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  1. Appreciate your response - I didn't even realize I'm eligible for Alpha 3. What I certainly do not like is the fact that, I cannot upgrade my Bronze Pack to anything. That's kinda punitive imho. I would gladly throw some additional money, but by upgrading my existing pledge, as packs are reeeaaaaally expensive.
  2. I guess Novaquark doesn't want any more of my money, since my Bronze Founder Pack not only isn't eligible for any rewards, but also, as everyone, I have to pay full price for any of the Supporter Packs. That's like punishing me for pledging "too little" at the start. So be it. Packs are ridiculously expensive anyways.
  3. Welcome @Carrefour! Have a great time here!
  4. Well - the main reason for wanting to try playing solo would be a satisfaction of having my little and insignificant 'legacy' worked out just by me. It may be not obtainable in DU environment, but it's something tempting for me. This absolutely DOES NOT MEAN not communicating with other players and not respecting the rules that apply on their respective territories. Think of me as someone who's dreaming about self-sustaining his little life as a space nomad, being able to move from location to location and experience life as someone who contributes to re-building civilization on his own ter
  5. Hi Alex, have a good time here, I'm Jacob by the way!
  6. Well, I guess it's a part of my nature, that principles matter to me. It somehow feels ok to be punished as a tresspaser, but not ok to be robbed of everything because someone feels he can do it. It's a different kind of loss, different kind of pain, even in a game, you know. I pretty much realize I've never had a thick skin (what can you do? People are different, some things you can't choose) and I'm not made for high-competitve gameplay, still loved the idea of DU and being a part of it, I just look for a most suitable formula for my own personality. I don't need excessive stress - due t
  7. Yeah...different tribes among EVE crowd thing...it's becoming very clear now.
  8. A dealer never uses. Unless, it doesn't apply to smugglers.
  9. And reputation train best train, right? Edit: of course it was supposed to be a tank. That's the effect of not drinking coffee today, folks.
  10. Yes, I've noticed earlier some different factions/tribes among EVE crowd. I'm always up for supporting the NRDS ones, even if SOME PEOPLE find their approach more risky for themselves.
  11. 1) You digress, and oversimplify, but let me just say - Han Solo contributed to destroying some really evil forces in the galaxy. Of course, one may think that destroying whole planets is a great way of enforcing your vision and policy, however seems like many disagreed. Yes, but Han Solo was a smuggler, we just don't know what exactly was he smuggling and where. 2) Ok, I'm glad that you trust NQ and their judgement, however it's you bringing so much references to EVE culture and events from EVE. NQ is probably refering to some aspects of EVE, but I'm not sure exactly which. Is it scale, s
  12. Same here. I don't mind being punished by deliberately flying on some guarded territory owned by org, or get destroyed by mining on territory claimed by some org, or get destroyed by provoking someone to attack me by being totally reckless. I just don't want to be trolled and destroyed because some small amount of players simply enjoys ruining other's game experience, and they do it, because the game mechanics is perfect for their playstyle, and very risky for mine.
  13. Just bear in mind - you bring examples from EVE community - some people here, me included, cannot refer to EVE community - we haven't played the game, and we're not responsible for the shape of your universe, nor for the approach of any particular members of that community towards other members of that community. I despise zerging, by the way, doesn't bring me any satisfaction to feel stronger in group. Ok, I cannot work as advocate for smugglers - I haven't even considered being the one And this narration about heroine, opioids, painkillers - there is no drug mechanics in DU, so your a
  14. Yes, indeed you're right about PvP and multi-crew ships - in EvE, as far as I understand, you were the ship, and not an avatar like in DU. I cannot say anything about safety mechanics in EVE, as I haven't played the game, not once. I can only say that, DU will somehow find balance between people playing hardcore mode PvP, competitive high-risk, and more casual players, oriented towards neutrality, building, exploring, not messing with people, but careful enough not to tempt you with giving away all the resources for free. I understand the notion of self-defense and I wish it would cost you
  15. I think you're completely wrong, and interpret people's intention as you see fit, to make your arguments stronger. I don't see how most people planning or considering playing solo want to feel important for your org or any other large and significant org. Simply - I'm not a person and a player who's war/conflict-driven in the first place, and I don't want to be limited in my play just to a safe zone, because you advocate a scenario where there is a rule of the strongest in any part of the galaxy outside of safe-zones, even outside of some org's TCU's range. If the strongest is happened to be a
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