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Survival and Revenge

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 November 30 2536, somewhere on the east coast of the north American continent.


I have been awake for 4 days solid at this point, running different hacks and confidence schemes. just a few more steps before the finish line, and then i need to deal with that corpse in the other room. oh dear lord that corpse is starting to smell rancid, next time i have to kill someone i need to remember to do it outside or something or at least not in the building i need to work out of.


"scripting and identification processing complete, one hour until wide scale update of all UN server clusters is complete" and with that statement the AI that ran this server began its own version of scorched earth as it permanently deleted all data then proceeded to increase the voltage to the server components to the point the entire machine melted into slag. its odd that i felt more guilty over forcing an AI to commit suicide than i did beating in the skull of this monstrous human whose identity i just stole. i sure hope this guy didn't have a lot of friends aboard what ever arkship he is assigned to, but i guess ill jump off that bridge when i get to it.


i had planned to just burn the building down on top of the corpse i needed to deal with, but there was a lot of people in the area and i couldn't risk someone busting in and attempting to rescue the evidence i was attempting to cover up. so i decided to just go with tossing it in the trunk of a car and ditching the car in the ocean somewhere. in the end i was shocked at how much harder stuffing a rotting corpse into the truck of a car was then i thought it would be, and i think its going to take years to get this nasty stench out of my sinus's.


just as i was getting ready to go the door i was going to drive the car out of bust into high speed shrapnel and blinding light. between the ear piercing explosion and the bright light i was brought to my knee's covering my face, when the disorientation passed i looked up to see a tall slender woman with fire red hair standing over me holding a gun to my head.


"you are not the man we expected to find here" she says in a disappointed tone, letting the aggravation show on her face.


"cant say i was expecting company either, or explosions for that matter" trying to put a smile on my face to cover up the fact that i am absolutely freaking out thinking about whats going to happen when they look in the trunk.


and then it happens, i hear the noise of the trunk mechanism releasing followed by "holy shit, major you need to see this"


"one second" the beautiful lady with red hair says as she finishes up restraining me with those plastic ties these UN types are so fond of.


as she makes it over to the trunk of the car i hear her start laughing, a loud and of all things a happy sounding laugh. "now that's who we expected to find, just not quite so dead"


at this point i really had no idea if i was going to be put in a prison or just shot on the spot, with only two years until the end of earth what difference would it really make.


"Sergent knock that man out and bring him with back to HQ with us" says the woman who apparently is named major.


December 2 2536, UN Headquarters office of Major Rebeca Cathwright


i think i have been here for days, but i cant be sure as i have not seen a window or a clock. now i find myself sitting in front of this beautiful red head, and im pretty sure she just might be the most dangerous human i have ever encountered.


"well well mister ghost, it seems there is nothing in any of the systems worldwide that can identify you as anything besides Douglass Santiago. but i know for a fact that you are not Douglass Santiago"


"Douglass Santiago was a rich playboy that moonlighted as a rapist and murderer, he had numerous political and corporate connections that he leveraged to maintain his freedom and ultimately they also where able to secure him a spot aboard the arkship Novark. had i not been doing an investigation to capture this piece of scum you would have been able to quietly get away with your crime mister ghost"


yup i think this woman is going to kill me, will it hurt or will she make that happy laugh while she does it like when she saw Douglass's corpse.


"the truly frustrating part mister ghost is the fact that although i know you are not Douglass Santiago there is no evidence to prove that fact. what ever it is that you did you have completely taken every part of his identity, the finger prints and DNA in every file i can find for Douglass Santiago match yours completely. to the point that i would be put in for disciplinary action if i where to try to charge you with anything besides misappropriation of human remains. seeing as the corpse we found at the time of your arrest is registered as being a corpse found on the street and assumed to be a homeless person who died of natural causes"


at this point she reaches across her desk and activates a privacy device. as i sit there doing everything in my power to maintain my composure.


"i'm going to level with you mister ghost....i was that scums last victim and i narrowly escaped with my life, after that i had only a single desire. to capture that man and see to it he never made it to that arkship so he could die here with the rest of us that don't have a place on one of those ships."


and just like a light switch she went from a warrior goddess, to actually looking human and vulnerable. and the fact that that scum could have that kind of effect on a woman like this filled me with uncontrollable rage, the same rage i was filled with when i caught that scum.


"you are mistaken major" i growl out before i could stop myself. at which point the fire and anger came back to her with a vengeance.


"you where not his last victim, his last victim is what brought about his current situation. taking what i hold dear to me has a high price that must be paid, paid in blood if need be."


with that statement her entire demeanor changed, now she was looking at me like a comrade whose situation deserved her pity. then she reached across the desk and placed her hand on top of mine and whispers "i'm sorry, i'm so sorry we couldn't stop him" then pulls her hand away to wipe a single tear from her left eye.


after a few moments of silence she reaches to the privacy device and turns it off.


"well mister Santiago it seems the whole world is running off its rails in fear of the coming end of the world, so we have been ordered to send you directly to the arkship Novark so you can be put into cryo sleep as they intend to launch as soon as all the pioneers are aboard. there is no need for you to worry about this clerical error, with the situation we all find ourselves in proper maintenance of our databases has not been the priority it once was"


and with a sly satisfied smile she hit a button on her phone and a few seconds later two guards step in the room with us. "please escort mister santiago to the transport heading to the novark. Mister Santiago i wish you and all of the pioneers all the luck i can, and i pray that you can avoid making some of the same mistakes as we have here on earth."


after all the military types where done saluting each other the guards rushed me out the door and through a maze of hallways. then i found my self in a parking lot with your average civilian shuttle piloted by a man who looked so old he just might have borrowed a dollar from Jesus way back when. in two hours i would be aboard the Novark, i would be one of the small percentage of people who will at least have a chance to live, to be revered and reviled all at once and by many. i wonder what they all would think if they knew the truth of how i got here.


December 2 2536, Arkship Novark.



   Authorized personnel only.


"kind of a frightening a sign when i know i am about about to do a very convincing ice cube impression. what kind of effects can i expect to deal with once i get thawed out doctor?"


"nothing all that bad pretty much just a small amount of temporary memory loss. we have perfected this technology for centuries now and i assure you we have gotten quite good at the process. and the AI's we are using now are the highest grade top level AI that human technology is capable of, you are in very good hands sir." says the good doctor with a smile no sane human would trust.


"somehow that does not make me feel any less nervous" well i guess less nervous and more scared out of my mind.


he spent the next 20 minutes explaining the process i was about to go though like i was a fellow doctor, as Douglass Santiago had attended medical school. so i was sure to just look nervous and scared and hope the fact that i didn't understand what the doctor was saying wasn't very apparent.


eventually i was taken to a cryo pod and told to "strip and get in" then they proceeded to hook tubes and wires to me. once they where done they all stood tall and gave me a salute and wished me luck on my journey. these could be the last faces i see, the last words i hear, and the last thing i experience. kind of a depressing thought, i sure hope my last memory ends up being something besides having myself frozen on purpose.

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