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  1. Dragon, yes dragon +1
  2. Will there be structural integrity? Having to think about what resources you will need for your builds and the strengths and weaknesses. When building Cities/homes/bases/Mines etc. Will our building objects have weight,strength or other limitations? Will the strength of the materials we use to build be a factor in how high we can stack or for example how far out we can have an overhang unsupported by a beam? If we do have integrity to our builds, Will we be able to visually see integrity weaknesses? Maybe with a tool? Structural Damage Scanner Tool / Repair A tool used to visually see damaged parts of our builds would be amazing! Also will we have to repair blocks/elements on our builds? If so a visual indicator like a Damage scanner would come in handy indeed.
  3. Symmetry tools "Mirror mode" should be a must. Having to run back and forth to each side of your ship can be fun haha but most likely tedious.
  4. Painting / Texture Tools The Ability To allow players to custom paint Suits,ships,homes, tools,weapons etc. as an artist myself I thrive in an environment where I can utilize tools and objects that can function in extremely creative ways. As I believe anyone would agree that having creative customization options for most things would be ideal and become a truly immersive experience as you can be Different from every other player. But how would all that work. Well as shown certain materials have their own color and texture attributions which is great. Will we be able to Add to these materials that we build with ? ∙Creating Paint from resources that we gather (Materials,plants etc.) ∙Crafting painting / texturing tools ∙Applying texture to certain objects Will we be able to craft paint from things we gather instead of instantly changing the objects colors on a whim. For me this would be a great feature to actually have to put in the work to have the ability to customize. I am sure there would be a paint shop selling the products you need for your projects in no time. Either way this would fill my heart with joy.
  5. Excellent idea. Can't wait to find out what the limitations are within the game.
  6. Factions would need to think about which planets to build upon and the dangers types of planets may impose. Some disasters may be not as bad as other and rebuilding/repairing post disaster would be awesome!
  7. Will there be planetary wipes to help sustain ores or will planets be able to be turned into swiss cheese and/or devoured ? Also will there be events like Meteor showers bringing new materials to the planets? Rare materials in asteroids etc.
  8. An in game suit tool that you can ajust to your personal likeing for coms to others with that same equipped tool. Also ships with seperate coms modules that can be attacked and disabled would be an amazing feature.
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