silly" place where there is no player vs player combat. I think Arkship safe zone is truly the only area where it's impossible to have confrontations, like destroying the constructs that create an arkified bubble.
  13. Pirate is just a themed character. Doesn't even have to involve PvP.
  14. Pretty much always gonna be on a Friday - whatever is supposed to be in the build will be shoved in at the last possible moment and tweaked...until desperation forces the release. Basic human nature and the reality of game development schedules.
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